Chapter 124: The Disappeared Ancient Maple Leaf

Chapter 124: The Disappeared Ancient Maple Leaf

Han could not believe his eyes. Looking ahead, an enormous mansion was situated below the majestic snow-capped mountain.

Paths paved with bluestone, wall built with white jade, a huge stone stood outside of the door with 3 words on it, Ancient Maple Leaf.

It was an unimaginable view, yet the dignified Ye Family didn’t even have gate security or something, letting tourists and the citizens roaming in and out freely. Lots of tents were set up on the grass, a group of young people even started a bonfire, barbecuing openly and singing.

What kind of wealthy ancient manor was this? It was more like a market or park!

The driver took the money, laughed and said, “Sir, maybe you don’t know yet, the Ancient Maple Family already left. Now, their mansion became a park and is open to all.”

“Left? Where did the Ye Family go?” Han asked in curiosity.

The driver shrugged, “Who knows, these wealthy families never share their schedule or travel destination with us ordinary citizens.”

The driver sped away, leaving Han stunned. He thought for a second, and then followed the flow of visitors into the Ye Family’s mansion.

This time, Han came actually for two things. First was to visit Ye Weiwei, and second was that Han really wanted to know just what ability did the Ye Family have to actually be able to predict the disaster at A-19.

But now the Ye Family left, only leaving behind the crowded manor.

There were actually tours taking visitors that travelled here. Han raised his ears and listened carefully to the tour guide’s explanation.

“Dear ladies and gentlemen, this is the famous Ancient Maple Leaf’s family’s estate. The time this estate was established, the Milky Way Alliance itself wasn’t even established yet, and now it has 7600 years of history.”

“This manor occupies 30% of our Maple Valley’s area. There are over 1000 entrances, and this is just one of them.”

“Besides this, the Ye Family also has its own fleet, airport, and even a private ocean! According to the latest version of the Galactic Encyclopedia, the Ye Family’s wealth could be ranked into the top 50 in the Milky Way.

A curious tourist raised his hand and asked, “Since they are so prominent, why did they leave?”

The tour guide frowned and replied, “Although the Ye Family has a long history, but they are different than all the big families in Milky Way. They developed themselves outside of the Milky Way.”

“Although the Ye family is very big, there are actually very little family members. There are only two with the true Ancient Maple Leaf bloodline, one is the well-known Ye Guhong, and the other one is his grand-daughter Ye Weiwei.”

“All in all, although the Ye Family lives in the Milky Way, but they are not really a true Milky Way Family. Their fleet travels perennially outside of the Milky Way, and it mostly deals with aliens outside of Milky Way. Plus, there are only a few family members in the Ye Family, so they moved out of the Milky Way.”

With a sudden change in topic, the tour guide began to gossip, “To tell you guys a secret, there is a rumor that says Ms. Ye Weiwei is not Ye Guhong’s biological granddaughter. Everyone that lives in Maple Valley knows that Ye Guhong was never married, but 14 years ago he suddenly came back holding a little girl, saying that she was his granddaughter. At that time the people that lived here were all very skeptical, Ye Gehong didn’t even have any children, how did he just jump straight to having a granddaughter.”

Then, another tourist raised his hand and asked, “The wealthy Ye Family that’s hogging on the resources in the Maple Valley left, you guys that live here should be really happy right?”

The tour guide became angry immediately, pinched his waist and said in a high voice, “What are you saying! Not only did the Ye Family never bully us, whenever there was a holiday or a wedding or a newborn, the Ye Family will always send gifts. How can we not welcome a family like this to stay in the Maple Valley?”

“Look at this manor, it was thousands of years of history and its cost was simply astronomical. Mr. Ye Guhong just waved his hand before he left and opens up the manor for free, and he also left a huge sum of money for us.”

“Now, without the Ye Family, we just make a living for being tour guides, operating restaurants in the vicinity of the manor and also selling souvenirs. The reason the Ye Family opened up the manor for free, it’s because they were afraid that us folks at the valley might not have enough money and starve.”

Han smiled, Ye Family’s reputation wasn’t bad.

Not seeing Ye Weiwei nor finding out the truth, Han walked into the manor a little disappointed.

Such a huge manor, its area was equivalent to the entire Eurasian continent, there was no way to tour around the entire place without a few years.

“Han! Han!”

Just when Han was about to leave, he suddenly heard someone calling his name.

Han looked back in curiosity, he just saw a little girl selling beside the souvenir stall, about 17 or 18 years old, brown hair, with playful freckles on her nose, she looks pretty cute.

“It’s really you! You came to see our Miss?”

“You are?”

“I was an home maid at Miss Ye’s house named Yingying. You haven’t seen me before but I have seen you. Last time at the Miracle System, we were all hiding behind the window peaking when you were on a date with our Lady.” Yingying said in excitement.

