Chapter 194: Terrifying World (Part Two)

Chapter 194: Terrifying World (Part Two)

“My name is Faint Blue Moonlight, you?” One of them approached Han and tried to get close by starting a conversation.

“Wind Speaker.” Han also said the name he used on the dark net.

“Is it because you know some inside information and that’s why you took the VR pod?” This Faint Blue Moonlight guy asked in curiosity.

Han didn’t glance more at him, because looking at him would be useless, everyone disguised themselves before coming here.

Take Han at the moment for example, he’s more like a Britannia descent white male in his 30s, but in fact he’s a young Chinese descent. This Faint Blue Moonlight guy was probably the same.

Han shook his head and said, “I don’t know any inside news. I just felt that since the dimension storage can be used, and the VR pod really interested me, I can store it and open it up later on and study it when I have time.”

“Oh.” Faint Blue Moonlight suddenly came to the realization and said, “So that’s what you were planning.”

At the same time, a sound suddenly came from the forest, as if someone wanted to laugh but forced it back by blocking his or her mouth.

Faint Blue Moonlight suddenly hesitated, then he wanted to go into the jungle to check it out but Han grabbed him back right away.

“No need to look, besides us there are other people in the jungle.”

“Who are they?”

“Maybe the dark net’s people. This place has a demonic atmosphere, it’s best if we stay cautious.”

Faint Blue Moonlight felt that Han’s worlds made a lot of sense, nodded, then as if he suddenly thought of something and asked Han in curiosity, “You are really like a friend of mine in the real world, sound like, and he’s also cautious like you. Can I ask what your name is in reality? Which star sector do you live in? Maybe we know each other.”

Han lightly said, “I’d say forget it, people that come here all dwell in the dark net, no one wants others to know who they are. More importantly, even the founder of the dark net required us to disguise ourselves, clearly they don’t want us to recognize each other either.”

Faint Blue Moonlight hesitate again, “Alike, too much alike, you are not only cautious like him, but also as smart as him. Okay, I will listen to you and not bring up things back in the real world. Let’s be friends here, that’s okay right?”

Han nodded, “Okay.”

Waiting till Han and the others went far away, a few young people in the battle suits sporting the Dark Net emblem indeed walked out from the forest. Among them there was a girl, not pretty nor ugly and had a few cute freckles on her face.

Just now it was her that didn’t hold back in the wood and almost laughed out loud.

She came to the place where Han’s VR pod was parked, noted down Han’s number, and then said to the people beside him, “This Wind Speaker guy is really funny, his reason to taking the particle pod is actually just to open it up and study it, and I thought he found out the truth.”

The teenager beside him pouted and said, “In any case, he got extra points. There are some people that followed the Wind Speaker and did the same thing, also getting bonus points. Count them lucky, people that left the particle pods here, if they want to get it back again, that will be difficult now.”

The girl with some freckles on her face was very naught. Her eyes turned and she said, “Say, will the Wind Speaker’s curiosity really explode and take apart the particle pod? Things will get really interesting then.”

The boy next to her obviously had no humorous cells in his entire body. |He deepened his voice and said, “That way, he will get so much points deducted that he won’t even be able to go back home anymore, how’s that going to be interesting.”

“Dumbass!” The girl didn’t like her partner’s seriousness, threw her arms up.

When they just arrived, it was still high noon. In the blink of an eye it turned to midnight. The temperature dropped to below zero, and the buzzing insects sounds annoyed people a lot.

The group of thousands of people still walked in the jungle, unhurried, and finally someone in the group couldn’t contain himself anymore.

A fifty-something-old man with a rosaceous nose grunted and went up to the front, found the young representative sent by the dark net and grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Can you tell me what’s really going on? Why are we walking around randomly in the forest like headless flies? Where’s the Meet held? Also, where’s the Dark Net founder?”

The young representative turned around and looked at the man with a rosaceous nose, his golden eyebrows raised slightly, and he said with a deepened voice, “Do not touch me.”

“What happen if I touch you? You are not a bitch!”

The young dark net representative’s golden eyebrows raised higher.

“I will say it once more, do not touch me.”

The man became furious and said in a high pitched voice, “You going to act tough? This is virtual reality! Even if you are the dark net founder’s man, so what? Are you going to do something to me? F*ck off, I don’t want to join this shit dark net meet! Send me back!”


Right after he finished, everyone just saw that young dark net representative’s hand became like an eagle’s claw, and it went straight into that man’s heart, blood splashed everywhere.

Transformation descent, Han knew about this power descent. Back on the 43rd Relic expedition, the Lesa and Riley brothers were also transformation descent espers.

“Acting tough in the virtual reality world? You got guts right?”

That man kept out coughing out blood while cursing.

He thought he wouldn’t die, because no one could die in the virtual world.

But very soon, he noticed something wrong, his eyes stared at his torn open chest, he wanted to shout but words no longer come out.

He fell to the ground, dead.

A group of eager insects crawled over, climbed onto the wound and began licking the blood.

The young dark net representative’s eyes swept across everyone and then he coldly said, “First of all, this is not virtual reality. You were sent here using polymer technology, this is the real world.”

“Second of all, once you die, your mother planet will be wiped from the Milky Way, so be cautious.”

“Third of all, in this world, I won’t repeat anything three times.”