Chapter 387: Three Birds with One Stone

Chapter 387: Three Birds with One Stone

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The Tribal territory, the so called Cursed Triangle.

Inside a dark dimension, beside a bank that was washed flat by a giant river, there was a double-story pavilion built from mahogany. Hundreds of soldiers with various armors were standing under the pavilion with full attention.

On the second story of the pavilion, six people were drinking and enjoying themselves together.

According to how they were dressed up, they should have some kinds of status in the tribe. They were surrounded by a group of beautiful girls with the standard tribal tan, big chest, plump hips, and a bold style of clothing.

This was the territory of the Gryphon’s Tribe. Those six people were the sons of the Old Lion from the tribe.

The Old Lion already lived in seclusion, but he was still observing which of his sons could be the next patriarch of the Gryphon’s tribe. Therefore, all of his sons were trying hard to appeal to him.

All of the sudden~

A person went up to the pavilion quietly and said something to those six people. They then let the girls leave and started to discuss something worriedly.

"The Ghost Face Tribe actually failed?"

"Huh, see that? Thank god that I had the idea to let the Ghost Face, that useless character, fight the first battle. Now, you see everyone in the Ghost Face Tribe were killed, which means that our enemies are truly powerful."

"Wolf Fang? I’ve never heard of this tribe though. Who is their tribe leader?"

"I’ve heard they aren’t a tribe but a group of outsiders."

"Those outsiders dared to make trouble in our territory? How dare them!"

"Humph! They don’t even know clearly what our tribe is. They are looking for death themselves."

"It doesn’t matter. It wouldn’t do anything saying this now. No matter what, we have reached our goal to have the Ghost Face fight first. There are clearly some people that support the Tree God Tribe. and it\'s this so-called Wolf Fang secretive organization. Now, its time for us to think on how to destroy the Wolf Fang and bring back the legendary Liquid Nether. If we make it, our father will definitely be happy."

"That is so easy. The Ghost Face was destroyed because they are weak. If we go out and rob it, we would definitely get it!"

While some brothers were still discussing, the youngest brother suddenly took a long sigh and shook his head listlessly.

"Younger sixth brother, what’s on your mind?" His brothers asked.

The sixth brother Lion said slowly, "I’ve told you that you are all pig brains, and you guys don\'t believe it. Letting the Ghost Face tribe fight the first battle indeed informed us of who supports the Tree God Tribe from behind. But think about it, no matter how small the Ghost Face tribe is, they are still a tribe. If they are destroyed, do you think the Tribal Alliance wouldn’t know about it?"

"Since the Tribal Alliance already knew it, then it would be hard for us to get Liquid Nether. If we own it only by ourselves, other tribes would definitely not agree and it might trigger a huge battle again."

"Then what do you think we should do?" The big brother lion said.

The sixth brother shook his head and said while half opening his eyes, "In my opinion, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if the Alliance interferes in this. After all, the Wolf Fang team is quite strong according to the information we got. If we fight them, we will definitely lose many soldiers even if we win."

"Nowadays, the Tribal Alliance aren’t as alert as before. Once we impair our strength, other tribes would definitely come ahead and treat us like prey."

"If so, why not we just take out two birds with one stone? We get the benefit and leave the battle to the Alliance."

His brothers all kept nodding their heads and exchanging looks, and they thought this would be a good idea.

The Tribal territory was barbaric. It didn’t really matter that much if it didn’t cost the Gryphon Tribe to fight Han\'s team. However, if it did, it might lead other tribes to target them.

It would be a good idea to destroy this annoying Wolf Fang with the power of the whole Alliance. After all, the power of the Tribal Alliance was indeed scary once they worked as a team.

After thinking a while, the oldest brother said, "It sounds like a good idea, but how do you make the Tribal Alliance fight against them? They are not run by us, they wouldn’t care what we say."

The sixth brother said without hesitation, "Of course I have a plan if I decided to bring this up."

"It’s simple. The Wolf Fang team would eventually leave the Tree God Tribe. Once they leave, we send our people to snatch the three Liquid Nether. We keep the smaller one and give the two bigger ones to the Tribal Alliance."

"After that, we can inform the Tribal Alliance on the benefits of Liquid Nether. Their greed would definitely drive them to take those two big Liquid Nethers. At that time, the Wolf Fang would become aware and will come looking for them there. At that point, we could then blame this onto the Alliance. Since they already took over the two big Liquid Nether, they would have no excuse to deny."

