Chapter 164: Dark Apostle, Dead!

Chapter 164: Dark Apostle, Dead!

The battle progressed into its most critical and brutal moment.

The dark apostle never thought that such a powerful force could actually break out from Ms. White’s fragile body. Black blood slowly oozed out from the dark apostle’s eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

He started panicking, wanting to break free from Ms. White’s entanglement, but found her two thin white arms were like two alloy chains, firmly locking onto him.

Meanwhile, the powerful sound that Ms. White produced with her life, was breaking through the space barrier and directly traveling through the dark apostle’s body.

If Ms. White was far away from the dark apostle, this kind of shockwave cannot hurt him.

But he made a fatal mistake, he thought that the female Ms. White was weak and could be easily bullied.

He never thought, although that Ms. White was a woman, but she was a true warrior!

And any human warrior couldn’t be easily bullied!

At the last moments of life, Ms. White did not hesitate to ignite her zero-degree brain region, unleashing her strongest sonic wave through burning her own life!

With the distance being this close, Ms. White’s sonic attacks achieved the strongest effect right off the bat, piercing through the dimension barrier and going straight for the dark apostle’s life!



The dark apostle started using his hand to attack Ms. White’s body like mad, leaving terrifying holes in her fragile body one after another.

The special dimension descent power made the dark apostle’s attacks very effective. The dimension barrier directly covered his hands, and when he pulled his hands out from Ms. White’s body, they weren’t even covered in blood.

Blood was flowing, life was disappearing, but Ms. White, with her daredevil courage, continued seizing the dark apostle! Not letting go! Not letting go no matter what!

On the other side, Han and the brothers heard the sound and turned around right away at a feverish pace! Their eyes all became blood red!


Ghost Lesa was indeed an experienced veteran warlord. His first reaction was to use all his effort to push Han’s back, firing him like an artillery shell!

“Void domain, activate!” Han shouted with an aggravated voice.

Within 1 kilometer, all abilities, total deprivation!

Ms. White, who had lost the sound waves to continue attack dark apostle, collapsed with a faint smile on her face.

At the same time, the dark apostle also lost the ability to control his own dimension!

That was a fantastic opportunity, exchanged with Ms. White’s life!

The dark apostle’s face turned ashen, until he lost his power, he finally realized how big of a mistake he made. The result of underestimating a woman, was that he would soon be surrounded!

“I’m going to kill you!”

Han swallowed a nuclear fission pill and started using his signature forbidden techniques!

Demon Strike, a style of downright insane offensive martial art! Not stopping until death!

The dark apostle didn’t want to duel Han. He wanted to run, but suddenly found that Lesa and Riley already occupied two clever angles behind him and were working in a double-team. He no longer had any escape routes.

3 on 1!

No one had super powers, everyone needed to rely on real melee skills!

Even without power, the dark apostle’s combat power was still very strong. But unfortunately, he was not facing three men, but three demons with hearts full of anger!

The twin brothers seemed to be connected telepathically, the two came out charging from two sides at the same time as if to strike, but when the dark apostle crossed his arms to defend, Lesa and Riley suddenly swapped positions, one on each side, holding down the dark apostle’s both arms like pincers.

Dark fist!

Han who charged straight at him leaped up, focusing his power of darkness to his right arm, containing boundless anger and landed a fatal blow!


This punch landed right on the dark apostle’s head, and that human-like head was crushed like a watermelon, immediately bursted open by the twisted power of darkness!

The unreasonable power of Void End can be hardly described with words. For the past 14 days, the dark apostle had a big advantage over the expedition team, murdering elite human soldiers one after another.

But for the first time he fell within Han’s void domain, killing him, would only take a second!

No one paid any more attention to the dark apostle. They all went to Ms. White’s side, held her up, softly calling her name.

Unfortunately, Ms. White could no longer hear any sounds and her body gradually became cold.

The dark apostle died, and Han, with the brothers, were trapped at the bottom layer of the relic. After a series of dimension changes, this place had already become a separate dimension on its own, isolated from the Milky Way Galaxy.

Burying Ms. White’s body, the three men sat in the garden. It was a garden prepared for the dark apostle’s masters, exquisite, but at that moment, no one was in the mood to enjoy the landscape.

“The dark apostle is really terrifying; he could even mimic the looks of existing humans! When you killed him, that was clearly Cerberus Arthur’s face!” Mad Lion Riley collected his memory and said, “Since the dark apostle can masquerade as Arthur, then Arthur is probably dead.”

Ghost Lesa shook his head and said, “Not necessarily. That old dog Cerberus Arthur has a survival ability that we cannot imagine. If there’s only going to be one survivor on this expedition team, then it must be him.”

Mad Lion had to admit, from beginning to end, everyone exhausted all their efforts and some even paid with their life. Except from Arthur, this old dog had long disappeared in the ruins, which made Riley very angry.