“Oh, it was actually a date. By the way, where did Ye Weiwei go?”

“That I don’t know. But my family used to work at Ye Family as well, maybe he knows something, wait for me.”

Then, she ran to her stall to gather things up.

After she was done, she pushed out a small floating Land Speeder, which looked a bit like a scooter, but with no wheels and used an electromagnetic thrust system.


Ying Ying took Han and drove deep into the Ye Family’s Manor. They arrived at a lake, and there were a lot of wooden houses like holiday homes next to it.

Stopping beside one of the houses, Yingying pointed at the lake and the wooden houses beside the lake and said, “When Master and Miss left, most people left with them. Us servants that didn’t want to leave, Master gave each one of us a house, and this land was also zoned and privately owned by us.”

“Dad! Dad! Han’s here!”

Yingying was very enthusiastic. She went into the wooden house and dragged out her father. He was about 60 years old, a little tan and missing an arm.

Because they were Ye Family’s servants, Yingying and her father all went by the surname Ye. It was the Ancient Maple Leaf’s rule, from masters to servants, although the identity was different but everyone belonged to the big family.

Yingying enthusiastically brought out two chairs to the outside, and ran to prepare some refreshments.

Han accompanied Yingying’s father in the courtyard, and started asking about the Ye Family.

Yingying’s dad slightly frowned. He lowered his voice and said, “The reason Master decided to leave, it goes all the way back to a dozen years ago.”

“In fact, the whole Maple Valley knew, Miss isn’t really Master’s biological granddaughter. She was brought back from outside the Milky Way. We don’t know where specifically, but Master really did love Miss. When Miss was two years old, Master brought people to the outside of Milky Way, and that trip took five years. When they were back, Miss was already 7 years old.”

“I heard from friends that travelled on that fleet that the reason Master went out for a long time was for finding Miss’s real parents. After one year, Miss was 8. Master rested for one year, and he sailed again out of Milky Way, and this time it took 7 years.”

Han hesitated for a second, then he asked in curiosity, “Ye Guhong sailed when Ye Weiwei was 8 and came back 7 years later, then wasn’t that a few months ago during the Milky klWay Meet?”

Yingying’s dad nodded and said, “Correct. To be exact we received Master’s message on the day of your date. Master said that Miss absolutely cannot enter the Extinction Domain. Otherwise, Miss would have already gone to the A-19 relic with you.”

“After that day you went to the relic, Miss went back home. Soon, Master came back too. Us servants that worked for Ye Family our entire lives have never seen Master in such a bad shape. Ancient Maple Leaf’s generation warlord, Master was obviously someone among the top warriors in the Milky Way.”

“But when Master came back home, he was covered in wounds, as if he suddenly turned older a few dozens of years.”

“And what happened after that was even more bizarre. Master dismissed all the servants that were reluctant to leave Milky Way with him overnight, and took all the Ye Family’s fleets and remaining people and left the Milky Way on the next day.”

“Supposedly you go check out the mansion, you will see that Master was very hasty with the departure, he left everything including his favorite rocking chair.”

Speaking of that, Yingying carried the tea and dessert and came to the courtyard. She placed them in front of Han and her father, then sat on a chair and quietly listened.

Han was puzzled and asked, “Why was Master Ye Guhong very nervous? That night, the butler Ye Hua also warned me, as if he already knew that a disaster’s going to happen in the Relic.”

Yingying’s father shook his head and said, “That I’m not sure. Ye Hua’s the main manager of the Ye Family, someone most trusted by Master. Maybe Master told him something.”

“It was said that Miss wrote you a letter before she left, but it was tossed into the fireplace by Master, and Miss even cried for it too.”

Yingying who had her hands cupping her chin then hastily added, “Right, right, there was such a thing. Before the sunrise we heard Miss crying inside the room too, but Master was angry at Miss too which was very rare. Master said that the family was at stake, they must not leave behind any clues.”

“At stake?” Han frowned and mumbled.

Seeing that the sky was about to turn dark, and he won’t get any more news by continuing to stay here, Han waved goodbye to the father and daughter, called a taxi and went back to the airport.

Maple Valley was a beautiful planet. Han saw the endless red maple leaves on both side of the street and contemplated in silence.

Ye Weiwei’s grandfather Ye Guhong seems to be a very mysterious person. He told Ye Hua to stop him from going into the relic, and the result was that a disaster really happened inside the relic. Although Han was lucky enough to survive, but thinking back, there was still a lingering fear.

Now this Ye Guhong took the entire Ye Family and left Milky Way in one night, could it be that he had a very strong prediction ability?


With a whole bagful of questions, the Falcon class frigate took off again. Destination, Oblivion Realm.

Although Han didn’t get to see Ye Weiwei this time, but meeting the two mysterious figures Night Walker and Pathless Origin was still something Han had waited a long time for.

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