Chapter 247: Energy Coating

Chapter 247: Energy Coating

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Han was very surprised at how focused 9527 was towards the Military God Badge, so he asked in curiosity, “What does this thing really do?”

9527 clearly went through a complex psychological struggle. He lightly sighed, returned it back to Han, then said in a deep voice, “With this, Military God Kabri will unconditionally help you once. Even the Military God sees you as someone important, you tell me if it’s awesome or not.”

Han shrugged his shoulders, “It’s of course a good thing that someone can help. The dark net and All Gods Corporation is way too miraculous. I have been really confused, just what kind of existence is it exactly?”

9527 slightly smiled and said, “It’s normal that you are confused. In simple terms, the dark net is divided into multiple layers. The first layer is dubbed the Virtual layer, and that’s the first level of dark net you came into contact before. Didn’t you do some small business on the first level dark net and meet some people?”

“But those were all the functions offered at the first level of dark net, a hidden web over the internet. About only one of a hundred million people in the universe can be exposed to it.”

“Now you are at the second layer of the dark network, where there’s no virtual reality anymore and everything’s real. The virtual pods used in the first layer of the dark net, are now particle modules here, which you can take to travel to every real dimension in the dark net, and trade, study, train, and etc.”

“What about the third layer of the dark net?” Han hurriedly asked.

“The third layer?” 9527 shrugged and said, “How would I know? Besides, right now you haven’t even officially joined the second layer yet, isn’t it a bit too early to dream about the third layer?”

“We will talk again after you get the Star Lord title. By then, you will be able to freely navigate in the dark net and trade. All in all, the dark net gathers all the most talented and powerful individuals in the universe, and the higher the level, the stronger the people gathered at that level and the more abundant the resources available for that level.”

“Anyways, now you got the qualification to enter the Destination Station, it’s basically a small world there. Why not go there but come to my place?”

Han replied as if it’s natural, “Of course I will go there, but now it’s training time.”

9527 frowned, “You just got off the border battlefield, no need to rest? You want to train again?”

Han nodded, “It’s because I just got off the battlefield, I must enter training immediately. I noticed some deficiencies during the battle so I want to improve it as soon as possible. With these things in my mind, I won’t even be able to have a good sleep.”

9527 couldn’t help but marvel at Han’s character. At this moment, the vast majority probably already went back to eat and sleep, but Han didn’t mind the fatigue from battle and wants to immediately correct the flaws he noticed in battle.

Such spirit might be the main driving force that supported Han to today.

Three days later, Han finally walked out of the training room.

Perhaps it’s in recognition of Han’s performance on the border battlefield, Han surprisingly found that there was one million extra points in his account.

After 3 consecutive days of mad training, Han only spent 70,000 points. Plus, the remaining from before, Han now had as many as 983 thousand points.

He found 9527, smiled and said, “I thought about it, and I feel that it’s time for me to change my battle suit, give me some advice please.”

The combat suit currently in use by Han was called Oval Matrix, and it was a quasi-warlord level battle suit, equipped with a very special low friction defense ability.

Under normal conditions, it was right that a quasi-warlord level soldiers should use a battle suit at their level.

But that’s not what Han thought. He believes that, if one wants to do something, he must sharpen his tools. Now that Han’s primary weapon is already the magical triple-edged Star-Strangling Boa, he hopes that he could also have a set of battle suit that’s high enough in level. After all, the battle suit is responsible for defense, it’s used to protect life so it’s very important.

9527 thought for a second, then laughed, “I actually think, you don’t really need to change battle suit. Do you know, what’s the best kind of equipment in the world?”

Han replied, “High level ones?”

9527 shook his head and said, “Wrong. Equipment is different from technology. If you want the blueprint of a transition jump engine, then you certainly should select the highest level one, but as for your personal equipment, I suggest you go to Destination Station and find an armorer to tailor-make one, let them specifically make one based on your characteristics, forging a set that most suits you. As for the public version equipment, here at my place, I think you should pass, anyway I didn’t think any set of combat suit here is particularly suitable for you.

Han felt that 9527’s words make some sense, so he started carefully considering it.

Han actually does know a few friends that are armorers and blacksmiths, and they are all on the Path of All Gods. But with their level, Han’s afraid that they may still be a little lacking to tailor-make equipment for him. Maybe he will need to need to go to the destination station to ask for more powerful black smiths to help.

9527 took Han to a room that exchanges equipment, pointed at a belt composed of metal rings and said, “We will pass on the combat suit, but this thing will be pretty useful for you. This is called Energy Coating, which in simple terms, is the individual version of Energy Shield.”

“This is the same principle behind the energy shield used by battleships, but it will create a personal protection field based on your body size. The energy shield has flexibility, and plus your Oval Matrix combat suit, you basically have double defense.”

“But Energy Coating isn’t expensive, only 40,000 points.”

Han nodded, listened to 9527’s advice.

Tying the belt around his waist, the energy coating automatically adjusted to just the right size.

If someday Han ate too many meat buns and gets a bulging stomach, the energy coating will automatically adjust to the size so it’s very user-friendly.

By the way, Han finally got rid of the painful life of eating energy sticks and bars. The military base cafeteria on Earth especially made a large amount of meat buns and vacuum packed them. They can be stored up to 30 years without going bad, and they were all stored in Han’s Lunar Mark, just needing to be warmed up when Han wants to eat.

In addition, there’s also jars of chocolate powder, and with a clean water collector collecting and boiling water, Han could get a fragrant hot chocolate drink whenever he wants.

With meat buns and hot chocolate, Han felt that life was really satisfying.

Han took off the Energy Coating belt and carefully studied it, and he noticed that this belt was really not simple. Micro-controllable nuclear fusion device, energy generating device, energy control unit, intelligent distribution chip, flexible metal. Such a small belt, it was completely a high tech product.

“What’s the defense effect on this thing?” Han asked in curiosity.

“Five stars.” 9527 answered.

Han suddenly hesitated, such a small belt actually had a rating of five stars for its defense level? This was too miraculous!

With the same level of defense, the Oval Matrix still felt a little tight, and this Energy Coating feels like air, with no hindrance and no weight!

“Oh my god, that means, battle suits under five star level, people don’t actually have to buy it, you can just give everyone an energy coating belt each?” Han’s eyes became wide open and he asked, “Does this thing have a blueprint? How many points do I need for the exchange?”

9527 laughed and said, “You are smart enough. In fact, Energy Coating is developed to replace the traditional battle suit. Although this one is a beginner level product, but for your army, it is a treasure. Does your Earth Army currently have armorers?”

Han shook his head, “No, our equipment is all outsourced expensively.”

9527 continued, “I thought so too, but with the blueprint for Energy Coating, you can mass produce this kind of formless battle suit, cutting out the need to hire or cultivate a forging division.”

Han said proudly, “You only guessed right half of it. Besides Earth Army, I still have a Robot Legion which can use this too! Preparing battle suit for the robots of complex structure is something I didn’t dare to even dream of before!”

“Hurry and tell me, the blueprint for Energy Coating, how many points does it cost?”