Chapter 388: The God Tree and Underground Garden

Chapter 388: The God Tree and Underground Garden

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After getting rid of the Ghost Face tribe, Han returned to his base camp to continue his practice and lessons. Space Laws and String Theory were very profound, and Han didn’t want to waste any time that he could use to improve himself.

Compared to before, the number of times Xiao Bao came to the base camp had increased, and the amount of time he stayed had been longer too. Not only would he go to the blue lake, but he would also go to the main base camp. After becoming familiar with everyone, they all welcomed him. He was very kind and clever after all, there was no reason for people to not like him.

As for the Tree God Tribe, Han didn’t send people to protect them, because in a dangerous tribal zone like this, you cannot be constantly depending on others to protect you.

Giving them fish was not as effective as teaching them how to fish. Han sent a teacher to the tribe, Pathless Origin, who was famous for his strict teaching and crazy skills. Back when Han was learning from him a long time ago, he had already experienced his strictness and discipline. He believed that under this training, the people of the Tree God Tribe could improve drastically in a short period of time.

Of course, this was still very far from them being able to protect themselves. The tribe was very small and especially after the mass murder carried out by the Ghost Face Tribe, they only had a little bit over 1000 adult fighters left. The whole tribe only had around 8000 people left, and they literally could not get any smaller.

But, at least they now had a good beginning after a tragic event. The fighters and kids all had a heightened spirit for learning and practicing.

Han gave the tribe a second prescription.

Wuyun’s genetic beasts, Night Walker’s drugs, and the attacking plants of some other old guy named Feng Taiji, etc. Those were all given to the Tree God Tribe to learn and control.

Here, we must talk about Feng Taiji. The Bloodthirsty Sky Vine and Sky King Vine that Han really liked were made from his hand. He was a scientist that specializes in odd plants from the Oblivion Realm.

The Tree God Tribe were famous for their trees and survived on plants. They were all naturals on how to control battle plants, so Feng Taiji didn’t need to spend a lot of time to successfully teach his disciples.

If there were more battles in the future, the Tree God Tribe could use these mutated plants to improve their standings. Back in the days when Han was not this high level, he could still fight effectively while protecting himself, and a huge factor to that was he knew how to use a lot of tools that his enemies didn’t.

Knowledge was power, it never hurts to know and understand more. The probability of the fighters in the Tree God tribe becoming exceptional during a short period of time is rather low, so they should practice some small tricks that they can use when they need to.

To be completely transparent, Han’s theory was to not go the regular route but take a weird route. The traditional skills needed to be acquired but the odd tricks need to be learned too. That was what Han did.

After a couple of days, Feng Taiji suddenly approached Han excitedly.

"What is it? Do you have some new invention that I should try out?" Han asked.

Feng Taiji waved his hand, "It isn’t that easy. It took me 435 years to develop the Bloodthirsty Sky Vine and Sky King Vine took 970 years. If you want something higher level than the Sky King Vine, you have a long time to wait, unless you want to learn botany with me. I heard from the Three Addicts that you learn everything super fast."

Han waved his hand, "Please spare me, 9527 has been forcing me to learn Space Laws and String Theory... I don’t have time to learn about plants... Speaking of my three teachers, to be fair, I only learned mostly from Pathless and Wuyun. I don\'t even know too much about Night Walker\'s stuff. Our energy is very limited, if we learn something then we have to give up something else."

"So tell me, you came to find me so excitedly, if it isn’t for plants, then what is it?"

Feng Taiji said, "The Tree God race has a treasure that I want to explore, but they won’t let me! You have a better relationship with them, I think you should go and convince them!"

"Treasure? What treasure?" Han asked with curiosity.

Feng Taiji said, "Isn\'t there a big tree in the tribe? You should know that."

Han nodded, "Yes, that is their tribe’s totem. It is close to 100km tall, and it is really amazing. Nobody knows how long it has been alive for."

Feng Taiji said, "When I was at the tribe teaching them how to use the Sky King Vine, I heard that there is a hole beneath the tree. It is so deep that you can’t see the end, and a lot of odd plants grow there."

"So I want to go and see if there are any rare plants that I can bring back and study. But the people of the tribe are really stubborn, and they won’t let me in. So I am here to ask for your help!"

Han laughed, "I told you that tree was their totem, their God, how can they let you go in whenever you want? But, how sure are you that there are plants you want in this hole?"

Feng Taiji said, "It is definitely special since the existence of it is so odd! I’ve never seen a tree so big that\'s hollow inside! You have to know that the rarer the plant, the higher standards they have for their environment, the most rare plants often grow in environments that we typically can’t imagine."

"If you let me go, I have a 90% confidence level to discover rare plants, maybe we can even use it to make a plant that is even more powerful than the Sky King Vine."

Something more powerful than Sky King Vine?

Han touched his chin and thought about it, he was kind of convinced. Han’s level was high enough and the help he had gotten from Sky King Vine was not as much as before. However, if they can find a third generation of modified plants, then it would completely be something else.

Furthermore, if there is a third generation of modified plants, this would not only benefit Han, but everyone else as well.

Han nodded, "Okay, I will go talk to Wuyun later, but I can’t promise you anything. It is their totem after all, and we need to be reasonable. We can’t do anything we like just because we saved them, the Tree God Tribe has their freedom as well."

"As long as you try, follow me."

"I didn’t say I was going to go today?"

