Chapter 123: Oblivion Domain

Chapter 123: Oblivion Domain

Thinking about that, Pathless sternly said, “Han. After all you are the champion of the Exploration Event, not to mention Earth. There are a lot of fans in Milky Way that likes you. Are you really ready to give up all that glory?”


“I’m actually a very strict teacher, you sure you can endure my training?”



Pathless started laughing out loud. A sharp look burst out of his eyes, and he said loudly, “Alright! This path was chosen by you, come find me with my address. I will teach you Six Paths of… I mean, the Star Break Fist!”

Pathless Origin was so proud, and Night Walker on the side couldn’t sit still anymore.

Then, Han also bowed to Night Walker and said, “Teacher, I also want to learn how to use poisonous drugs from you.”

Night Walker was shocked, and then he frowned, “Watch your words, poisonous drug is only a small branch in pharmacology, the true realm of pharmacology is very big.”

“Whatever, since I’m very bored and I also live close to Pathless Origin, after you come I will try to teach you something. As to how much you can absorb, it will depend on your talent.”

Han heavily nodded, inserted the galactic navigation map into his host computer, and asked in curiosity, “Huh? So both teachers live outside of the Milky Way?”

Night Walker smiled, “It is indeed outside of the Milky Way, but it is still closely linked to the Milky Way, it can be regarded as an enclave. In short, the Oblivion Realm is a very special place, maybe you will like it here.”

Han set up his automatic navigation system and closed the real-time communication channel with Night Walker and Pathless. He then poured himself a cup of hot chocolate, and sat on that big captain seat.

Outside of the porthole, Earth had long disappeared in the endless sky, but Han was not depressed.

Sooner or later, one needed to choose a path for themselves, Han’s departure was not due to depression, but because he wanted to pursue a higher goal!

On Earth, there were a bunch of brothers and sisters that loved Earth as much as Han did, so Han could leave the business on Earth to them while he went to pursue higher goals. Maybe after returning to Earth in a few years, he will give them a big surprise.

Han slightly squinting his eyes. Aside from improving himself, Han still had one thing to worry about, and that was the second generation starships.

After Han’s careful studies, he noticed that the second generation starships were really something that crossed generation. The heavy cruiser was only the size of a frigate, but it crossed two levels and reached the firepower of a battleship class starship.

Faster and more agile than a frigate, yet equipped with stronger firepower than a battleship, even idiots will know what this type of starship means.

It was not very realistic to produce these powerful second-generation starships on Earth. Although the flagship production line was very good, but it could only manufacture flagships. If Han wanted to manufacture Second Generation starships, he will need a high-profile ship production line and also very strict security and confidentiality measures.

Han has enough money, but how to keep it confidential, he still hasn’t come up with a plan yet.

All in all, this time Han leaving Earth is not just a sudden decision but something he had deliberately planned for a long time.

After being through so much, Han realized a long time ago that in such a perilous era, if one wanted to survive, whether a man or a planet, one must keep a few cards in sleeve.

In the past two years, Han played the role of vanguard for Earth, overcoming all the obstacles and forging a path ahead.

But now, Earth was safe and it had enough ability to protect itself. So, Han decided to quickly disappear and strive to become that card in sleeve for Earth. Cultivate a stronger body, desperately train and practice, and manufacture powerful second generation starships in order to prepare for Earth’s next crisis.

Although Han was not old, but what he considered was more far-reaching than most people.

Gently glancing at the galactic map, Han smiled, “It’s on the way anyways, might as well go see Ye Weiwei first and then go to the Oblivion Domain.”


Five days later, Han’s Falcon class frigate landed at a planet called Maple Valley.

From the window looking down to the ground, there are red maple leaves everywhere, whether it’s in the forest or on the side of the city streets.

In Milky Way, the red maple leave symbol was very easily recognizable. The Ancient Maple Leaf, it was the Ye Family, and anyone with a little bit of common sense knew about them.

Strictly speaking, the Ancient Maple Leaf did not belong to any country, they were an independent family without allegiance to an empire, because the Ancient Maple Leaf was way too famous in the Milky Way. There hadn’t been any countries that came to them to seek trouble, so there had always been peace.

Ancient Leaf, it means the Ancient Ye (TL: Ye means leaf in Chinese) family.

Tracing back to the history of the Ancient Maple Leaf family, it was simply a story of a human adventuring outside of the Milky Way. Ye Family’s people since the ancient times all didn’t stay in the Milky Way for too long. They all liked to explore unknown areas outside of the galaxy.

Want to know which wilderness galactic domain outside of the Milky Way had valuable mineral mines, go ask the Ancient Maple Leaf.

Want to receive a safe navigation route to travel outside of Milky Way, go ask the Ancient Maple Leaf.

Even if a cargo ship travelling in the wilderness, as long as they spend the money to get a maple leaf logo on their ship, then all the galactic pirates outside of the Milky Way wouldn’t seek trouble from you.

That’s how Ye Weiwei’s family made money. Reputation, wealth, the Ye family were all top tier in the Milky Way.

After paying enough parking fees and taxes, Han got on a taxi and headed to Ye Family’s place.

Han does feel a little attracted to Ye Weiwei, and it was mainly from from how simple this girl is.

Han took Ye Weiwei out once before. Due to the special circumstance of her power, Ye Weiwei had little prior contact with the outside world, so she was excited with whatever she saw, jumping up and down around Han. She was very happy, so Han’s mood got better too.

Two people together, happiness was most important. Ye Weiwei obviously felt happy when she was with Han, and Han didn’t dislike her too, so it’s natural that Han thought about visiting Ye Weiwei.

“Sir, we are here.” The taxi-driver stopped the car and said to Han.

Han looked out of the window, he was suddenly shocked and taken back.

“This is the Ye Family?”


“The Ancient Maple Leaf’s Ye Family?”

“Yep, this really is Ye Family’s house.”

“What the hell happened to this place?” Han frowned and said with surprise.

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