"Once the Wolf Fang teams go to the Alliance, it would be their time of doom!"

"First of all, the tribal area has its own rules. No matter how hard we fight, it\'s not up to any third party to intervene our business. Therefore, the Wolf Fang would be treated as enemies by the whole Alliance even without the Liquid Nether."

"Secondly, it’s all about benefits. Two Liquid Nether will be brought in, how could those greedy Alliance chiefs ever send them back? They would definitely fight their best against the Wolf Fang in order to keep those two Liquid Nether."

Afterwards, the sixth brother asked their brothers cunningly, "Do you know what’s even better?"


"Tell us! Stop baiting our curiosity."

The sixth said cunningly, "When the Wolf Fang is destroyed and it\'s time for the Tribal Alliance to divide the two Liquid Nether among all the tribes, they would fight against each other for the unfair division."

"By the time when the top tribes are severely injured, it’s then our turn to surface and clean up the situation. What do you guys think, it’s such a great idea, isn’t it?"


All the brothers took a deep breath.

The forth older brother slammed the table and said, "Little brother, you are good! It’s not killing two birds with one stone, this is killing three birds with one stone!"

"Liquid Nether, Wolf Fang, and even the Tribal Alliance, they will all be taken care of by your plan!"

"Cool! Our little brother’s plan is a good one, I agree."

"Me too!"

"Alright, from now on, we need to keep our eyes on the territory of the Tree God Tribe. Once there is a chance, we have to grab the three Liquid Nether and then frame the Tribal Alliance for that."

After the plan was made, these younger lions of the Gryphon tribe then started to take actions separately. Some of them were going to investigate, some of them went to defend, and some others went to convince the Tribal Alliance in advance.

However, the sixth brother seemed unworried at all and kept lying there. All his brothers were busy taking charge of everything to try to show off themselves, while he was playing with his little loli without thinking of any way to garner credit. Yet, his older brothers were so used to it and were happy that their young brother didn’t have the ambition.

Soon, the pavilion became empty. Everyone left for completing their mission.

The sixth brother set free the exhausted and disheveled loli, stared at the river outside. He now looked completely different than the play boy he acted like a few minutes ago.

At this moment, a girl walked upstairs to the second floor of the pavilion. She walked with her back strictly straight and looked like a great lady, which made her seem rather distinctive in the rough Tribe Town.

Han would definitely be shock if he was there, since this girl was one of the few that had successfully tricked Han and was still alive—Yue Linda.

"Good one. All five of your brothers all bought your idea and listened to you without any complaints." Linda sat beside the sixth brother and said with a smile, "But such a big idea, you don\'t want to get any credit for it since you brought it up?"

The sixth brother said scornfully, "Is there any other thing that can show my strength better than the idea I just brought up? The wise one only thinks with their brain, only the dumb ones, like my brothers, work with their body."

"In addition, how can I show off my strength in this tiny Gryphon Tribe. Only my brothers will take it seriously. For me, I want more than this."

Linda covered her mouth and smiled, "True, the old Lion on the mountain already saw through everything, the title of the Tribe patriarch is going to be yours even if you don\'t fight for it."

The sixth brother pouted, "That Old Lion is the only rival worth fighting in the tribe. Unfortunately, he is my father, otherwise I would definitely want to have a battle with him."

After a while, the sixth brother stared at Linda and said, "Let\'s bring back the main topic, I have proven myself, now it’s time for you to bring me to that person, right?"

Linda shook her head, "You bringing up the idea is one thing, whether it could be accomplished would be another matter."

"Don’t you worry, when you take over the Alliance with Han’s hand, you’ll naturally meet the person you want to meet."

"It is actually quite funny. Han, this genius, would actually be tricked by someone like you that he hasn\'t even met. Ah, this is fate."

The sixth brother frowned his brows, "Seems like you are very confident about tHan and the Wolf Fang, huh? So you think the whole Tribal Alliance can’t even win against Han and whatever this Wolf Fang thing is? You know they only have about four hundred soldiers, but there are ten million in the Tribal Alliance!"

Linda stood up and started to walk downstairs, as she said slowly, "You soon will know why I have such thought. Han, I knew he is not the common human being when I first saw him. If I wasn’t smart enough, I would already be dead in his hands."

"Take it easy, I’m so impressed that you can take advantage of Han. No matter what, I will mention something good about you to that person."

The sixth brother didn’t look back, he kept staring at the river and whispered, "Han, is this person really that powerful? I really want to play a match against him."