Chapter 194: Terrifying World (Part One)

Chapter 194: Terrifying World (Part One)

Earth, Nazca base.

The suddenly vanishing of Han and the VR pod caused a great deal of panic. Of course, this panic only existed among the few higher-ups, no one dared to spread this terrifying news to the public.

Old Mo was invited to the conference room and watched the surveillance video.

“How? Is it because the VR pod has a transition engine installed and took Han away?” Ke Lake asked anxiously.

Old Mo shook his head, “Impossible. Micro-transition engines do exist, but starting this type of transition engine has a prerequisite, and that is to open a wormhole.”

“I’ve watched the surveillance video over and over, there weren’t any signs of an artificial wormhole opening up. Besides, it’s technically not allowed to open up wormholes inside buildings because even the smallest ones can suck in all surrounding physical entities and cause unimaginable consequences, but here everything is still fine.”

“Simply put, if someone opened a wormhole at Nazca base, then this base would not be here anymore, and the wormhole itself would also collapse because it sucked in a lot of material, so it certainly was not a wormhole transition.”

“What exactly was it then?” Talin frowned and asked.

Old Mo hesitated for a second and replied, “Maybe it’s an inter-space teleportation technology we don’t know about. I repeatedly observed the disappearing process of the pod and noticed that at the instant it disappeared, it seemed to have went through some kind of molecular disintegration motion.”

“In theory, materials are composed of tiny atoms, particles, molecules. If one is capable of controlling the decomposition and recombination of substances, it is completely possible to decompose a planet and then transport it to another place, and then recombine all the parts and not cause any damage.”

“But this is just a theory. As far as I know, no one has completely mastered the complex molecular movement, not even the prehistoric civilization has reached this level of science and technology.”

Everyone was shocked and didn’t know what to say.

Old Mo let out a long sigh, “Had I known this, I would have just gone with Han. But now the assigned time period has passed, no one will know where Han went now and by what means.”

“The only thing we can do is just wait, hope Han has good luck, but this matter cannot spread to the outside. I believe, it’s definitely not just him alone that had disappeared.”

Old Mo did not guess wrong. At the same time, a lot of people from the Milky Way and even from the more distant galactic wilderness disappeared.

At the same time the dark net went into a high alert mode as many top tier deals were gone due to the disappearance of these leaders on the dark net. Of course, as to those normal trades on the dark net, the traders weren’t qualified to join the Dark Net Meet so they were still running.

When Han noticed that he and the VR pod appeared at the strange place together, he was a bit shocked because everything was completely different from the experiences he had with VR pods in the past, it didn’t feel like he entered a virtual reality world, but more like someone stored him in a pod and shipped him here.

Thousands of people gathered on the grass field. This was probably not all the people that were joining the Dark Net Meet, after all the Milky Way was a super large star field with a span of 120 thousand light years with a countless population. Even if the dark net invited only the top tier masters, it was impossible to have just a few thousands.

According to what Han knows, just the Oblivion Realm alone had more than a few thousands. Of course, the vast majority of the people in the Oblivion Realm would not come here.

Everyone just stared at each other, due to the requirement of the invitation to self-disguise, no one at the scene knows who is who. Even if one really recognized someone, he or she might not dare to say it out. After all, the identity of the people dwelling on the dark net were all a bit shady, no one wanted to be made public.

“What the hell? My dimension ring can still be used? Could it be that this virtual world allows dimension stone reading?” Someone exclaimed.

“Impossible, any reader cannot read cross-spatial data, that’s the scientific law.” Someone said.

“If you don’t believe me then try it.”

Hearing that, everyone reached for their dimension ring or other kinds of dimensional inventory tools.

Then, the scene became quiet, only hearing the sound of wind blowing over grass and people’s accelerated sound of heartbeat.

“What’s going on here? Where are we?”

“Not sure.”

“Can anyone tell me if this is a virtual world or a real world?”

“Not sure, just wait and see.”

Around an hour later, the voice of doubt and conjecture reached its peak. Suddenly, a man came out of the wood around the meadow in a battle suit with a black cobweb design, the logo of the galactic dark net.”

The emergence of this person suddenly silenced the scene.

“Now, you come with me.” The man said in a Milky Way common language. He looked young, with a cluttered blond hair, golden eyebrows and a vocal voice.

“Are you the representative sent by the dark net?”

“When will we get to see the founder of the dark net?”

“Since it is a virtual world, why are we walking? Why not just change the virtual scene?”

To these questions, the representative sent by the dark net didn’t answer at all, he just walked in the front and didn’t even look back despite all the voices behind him.

Han thought for a second and decided to follow this guy into the forest. But before leaving, Han became more cautious and stored the VR pod he rode in into Lunar Mark, and a few people felt that Han’s idea was not bad and did the same.