Chapter 344: Tomb Adventure

Chapter 344: Tomb Adventure

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The Ark used the hyperspace transition jump to enter the normal universe from the Dark Net.

It must be said, 9527 had a space station that could manipulate space, and Han felt curious whenever he experienced it. Distance meant nothing with the law of space, and travelling thousands of light years away could be done in a blink.

Far away was the well-known Three-Eyed race’s tomb planet, a gigantic planet with only three stone coffins containing no bodies. For numbers of years, the Galactic Union scholars had run countless studies and expeditions around the planet and still were not able to figure out the purpose of this empty tomb.

"Master, I have spotted a Torrex cruiser." Yuan Yuan reported to Han.


Han nodded his head, and walked towards bridge window.

"Eye of Darkness!"


Han’s right eye turned black and it became darker and deeper than before. This was because Han had absorbed the six dark crystals out of the seven, so as a result, Han was able to see further and clearer.

"There are no suspicious objects on the surface, but there is some kind of restriction seal inside the tomb that’s stopping me from seeing it clearly." Han spoke in a deep voice.

Jian Jia said as if it was not a big deal, "This cruiser is from the Galactic Union’s permanent member country Qin Shang. Maybe it’s a group of scientists that stayed? I heard the universe was quite chaotic with everyone trying to escape, and these scientists decided to stay, quite respectful."

Han did not respond, although he didn’t know where the others came from, but in the present Milky Way, other than Sima Hun Feng, Han really didn’t have any opponents that he was afraid of. After all, Han already became a warlord, and he also had the Twin-Golden-Pupil Soul beast Black Egg backing him up.

Thoughts about the Black Egg, Han looked at it. This thing always fought with him, but loved to hang around Luo Ying. Maybe Luo Ying was different than Han and the others for possessing a unique dark quality, or because both of her physical and psychological ages were still young.

Anyways, the Black Egg only liked to do two things, either fight with Han or play with Luo Ying. When it was with Han, they fought all the time. On the other hand, it was like a baby asking for hugs when it was with Luo Ying.

"Little monster." Han shook his head and mumbled.

Black Egg overheard his words with its incredible hearing and stared at Han fiercely with golden eyes.

"Don’t move, try out this butterfly tie and see." Luo Ying said to Black Egg.

Black Egg heard her and turned its head back.

Luo Ying thought, Black Egg’s neck was too bulky and short and it didn’t look good. She prepared a butterfly tie and tied it on it, and Black Egg actually allowed her without any resistance.

A soul beast with a butterfly tie?

Han thought it was hilarious; he could not really cope with Black Egg. Unlike Ghost Claw and Silver Fox who were loyal to him, Black Egg never listened to him and fought all the time.

The Ark landed on the tomb planet. They exited the ship and saw the tomb entrance right away.

According to the Triple-eye race’s tradition, the Sky Eye was carved on the stone tablet above the tomb. The mysterious eye seemed to be spying on them, making everyone extremely uncomfortable.

Han saw a real Triple-Eyed race member before, He Yuan, but it was a pity that he was killed on the spot without being able to use the third eye technique due to his inexperience in combat. Thus, Han did not know much about the Three-Eye race, not to mention the function of his third eye.

"A race with three eyes. Interesting." Pluto commented and followed Han into the tomb.

Meanwhile, Luo Ying and Jian Jia, with their curious hearts, were excited to take part on an adventure.


Han retrieved his Eye of Darkness and said, "The material composition of this structure is restricting my eye technique, but clearly someone was here before us. Look, the sealed door towards the deeper tomb is open from the outside, the wedge lock has been damaged."

"I think, maybe the tomb scholar retreated and closed the tomb. The ones that came after did not have the keys and did not bother to crack the code. They ended up forcefully damaging the lock to open it. It might be a group of soldiers."

"Which one of us is not a soldier?" Jian Jia said as if it was not a big deal, "Hurry, the mysterious necklace your mother left you guided us here. There must be something special waiting for us. I can’t wait to start the tomb adventure. "

Hence, the group continued to explore the tomb, Yuan Yuan served as a scribe, collecting data of the Three-Eye race and explaining it to Jian Jia and Luo Ying.

However, in Yuan Yuan’s description, the Three-Eyed race was bad and at the later stage when they evolved to have the sky eye capability, they claimed to be Gods.

"Let me tell you guys, my grandpa said, human-like intelligent life forms have a similar origin. According to my grandpa’s research, the weaker the race, the higher the possibility of it giving birth to a super elite, and this was a type of balance in the universe."

"Look at Han, he came from a small place on earth, his race’s potential is extremely bad. Only one in every hundred thousand people have a super power. And the result? Earth currently has 2 strong Esper, other than Han, there is Ke Lake. His rank is even higher than Han, but I think his potential is lower than Han."

"If both of them are able to train at the All Gods Corporation, it’s very likely for them to end up at the top of the ladder. This is a perfect example of the weak race giving birth to super Espers." Jian Jia said it phonily.

"I hope so." Han smiled. "If it’s true that both me and Ke Lake become super Espers, I will treat you to a Chinese Meat Bun."

Jian Jia said with seriousness, "For sure, my vision is always correct."

"Anyways, even though the particle module is gone, but at 9527’s space station, I have not yet seen you contact with you family yet. It doesn’t seem like you miss them."

She twitched her lips and looked like she had been treated wrong.

Han did not know 9527 was a traitor of the All Gods Corporation, but Jian Jian thought that if she contacted her family, 9527 would be exposed. Since 9527 was Han’s friend, she did not use the communication device.

She did this for the sake of Han, she did not want him to face a dilemma, but Han didn’t seem to notice.

Luo Ying giggled, she was also a human-like intelligent life form, and the only visible difference was the ears. It should be a mutation in the later evolution stage. As for her eyes, they were young yet seductive. The majority of men in the world would not be able to resist her.

Everyone chatted and laughed with an adventurous attitude. Soon they arrived at the deepest area of the tomb where the three stone coffins lied.

The stone coffins were opened from the inside!

Han frowned and walked closer to take a clear look, and then reached out and felt some of the smelly invisible liquid.

"Opened from the inside? This can’t be right. Records indicated that the three coffins should be empty." Yuan Yuan said with shock.


Right after Yuan Yuan finished his sentence, Han single-handedly pushed open another stone coffin. There was a narrow entrance shrouded in darkness.

"Interesting." Han said as he put on the Gloves of Darkness and pulled out the God Tier bow Flying Feather from his Lunar Mark.