"What, you can’t and can go, give me an answer! I am so anxious! Can you just confirm whether I could go or not as soon as possible???"

"Fine, fine, I will go now, don’t pull me."

Feng Taiji had a quick temper, and without saying a second word, he pulled Han towards the Tree God Tribe to talk to Yun San.

Yun San was very courteous to Han, but as soon as Han said he wanted to go into the tree to explore, Yun San hesitated.

"It is not that I don’t want to help you, but when my grandfather was chef, the tribe made a rule that nobody can go into the tree. It was because my grandfather went in there to explore before with a group of people, but at the end he was the only one that returned."

"You don’t know, this tree is very odd, going inside is like entering a different world. No communication devices work, so once you go in, nobody can guarantee your safety." Yun San explained.

Han was curious, "What did your grandfather encounter down there that forced him to come back so defeated?"

Yun San shook his head, "I asked him, but he wouldn’t tell me. He just kept on warning us to not go in, or we would face severe consequences."

Han thought about it and said, "To be honest, I understand your concerns, but you got to know, today is not the same as before. Your tribe is facing a crisis, and even us, we are in danger too. Didn’t you say that the issues between tribes cannot be interfered by other people? Since we killed off all of the Ghost Face Tribe, we essentially became the enemy of every other tribe.

"Our current situation is very difficult, and we are trying our best to make a third generation of modified plants. We haven’t been successful because we were missing some rare plant genes, so if we can find what we need in this tree, then we can cut down our work by half. Then, both your people and my people can use this plant as self protection."

Han was very sly sometimes. He started complaining to Yun Sun, making it obvious that it was because he had to save their tribe, he made a lot of new enemies. And now, they wanted to invent new weapons for the sake of both parties, and if Yun San doesn’t help, it would be not very righteous of them.

What kind of person was Yun San?

A classic good person!

A few days ago, the Ghost Face Tribe was at his doorsteps trying to kill him, and he was still asking Han to have mercy on these guys.

Once Han started talking about his difficulties, Yun San of course had to do something. This kind of person who would even help his enemies definitely couldn\'t treat his savior poorly.

"You guys really need these special plant genes as soon as possible?"

"Yes, very urgently!"

"Can’t find it anywhere else?"

"Can’t find it."


Yun San let out a long sigh, "Fine, even though my grandfather’s promise is important, but we can’t ignore the problem we have right now either. I heard that there are a lot of rare plants in that tree too, I hope you guys can find what you are looking for."

Feng Taiji almost jumped from being so happy, and he continued to thank Yun San.

Under his lead, Han and Feng Taiji came before the big tree.

"This tree has been around for a very long time. It is what we call the God Tree, and you must access the trunk from the tree hole. Follow me." Yun San pointed to the miraculous tree and said.

The trunk of the tree was hollow. Yun San\'s people had already constructed housing, storing space, and classrooms inside.

Following the staircase in the middle of the trunk, they reached the bottom easily. This was the conference room of the race. It was very spacious, and there was even a shrine in the middle.

"The place you guys want to go, you need to enter from the bottom of the shrine and go straight down, all the way to the roots of this tree."

"According to my grandfather, it is a mysterious garden, infinitely big and amazing. If the plants you want really exist, then you can find it there." Yun San explained.

The shrine was removed quickly, showing the spiral staircase beneath it. Because the tribe had been banned from entering this underground garden, this road hadn’t been taken for thousands of years. The ladder made from wood was already kind of eroded. When people walked on it, it shook and makes creaky sounds.

After a couple of hundreds of stairs, there was a flat platform, all around them was darkness, and they could not see the bottom.

However, there were a lot of vines. If they followed the vines, they could enter the mysterious garden that they had heard about in the legends that was located at the bottom of the tree.

Han and Feng Taiji naturally did not need to climb down the vines. They simply just jumped, using the anti-gravity module on their armor to reduce their speed. Feng Taiji even took out his micro radar. Unfortunately it was exactly how Yun San had described it, the electromagnetic field here was very unstable, causing the radar to not work.

But because Han and Feng Taiji were very confident in their own abilities, they weren’t scared of this at all. They continue to approach the bottom of the tree free falling. They could no longer see Yun San and the platform, they couldn’t even see the entrance anymore. This long fall had caused Han to be tired. He figured, the depth of this hole was probably deeper than 100km, probably exceeding the height of the tree.

But if you think about it, it is pretty normal. Normally, a tree’s root would exceed the branches, and even though this was a God tree, it was still a tree and could not disobey natural patterns.

"Look! There is light at the bottom!" Feng Taiji pointed to below him.

Han focused and looked, it was as if he was in space and was watching Earth at night. There was light everywhere, and the area was probably over 10000 km squared. If this was the underground garden, then yes, it definitely looked mystical.

Han and Feng Taiji both became interested and started to observe carefully, and they discovered that the light was coming from a type of lantern grass.

Different from the smaller grass from Earth, this grass from the underground garden was at least 7 to 8 meters tall, and they were luminescent.

It was almost as if someone intentionally lit up the whole garden with lantern grass, so people would not think that it is dark.


Once they were close to the ground, the anti-gravity system began to work, Han and Feng Taiji lightly landed in this garden on the paved ground.

"This is man made?" Han frowned and said to himself.

"Over 10000 km2 of man-made garden! Look, that is phalaenopsis, I’ve never seen this strain of phalaenopsis!" Feng Taiji could not control his excitement and yelled.