Chapter 163: The Most Resonant Syllable!

Chapter 163: The Most Resonant Syllable!


When Han and the others all brought out their weapons and are ready to get rid of the dark apostle, the dark apostle suddenly laughed!

Its whole body of pure muscle trembled, with a head of a mouth, nose, eyes, and hair. Must say, this dark apostle looks not much different from normal human beings, except for his dark eyes. Also, there’s a small mark on his forehead, don’t know if it’s because of collision or dark magic.

“Pitiful mankind!” The dark apostle’s cold eyes swept past Han and the others and he said in a devilish voice, “I admire your clever use of spatial laws. String theory? Soldiers also learn the top tier scientific theories, that’s something I didn’t really expect.”

“But, it’s too early for you guys to be happy! Look at me, widen your eyes and look at me! (TL: no small eye Chinese joke here) Isn’t my body taller than it was a few days ago??”

“Surprised, right? You humans don’t have the growth speed like I do, because my masters mastered technology that you guys can’t even imagine! Under the power of genetic science, my body has completed the most important stage of transformation, and now I have gained full strength!”

“Suppose a few days ago when you guys first met me when I was still small and my companions were still inside the genetic cultivating vessels, you humans might have a chance to defeat me. But now, I can easily crush you as if you were ants!”

Eyes looked around the magical garden, the dark apostle said, “It’s unfortunate for this garden. It was originally built to welcome our masters, and you guys would be my gift for them.”

“But now that this dimension is closed and this garden is isolated from the normal Milky Way, even my powerful masters cannot reach all the way to this dimension.”

“But it’s okay, I still have companions. After your pitiful attempt on our silver vessels, those companions that are now awakened have already been transferred to a safe place. They will soon finish powering up, enter and destroy the Milky Way, and hand the galaxy over as a gift for our dear masters.”

“Although this well-decorated garden can’t be gifted to our masters, it can still be used as a cemetery for you. Burying your body here at the garden and let the flowers grow by absorbing your blood, is still a very happy thing to do for me!”

Han became silent and his teeth rattled as the monster began to cackle maniacally.

Han has had enough, using the space string theory and the dimension rocks left behind by teammates to trigger 3 spatial rifts. Although Han is now trapped inside this isolated dimension as well and will very likely die here, but he felt like the sacrifice is well worth!

Trading his life for the lives of all those dark apostles plus millions of dark beasts, it’s worth it!

But the reality is so ruthless. Han did it, with limited conditions, he triggered a massive dimensional explosion.

But even this dimensional explosion couldn’t kill those terrifying dark apostles!

Han clearly remembered, there were exactly 100 silver vessels. The dimensional explosion only forced one dark apostle into the garden and there are still 99 evil dark apostles outside. It’s unimaginable what kind of destructive disaster they will bring to the galaxy!


Suddenly, with irrepressible anger Han began charging right at the dark apostle.

And the dark apostle that was just acting so menacingly, after seeing Han charging at him, his first reaction was actually backing off! In the blink of an eye he fled for 5 thousand meters away from Han and looked at him from a far.

“You backed off! You are scared!” Han raised his left hand, pointed at the dark apostle and said, “From the first day I met you, 13 days have passed.”

“I noticed a very subtle detail. As a dark apostle that can swallow a nuclear bomb, you are equipped with powerful combat strength, but you had been avoiding contact with us!”

“So I’ve been thinking, what did your powerful combat strength really come from?”

“No man can suddenly become very strong with no reason. Although I don’t know if you count as a man, but I think, your combat power isn’t only built on the foundation of genetic synthesis. Talking big is useless, I’ve studied genetic science before! I studied very hard!”

“No matter how excellent is your genetic synthesis, it wouldn’t give you the terrifying power to swallow a nuclear bomb. So I thought, maybe you are like us, have super power!”

“After you noticed how I can take away all power, you purposely hid yourself away in the dark and only commanded dark beasts to attack us.”

“If the spatial rift didn’t force you to come in and stand with me in such a small world, my hypothesis wouldn’t be verified.”

“And now, I already know, you are not invincible!”

The dark apostle suddenly hesitated and took 2 steps backward as his face became grim.

Lesa, Riley, and Ms. White were all overjoyed! Han’s Void End can restrain the dark apostle’s power? That’s too awesome!


They quickly moved in and came to Han’s sides. Riley rolled up his sleeve and said, “Dark beasts are indeed terrifying, but you don’t have any of that sh*t now!”

“Today will be the day he dies!” Ghost Lesa said to his twin brother, “Us brothers cooperate, let’s give Han a hand!”



Suddenly, Lesa and Riley both completed their transformation, one became a big golden lion and the other became a reaper from darkness. In this state, their speed would all be greatly improved.

“Tell me. How close do you have to be from this guy to use your power?” Lesa asked.

“1 kilometer! The moment I’m within 1 kilometer of him, I can take away his power!” Han seriously said.

Ghost Lesa sneered to his brother and said, “Remember the game we really liked playing when we were young? Those adult soldiers were all no match for us.”

“Of course I remember!” Mad Lion Riley looked at the dark apostle and replied.

“Careful. If I guessed correctly, this guy’s super power should be dimension-descent. His absolute speed is that quick because he made adjustments to space itself when he’s in motion.” Han whispered.

“Got it.”

“Just watch!”


Suddenly, Lesa and Riley brothers rushed up, one on the left and one on the right, and Han was in the middle.