Demon Claw dragged the dark apostle’s body to Han, and Han cut open the apostle’s corpse with a small knife, drained out the dark blood, and performed some treatment to the internal organs. Even little robot Yuan Yuan came out to help Han.

Lesa and Riley both sighed and Riley asked, “Han, what are you doing?”

Han did not look up, whispered, “Treating the corpse in preparation for genetic synthesis.”

“You planned on making dark apostle into fusion beast?”

“Can’t I?” Han asked back.

“Of course you can.” Riley touched his head and said, “It’s just that your means of battle surprises me. The martial arts you use are forbidden, and you also carry around that many terrifying fusion beasts. Even an intelligent robot which is strictly prohibited by the Alliance. It’s like although you are a member of the Alliance, you never cared about the Alliance.”

Han said very naturally, “I indeed don’t really care about the rules set by the Alliance because these things can save my life. And did you just say that what I use is a type of forbidden martial art?”


Han didn’t say anything. In fact, he was already faintly aware that the martial arts that Pathless taught him was not so simple. Of course, Han didn’t care, because it didn’t matter if it was forbidden or not as long as it could kill his enemies.

Lesa thought for a second and said, “Han, since you already learned spatial string theory, can you make another spatial rift and let us out?”

Han continued treating the corpse and said, “That would be very difficult because we have been completely isolated from the Milky Way. Even if I open another spatial rift, after we exit, I can’t make any promise on which dimension we enter.”

“That means, maybe we will enter other dimensions? Or other galaxies?”

“Both are possible.” Han nodded and said, “Even if we can return to our galaxy, the coordinates would be off. We could appear in the galactic wilderness, or even somewhere further than the galactic wilderness. In short, to this point, staying here will be waiting for death. Forcefully leaving will be courting death.”

“You guys wouldn’t blame me for putting us all in such an awkward situation right?”

“Awkward?” Riley began laughing, “I say, this is the most satisfying battle I’ve fought in my entire life! Without you, the dark apostle would’ve killed us all.”

“But now, he’s the one that died, and we already avenged for everyone. Being able to achieve this much in such adversity, I have nothing to feel awkward about.”

With a sudden change of tone, Lesa said seriously, “But having said that, in any case, we can stay here, but you must leave.”


“Because your power to the Alliance, to the entire galaxy, is very important. Only you can take away those dark apostles’ power. If possible, I would sacrifice my life in exchange for your safe return.”

“And my life.” Lesa said in a low voice, “Let’s hurry and find a way out of here. I have a dimension ring here, 100 square meter, don’t know if it’s enough. Riley has one too. Plus Ms. White. As the Holy Sound White Clan’s eldest daughter, her dimension ring’s level shouldn’t be bad.”

Han hesitated for a second and nodded earnestly, “I will carefully study and try to find the most optimal solution. There are 99 dark apostles, and they can all mimic other humans. This news is too important. It must be passed on to the Alliance.”

During the following days, Han would be in serious discussions with Yuan Yuan everyday, constantly revising the escape plan. Through the fission effect of dimension stone, the space can indeed be squeezed to form a spatial rift, but the key was that Han wasn’t sure where would the rift lead to.

When tired, Han would practice the 46 Ensemble, look at the plants in the garden. There were many breeds of plants that Han had never seen before, but he had no time to study them right now, just briefly collecting some seeds during his walks and stored them in Lunar Mark.

In the blink of an eye after a week, Han gathered Lesa and Riley, placed the three modified dimension rings on the ground, and said in a deep voice, “After my modification, these are three bombs that can fracture space. My plan is very simple, all of us open up a separate spatial rift and leave through them, and whoever can get back to the Alliance can submit the important intelligence on the dark apostles to the Alliance.”

Riley frowned and asked, “How much certainty do you have?”

Han shook his head and said frankly, “Absolutely none. The spatial rift can send us to anywhere we can or cannot imagine. Maybe it’s the Milky Way, maybe not.”

“But us three entering three different spatial rift can increase the chance of success. After all, we only need one person to get back to the Alliance and it will be a success!”

Riley and Lesa nodded together, “Got it. Then let’s all write down things that each one of us want to do or take care of, and if anyone can make it back alive, he will have to complete the wishes of others.”

Everyone wrote two letters and handed them to the others.

Next, the three of them appeared at three completely different locations in the dimension in a regular triangle arrangement.

The three dimension rings were all set to the same frequency.


A dull sound went off, and all rings were detonated simultaneously, instantly fracturing space and formed three twisted spatial rifts.

Without any hesitation, Han, Lesa, Riley all rushed to the rift in front of them. No matter what corner of the universe this rift might throw them out to, they all had no choice because it’s something they must do!


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