Chapter 292: Mastering the Path of Yao

Chapter 292: Mastering the Path of Yao

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9527’s exchange station was Han’s favorite place other than Earth for no other reasons than that it was quiet enough and equipped with advanced technology.

Han and 9527’s relationship was steady, the exchange station was huge, and 9527 usually let Han help him with the inventory of different items, almost as if Han was his assistant.

He even gave some authority to Han. Whatever Han liked, as long as it was not from the mysterious room, he could take whenever he wished. Even if Han took something, 9527 would not notice.

As Han became more knowledgeable about this exchange station, he was starting to think this exchange station looked a lot like a portable space station. He accidentally walked into the power cabin, seeing 4 sets of fusion reactors with shocking power indexes.

If not used for the engine, Han couldn’t think of any other reasons why an exchange station needed such high-quality energy sources.

Also, the placement of cables strictly followed the guideline for space flights. The ultra-light transmission cables have 3 layers of sealed titanium alloys protecting it. Even if an emergency happened at the station, it could still guarantee the safety of the transmission of data.

Overall, the more Han knew about the exchange station, the more he thought that this place was a spaceship, and it was one equipped with powerful energy systems and high-speed engines.

According to the rules, Han could not take those weapon, books and electronics from the showcase. Only manuals, if he enjoyed them, he could use points to exchange for.

But now that Han had authority, if he liked a weapon, he could take it out for a swing. And if he thinks its bad, then he puts it back.

One time Han even took a small engine used to power the escape capsule back to Earth to show the engineers for some testing. It was not bad, and he spent points to purchase the blueprints. 9527 should have known the entire process, but he doesn’t seem to care, and never even asked about it.

All of this was tangible to Han. As for the intangible, the most mysterious belonged to where 9527 lives, Han knew he lived in the exchange station’s connector, that it was a long and twisting path, finally leading to 9527’s place. If Han does not see him, he must be in his room.

Apart from that there was also 9527’s room with the most precious items. Han could access this room freely, apart from the Boundless Ten-thousand Beasts, all other things sealed or protected by energy barriers could not be accessed by Han.

In this room, regardless if it was books or items, none of them had manuals. Han does not know what most of them are used for.

In the training room, Han turned the source energy radiation level to nightmare mode. Although nightmare mode will cost Han 10,000 points per hour, but he seems not to care, because he has an excessive amount of points. The gene fusion beast technique made him a lot of money, and if needed, Han could pursue his path of money making.

Right now, Han did not have the incentive to make money, because he had authority in the exchange station. He does not need points to read books, he can use weapons whenever he wants, all he has to do is return it to 9527 when he is done. Han could take electronic machines to the engineers to research. If successful, they will attempt to replicate it and if unsuccessful, then Han will use points to purchase the blueprints.

Studying, training, thinking, these are the ways that Han mainly improved himself.

He is currently training the Path of Yao, the last path in the six paths of Void. It is unclear whether it is because Han had acquired the Brain of Darkness allowing Han to gain insane cognitive abilities, or he was born to learn the Path of Yao. Han was making progress by the day, the hardest Path of Yao, seems to be the easiest for Han when training.

Of course, easy does not mean the Path of Yao can be learned instantly. The Path of Yao was not like the other paths that Han had learned before. It was complicated.

According to the definition of the six paths of Void, this was a power far beyond gods and demons.

Path of Yao’s power was not about how strong it was, it was about its unpredictability and strangeness, this is why the Path of Yao was never normal.

Overall, six paths of Void was the desire for high level techniques. Even for the difficult path of Demon of the past, it actually only had one move, the move itself was very simple.

The Path of Yao was drastically different. It had countless layers of basic techniques. Han liked to describe the Path of Yao as a Go game, the board only seemed so big, but infinite possibilities can be created. Even the most powerful computer cannot calculate how many differentiations there was to the Path of Yao.

The Path of Yao was a complicated force in between the gods and the demons, the merging of darkness and light.

To succeed is all six paths, one must feel the power of the paths, Han successfully mastered all the previous paths, but now when it comes to the Path of Yao, Han was completely troubled.

An existence not bright nor dark, an existence not holy nor demonic, all sorts of chaos, contradictions, the elements that cancelled out merged together. To master something with infinite possibilities, it was impossible to master it in a day or two.

Path of Yao’s complications and chaos made Han very upset. He felt like he was a piece in the huge board of go, unable to escape from the complicated board.

What’s more depressing, the complicated heavenly earth game has a critical attractiveness to it. Han’s curiosity was intense. The more he is confused, the more he wants to solve it.

Nowadays Han even dreamt of himself practicing the Path of Yao. The complicated and illogical Path of Yao has completely taken over his life. He has left everything else behind him.


Standing in the middle of the training room, Han let out a deep breath, just about to perform the extremely complex Path of Yao.

At the same time, the 9527 hiding in the exchange station’s control room was also getting excited as Han is about perform his technique.

“Wow, Han actually remembered this set of extremely complicated moves!? Only using 2 days!” The chubby old man said with excitement.

What he doesn’t know is, Han has had some gains lately, that is the Brain of Darkness. With the help of this magical crystal, Han’s logical thinking, memory, analytic skill all improved drastically.

If in the past, remembering this set of extremely complex techniques would at least take 3 month, but now, Han only needed 2 days.

“Master, when I use vector calculations, I discovered that Han’s training is different every time, which means, his Path of Yao is changing, this is so strange, if it is different every time when used, can it still count as one set of techniques?” A female robotic voice asked with curiosity.

This was the A.I system that has been with 9527 for years. She does not have a body, just a set of systems, a female voice with a cold tone, from this, is shows how lonely 9527 is.

9527 was happily smiling.

“My queen, this is where you don’t understand. Heaven, earth, human, god, demon all exist. Only the Path of Yao, that is something that does not exist, is an evolutionary form.”

“I still don’t understand.” The A.I being called queen said.

9527’s eye brightened up, with a serious tone, “Of course you wouldn’t understand, Yao is never normal, Yao is chaos, Yao is the existence that should not exist, jumping out of three worlds, not with the five elements.”

“Yao is very powerful, existing in this universe, but not restricted by any elements of the universe, and the most impressive thing about Yao is it constantly changes. Han will eventually rely on this forever changing power and reach beyond the limits of Yao.”

“Yao is not a type of existence, it is alternating paths. Once on this path, Han will never become god, and never be the demon, as for what he will finally become, no one knows, where the path ends, no one knows.”

“But I still don’t understand.” Queen added.

9527 bursted out laughing, “Not only you don’t understand, I also don’t understand, Han himself does not understand, there is not a single person in this universe that understands, as for this complex, chaotic, irregular, illogical, uncontrollable force, that is the Path of Yao!”