Soldiers at this tier don’t even need detailed tactic debriefing. Everyone’s connected by heart and they all know what their missions are.

What they are using now is a double-team tactic, with Lesa and Riley holding the dark apostle down to give Han the opportunity to close in. Once Han’s near, Void End would be able to take away the dark apostle’s power, and that’s when the dark apostle will meet his death!

Faced with Han’s double team tactic, the dark apostle could only start to retreat.

Just as Han expected, when observing his moves in slow motion, one would notice that the dark apostle was able to move at light speed not because he has a speed descent power, but because he can adjust the spatial distance in the running.

As a result, his moves are very efficient. The dark apostle only need to make little effort and he can move a large distance.

But the garden at the bottom layer of the relic is still way too big, making it still uneasy to catch a dark apostle with dimension-altering capabilities in such a large environment.

But no one was discouraged, because they have finally reversed the situation!

After being chased by the dark beasts and the dark apostle for 14 days straight, Han and the remaining members of the expedition team finally began chasing the dark apostle!

The dark apostle frowned, it’s definitely not a good new for him to know that Han saw through the fact that he’s scared of Void End.

As he retreats, the dark apostle started drawing a non-existing cube in the air with his right hand.

After 2 seconds, when Lesa arrived at the location, his body became suddenly fixed, unable to move or make any action.

It seemed like this is also the dark apostle’s ability. He solidified a small dimension and trapped Lesa.

“Extinction Domain, open!”

Han was just behind Lesa, and he activated his power right after entering within 1 kilometer of him. Immediately, Void End destroyed the trap made by the dark apostle. Lesa restored freedom, focused again and continued to chase the dark apostle.

It’s like a game of eagle-chicken tag, it’s just that the movement speed of the chicken is faster than the eagle, although Han and the others worked very hard, they still couldn’t force the dark apostle into a dead corner.


Suddenly, the dark apostle felt a type of a shockwave from his side, as if tens of thousands of eagles flapping their wings!

That’s Ms. White’s sound descent super power. Although she doesn’t have fast speed like the Lesa and Riley brothers, but she has the power of sound! A long-range area effect attack!

Taking advantage of when the dark apostle wasn’t paying attention, Ms. White opened her mouth and released her famous scream sound!


The dark apostle sneered, gently waved his right arm and immediately summoned a dimension wall.

Sound relies on air to travel, and since the dark apostle has the ability manipulate space, he obviously wouldn’t fear this type of long range area attacks. All he need is a little trick and he can isolate the sound.

Time passed minute by minute, the dark apostle noticed, the dark apostle realized, these human survivors already saved up enough energy while on the move, and they also have endless fighting spirit.

No matter what, he just can’t get rid of their chase.

What’s more appalling is Ms. White. Although she moves slowly but very elusively, and her sound has precise positioning, even able to attack the dark apostle from very far away.

Three close range fighters plus a ranged!

The three sly humans are waiting for him to make a mistake! The moment the dark apostle makes a mistake and enter Han’s void domain, he would immediately lose all power that he depends on for survival, and be quickly skewered alive.

Gritted his teeth, the dark apostle suddenly sped up and burst into the dense bamboo forest.

“Careful!” Han shouted, the dense plants would hinder everyone’s sights, so Han immediately activated his dark vision to keep a close watch on Lesa and Riley. Those two must be within 1 kilometer of him at all time because when faced with such powerful enemy, singling out would be very dangerous.


Han did not expect that just when he and the Lesa Riley brothers chased into the forest, the dark apostle already appeared directly beside Ms. White.

Although Ms. White is a woman, but she still has hundreds of battles of experience, immediately prepared to fire her stream sound towards the enemy.

Just when she’s about to attack, she suddenly saw a face, a familiar face, the one that disappeared in the relic and is known as the best scout of the galaxy, Cerberus Arthur! He’s not dead, he escaped the dimensional explosion and appeared at the bottom level of the relic!

Arthur is the most insidious old dog in the galaxy, and if he’s still alive, then there’s better hope to kill the dark apostle!

Ms. White widened her eyes and was about to shout the name of Arthur.

Suddenly, she felt a wave of coldness in her abdominal area, as Cerberus Arthur’s hand inserted into Ms. White’s body.

Oh god, the dark apostle could also disguise as other people, and his disguise was that realistic!

During that moment of hesitation, the dark apostle already murdered Ms. White.

At the last moment, Ms. White could feel her life disappearing fast, and her only thought was to give this news to Han and the brothers!

So, she opened her mouth, her thin lips were already blue and bloodless.

“He disguised as Arthur!” Ms. White used the last bit of life inside her and relayed this message to every corner of the bottom layer of relic.

And then, the sound became sharp and passionate.

The soldier’s strongest combat power are not techniques, but life!

When a soldier is even ready to sacrifice his or her life, they can burst out the most explosive power in their life!

And that’s what Ms. White is doing. When she’s about to die, she didn’t hesitate to tear apart her zero-degree brain region, grabbed onto the dark apostle and started burning her whole body.

The dark apostle’s hand repeatedly inserted into Ms. White’s body, but this “weak” and skinny woman just wouldn’t let him go! Not a chance! She tightly seized him, opened her mouth and started releasing her strongest sound attack ever!

The strongest sound summoned with the final life force is absolutely terrifying, not even the dark apostle’s ability to manipulate dimension can stop it, and black blood began slowly oozing out from the dark apostle’s eyes, nose, ears.


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