Chapter 369: Dimension - Wolfhead

Chapter 369: Dimension - Wolfhead

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Even though Han had arrived at the reverse side of the universe for a while, it was his first time really piloting a space ship on his own in the Dark Net.The magical scenes they saw delighted both Han and Lance.

Lance pointed to a forked intersection and said, "Look, it was such a short distance and we already reached a different world. I wonder how many different worlds are connected by the Dark Net. I only understand now that the dark net is as vast, if not even bigger, than the universe."

"Places like Star Lord City and Judgement City are actually built within these worlds and navigated via the Space Law."

Han nodded and said, "Yes. The Dark Net is indeed very big. I heard from 9527 that the Dark Net is actually an abbreviation. The real name is called the Dark Universe Infinite Tree-shaped Network. Look at this main road, it’s like a tree branch, each space that spreads away is like a leaf hanging off a branch. It is all connected."

Lance said, "If the dark universe is a tree, then there should be roots."

Han said, "Maybe there is. Our understanding of the Dark Net right now is too shallow. Even the All Gods Corporation only uses it for transportation and data transmission. There is too much that we do not know about this universe. It’s a fool’s dream for us to want to understand the dark universe."

Lance pondered and said, "What does the training dimension that we are looking for look like?"

Han said, "I am not certain either. 9527 said every training dimension in the Dark Net is different. The only similarity is that they all have natural energy. What we are looking for is this kind of power."

Lance looked towards Black Egg who was sleeping on the table. Black egg looked loyal and simple - completely different than the rash fellow he was when he was fighting when Han.

"Can Black Egg help us find this natural energy?" Lance asked curiously.

Han shrugged his shoulders and said, "Probably. This little fellow is only interested in high level energy. If we continue our navigation and he suddenly wakes up, it means that we have arrived at the place we are looking for."

Han said while lightly touching his own face. Black Egg had once again left a few bloody marks on his face. If it was not for the advanced medical technologies, his face would’ve been scarred a long time ago.

Pluto who had been silent all this time suddenly muttered to himself, "It might not only be nature’s power which will attract Black Egg’s attention."

Han said indifferently, "Of course. If we meet a strong source of dark power, Black Egg will also be interested. But don’t forget. Animals have a strong sense of danger. If the space is extremely dangerous, to the level that it will threaten Black Egg’s life, he will not jump in recklessly."

"So we just need to follow Black Egg. He should be confident of dealing with the space that he dares to jump in."

Pluto looked down at Black Egg and said lightly, "I hope so. But this is after all the cursed area of the dark universe."


It had been three days. The dark navigator has been moving within the Dark Net at a stable speed, they were moving closer to the Cursed Triangle area.

Since yesterday, Han had frequently gone to look out of the window at the tail of the battleship. He would stand there for an hour or two at a time.

Lance walked from the Command room to the window at the tail of the battleship. He shrugged and said to Han, "Black Egg has yet to move. We have already past so many dimensions but there wasn’t a single one that attracted Black Egg?"

Han said, "Black Egg is a high-level Soul Beast. He would not be interested in any random type of power. After so long, I have only seen him eat something once."

Lance nodded and asked, "Why are you always coming here?"

Han frowned slightly, "I have the feeling that someone is following us. But when I use my vision technique to investigate, I couldn’t find anything."

Lance smiled and patted Han on the back, "Don’t be suspicious. I know your intuition has always been strong. But don’t forget, the navigator of this spaceship is Queen - the highly intelligent system of 9527. If someone was following us, Queen would have sensed something. Let’s go, I’ve made tea."

"Ok." Han nodded lightly, he looked back at the window at the tail of the battleship and frowned before following Lance back to the Command room.


Not long after Han left, a dark light gleamed in the dark universe. It was a dark blue light shaped like a octupus. It was unlike any kind of battleship but more like a creature that lived in the dark universe. It lightly swayed its long tentacles and continued to keep a distance from Han’s battleship.



In a blink of an eye, it had been four days since they departed. Just when Han thought it would take them very long to find a suitable training space, Black Egg suddenly had a reaction.

"Look! Black Egg has lifted his ears!" Lance shouted in shock.

Han looked towards Black Egg who had suddenly jumped up and lifted his ears. His pair of golden eyes became unusually bright.

Han ordered the battleship to stop, and he came to Black Egg’s side.

There were more than dozen forks on the road nearby. Black Egg stood unmoved and stared at the entrance of a fork to the right.

"It’s right here. Queen, let’s get closer to that direction." Han commanded.


The battleship turned towards the fork in the road. Not long later, Han and the others were all stunned when they saw the entrance to the world.

Usually, the entrance to the dark space existed in the form of a seal or barrier, but this one’s entrance was actually the head of a wolf!

Yes, it was a huge wolf head sculpture with sharp teeth and red eyes. The entrance to the world was in the mouth of the wolf. To enter, one needed to pass through the mouth of the wolf.

"Black Egg, are you sure?!" Han asked loudly.


Black Egg was already excited, his chubby body was wriggling, and he heavily swung his chubby paws.

Han thought for a second and said, "No matter what, let’s go and take a look first."

So, they walked down from the Dark Net starship and observed the mysterious wolf head.

"It doesn’t seem like a man-made sculpture?"

"No it doesn’t. There are no signs of sculpturing. For such a huge wolf head, it would be necessary to use laser sculpturing. It would be difficult to carve it by hand but there are no marks left by a laser."

"What about the wolf teeth and red eyes?

"Let me analyze the components of the wolf teeth."

"It’s white adamantine, all natural."

"What about the eyes?"

"Bandoro rock. Some moss has grown on it so it has turned red."

"It’s really not a man-made sculpture?"

"Yes. From afar it looked manmade. But once we got closer, the structure is very crude. Look. The white adamantine which look like teeth are not even. The height is also different."

"Even though it’s not man made, it’s still strange. I think we should use the micro space explorer to investigate first."

"I agree."

"Me too."

After the three of them observed and discussed for awhile, they discovered that even though the entrance looked like a wolf head, it was not man-made, but an occurrence that happened under special circumstances in nature.

This was not a rare sight in nature. Many igneous rocks would resemble animals after the weathering from the wind. Han recalled that there was a igneous rock in China which resembled the male reproductive system. It attracted many tourists to take a photo with it.

No matter what, Han still decided to be careful. After all they were on the cursed grounds and not China.

This battleship had a specially designed tool to explore space – a flying sphere with a semi-intelligent system and multi-functions such as scanning and videotaping.

One only needed to put the flying sphere into space and they could retrieve information and images about the space. Of course, it would take more time to use the sphere. The information transmitted would also not be played live because of the dimensional seal.


Silver Fox jumped onto Han’s shoulder and started to squeak anxiously.

Han looked towards where Silver Fox was pointing and it was Black Egg. Black Egg has grown impatient by the long time it took for the flying sphere to explore. He had secretly ran towards the barrier, and the smart Silver Fox caught him red-handed.

"What are you doing? Come back!" Han shouted.

Black Egg was stunned and opened his mouth like a kid caught in a bad act. But then, he gritted his teeth and decided to ignore Han.

"Stop him!" Han said anxiously.


The loyal Demon Claw and Ghost Claw rushed forward. Black Egg became determined and slashed towards the seal with his two claws!