Chapter 246: Difficult Victory

Chapter 246: Difficult Victory

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Just when everyone was feeling despair, the atmosphere suddenly changed!

Rays after rays of light beams shot down from the sky like a torrential rain along with fierce shouting. It seems that the Border Legion’s reinforcements were finally here, the number exceeding 200 legions! The soldiers were all in golden armor, as if they were celestial soldiers coming down from the heavens.


The insects cleverly retreated, and then the Border Legions began killing the insects that were slower.

Maybe because the bugs knew the power of these armies, when they ran past Han and the others, not to mention attacking, they just ran without even looking at them.


Han let out a long breath and sat down on the ground with everyone. The large-scale massacre was very energy consuming, and now they were all very tired.

The battlefield that was very bustling, suddenly quieted down. The Border Legions were now chasing the insects further and further, and near the last energy wall, Han’s nameless army and the disabled Border Legion were not too far apart, both resting.

A middle-aged man with short hair covered in blood threw away his helmet, and walked directly towards Han. He then reached out a hand in excitement, “I’m Wood, the captain of the 27th Regiment of the Border Legion.”

“Han Lang.” Han stood up and whispered.

The two sat back down. Towards Han and his nameless army’s performance, Wood couldn’t stop praising them, and he was also very grateful. After hearing that they were people getting judged, Wood suddenly got really angry, saying that he will go question the judgement committee once he gets back.

Han laughed, “It’s alright, I think they are just executing their orders. By the way, what is really the border? And what’s with these bugs?”

“Uh…” Wood hesitated and showed a difficult expression.

Han saw Wood’s expression and understood immediately. This was the dark net’s secret. The dark net and the All God Corporation always had many secrets.

At this moment, a light beam descended at a place not far away from Han and Wood. From the beam a white haired old man walked out of the white beam. With a black face, full of wrinkles.

Seeing this old man, Wood immediately stood up and saluted, calling him General Kabri.

General Kabri patted Wood on the shoulder, and said in a deep voice, “Well done, you worked hard.”

Wood immediately looked towards Han and said, “General! If it wasn’t for Han and these people getting judged, I’m afraid that we wouldn’t have completed our mission. To say credit, it is mainly their credit. I was just fulfilling my duty.”

General Kabri nodded, looked at Han, and with eyes filled with traces of gratefulness, he said in a deep voice, “You are called Han?”

Han nodded.

The old general sighed, “Very rare, genius commander, rare Dark Void power, and also can serve as the battlefield metronome. Your future is limitless.”

“Unfortunately, you are not a member of the All God Corporation right now, even if I want to reward you, I can’t give you any promise. How about this, you take this. From now on if you run into any trouble, activate it, and I will immediately come to see you.”

Han took over a golden thing as if a token and badge. On top of it was carved Kabri’s name, and behind it carved a tripod furnace.

Patting Wood’s shoulder, Kabri said in a deep voice, “What you did, I remembered. The Border Legion is proud for having loyal soldiers like you!”

After complimenting Wood a few words, Kabri took that light and left the battlefield. Before leaving, he even waved at the injured soldiers under Wood’s command. Those soldiers that were about to die, actually burst into tears. Their faces were covered in admiration, as if they really looked up to this black faced old man named Kabri, even worth dying if they could be recognized by him.

“Is this thing really powerful?” After Kabri left, Han took the golden token and quietly asked Wood.

Wood saw Han tossing the golden token around, his face became a little pale and he said in a deep voice, “Just take good care of it, and remember to not take it out and show others. In fact, at your current level, when will you ever need to use the Military God token, just bring up my name if you run into anything.”

“Military God token?” Wood inattentively leaked some information, and Han frowned and asked.

Wood had no choice but to swallow a spittle and whisper secretly to Han a few words, “All Gods Corporation, Military God Kabri.”

Han suddenly hesitated, so this black face old man was one of the All Gods.

But Han didn’t react more after the initial surprise. Ever since he was led onto a relatively deviant path by the Three Addicts, his logic became a little different. Besides, he just mastered his Path of God, not the path to become god but to kill, so towards those that call themselves Gods, no matter how strong they were, Han was not really too interested.

Wood was a very loyal and righteous person, seen from how he led his Legion and fought until the last moment during the war.

Han saved Wood’s life, and more important, he helped Wood complete his mission, and that was a big favor.

So Wood does have the intention to repay Han the favor, but because Han doesn’t have any official identity on the dark net, there’s nothing he can do but keep on reminding him, just bring out his name if Han runs into anything in the future.

As for the Military God Token, unless running into something really significant, otherwise it’s better to not let anyone know about having it.

Han liked making friends with people that got straight to the point, so he had a very engaging conversation with Wood. But unfortunately, Wood has to bring his injured brothers back to recover, so they reluctantly bid farewell.

The message sent from the Judgement Committee notified Han and the others, the judgement ends here, all survivors will gain the qualification to proceed directly to the destination station.

Han also bid farewell to Bo Ya and Jian Jia. During the battle, they followed him from the beginning to end, can be considered to be good brothers that went to war together with.

Especially Jian Jia, Han noticed, this skinny guy with very white skin is actually a complex esper, having both water and ice two powers at the same time.

This situation really makes Han envy. Doesn’t matter how powerful his Void End is, but in the end it’s just nullifying other people’s power. Han really wishes that he could have a second power, preferably like Ke Lake’s, capable of flying at high speeds, how awesome would that be.

Unfortunately, after all, this was just wishful thinking. Complex espers like Jian Jia were the rarest among rare existences.

“Well, we will see each other again after we all get the Star Lord title!” Bo Ya hugged farewell with Han, looking like they are really close.

And then when it’s Jian Jia’s turn, Han opened his arms and was about to give him a big hug too.

“What are you doing!” Jian Jia’s attitude suddenly became ferocious, stamping his foot, turning around and running away.

“Well, this kid has two powers, he’s also probably from a very good background, has the temper of a young master.” Bo Ya tried to explain for Jian Jia.

After his battle, feelings appeared between these soldiers of the nameless army.

But what should end will ultimately end, everyone’s not from the same sector so they all need to go back to their own home.

After the farewell with everyone, Han returned to the transition station, and he saw that 9527 was appearing very unusual, actually already waiting for him.

“Kabri gave the Military God Token to you?” 9527 swallowed a spittle and asked carefully.


Han tossed the token to 9527, and this fat old man took it and held it greedily.



Yuan Yuan was calling him, 9527 just hastily waved his hand, telling Yuan Yuan to not bother him and he just kept holding onto the Military God Token, checking it out non-stop.

This situation made Han feel really puzzled. If it was Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox, 9527 usually loves these two little guys and almost can’t get enough of these two.

But at this moment, the 9527 after seeing the Military God Token almost forgot their existences.


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