Chapter 293: The Smell of Yao

Chapter 293: The Smell of Yao

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Han’s life seemed to go back to normal. He was training in the station everyday, as well as reading manuals and thinking. As for Star City, Han was not very keen on going, because he finally realized something. It was not very easy for him to obtain the title of Starlord. Not only does he need power, but also some luck.

Doing missions everyday can allow one to get promoted to Starlord?

How can it that easy!

A lot of people have been doing missions at Star City for all their lives, and their performances were not bad, but they still couldn’t get the title of Starlord. From that it is obvious the title of Starlord is not something acquired by only hard working.

Han started to enjoy reading books. Although he realized that the Brain of Darkness gave him something very different, he did not truly understand cognitive power’s existence and how strong it can be.

Han only knew that his studies were going more smoothly than ever. Quantum physics, gravitational wave physics, microbiology, all of these required Han’s undivided attention to understand bit by bit. Now he does not even need to take notes while reading and could solve the difficult problems as he reads along.

This feeling was obviously good. If there was a book, no matter how many times a person read it and still could not understand, if that was the case, even the most enthusiastic learner will become weary.

If there was a book, every time when you read something new, you understood, that would be a completely different story. Han will read what he read yesterday once again to learn something new.

To simply put it, Han had mastered his abilities to read and understand.

Warriors usually did not read, but Han liked it. This is where he was special.

More importantly, Han also liked to read all kinds of books. There was a book about butterflies written by an infamous author, yet Han still read it with a strong interest. It described the 46 million different species of butterflies known in the universe, their appearance, habits, genetics and so on.

He sometimes even read the genetic mapping of the universe’s dominant families. That was trillions of complicated genetic analysis maps. Unless one was a psychopath, no one would ever enjoy such things.

Overall Han still trained very hard and read like a psychopath. As long as the station had it, Han will read about it.

One time 9527 saw Han reading an infant raising manual. The chubby old man was almost in tears. Han was a warrior with talents, reaching the warlord level at such a young age. Now that he was reading books at this level, it made 9527 speechless.

Even if 9527 wanted to stop Han from becoming a bookworm, he wouldn’t have any way to do it.

That was because Han still trained very hard when he was supposed to. 9527 had never seen any warriors in his life work harder than Han, so how can he complain that reading an infant raising manual on his spare time was wrong?

9527 let out a deep breath, shaking his head. Not only will Han become an outstanding warrior. He also wants to become the person with the most knowledge in this world.

Three months has passed, Han suddenly received a lot of messages. Ke Lake, the three addicts, Jian Jia, Ye Weiwei, Hei Xiaolin, Lance, all of them were trying to find him. Not knowing what happened, Han had to leave 9527’s station, coming to Star City.

The first to meet Han were Jian Jia and Ye Weiwei. Those two were always together.

“I will go take a shower.” Ye Weiwei seeing Han, happily went to her room.

Han knows, Ye Weiwei went to change into a dress. She was very unique from the other girls, Ye Weiwei was always looking forward to seeing Han and she truly cherished every moment she had with Han.

Han thought it was not bad. After all Han was a man, and men always liked to be needed by others.

Jian Jia sat across from Han. She did not care if Han cared for her, because she could take care of herself. Without Han, she was the same. She even thought that Han might drag her behind.

Comparing the two, Han leaned towards being with Ye Weiwei. Han only took her to see a movie, but she will remember it forever.

“Why are you guys so eager to find me?” Han asks Jian Jia.

Jian Jia dressed like a boy, but as her hand moved pass her ears, Han discovered her ear ring.

Jian Jia said without any interest, “It is about getting the Starlord title soon? Its alright, I will be kind once again, and take you guys through the tough times.”

“It is going to be the Star City Elite Gala soon. Lots of high level officials from the All Gods corporation will be present. Picking out the talented, as long as you guys follow me, passing will be guaranteed, but as for obtaining the title of Starlord, that is up to your luck.”

Han nodded his head. Becoming a Starlord was a good thing. Once he had the title of Starlord, it means having the freedom of accessing the Particle Module, and the Particle Module Han had right now was under strict restrictions, only allowing him to travel to Star City, the exchange station, and Earth.

After the restrictions have been lifted, Han will be able to travel within the constellations near the Milky Way Galaxy freely, from Earth to the realm of Oblivion, just in a minute.

As for other uses of the title of Starlord, it sounded attractive, but Han thinks that tose were not as important as the transportation benefits.

The gods were arriving soon with a powerful fleet, and the corporation of Gods were very powerful but will never intervene with things on Earth. Whether or not the humans of the Milky Way could overcome this obstacle will all depend on the following two years.

Han thought for a moment, “You said you will make us pass, what does that mean?”

Jian Jia was annoyed, “Of course it means to make you guys pass. You think it is that easy to get the title of Starlord? Apart from having strength, you must pass through the Mystery Valley. Without my map, it is impossible for you guys.”

Han said with a cold voice, “I don’t need to show my powers, because I registered as a Beast Tamer.”


Jian Jia felt dizzy for a moment.

“You clearly kill without even blinking, but disguise yourself as a beast tamer. I feel really bad for all the other Beast Tamers that are competing with you.”

“But I can tell you, your gene beasts can guarantee you to pass the skill test, but they cannot guarantee your crossing of the Mystery Valley. If you want the title of Starlord, you still need me.” Jian Jia was a little unsatisfied.

Han nodded his head, “Alright, thanks. If all of us gets the title of Starlord, I will treat you to dinner.”

Ye Weiwei was a child on the inside.

Maybe because she was affected by super powers when she was young and was very lonely, she still liked to go to places like amusement parks.

Star City was surrounded by ocean. It had a huge water park. Han, Jian Jia and Ye Weiwei went there. He also wanted to invite Lance and the other friends, but when knowing that it was a water park, they all said they were busy, and could not make it.

Ye Weiwei was wearing her prettiest dress, following Han closely by his side.

The water park had many fun attractions such as a super water slide that went as high as 10,000 meters above the ground, a swimming pool with a lot of docile little fish, and a completely see through train that goes to the center of the deep ocean.

Ye Weiwei was looking at the water slide high above ground, her eyes filled with desire.

“Should we go have a try?” Han asking her with a smile.

“No, its ok.” Ye Weiwei shook her head quickly, but her eyes still focused on a boy screaming as he came down from the slide.

“Don’t be scared, I will be by your side.” Han says.

Ye Weiwei took another deep breath, “I know, but the speed of falling is too quick. It is very easy for me be out of your 1m radius, it would be a disaster if that happens.”

Han nodded his head. This super slide’s design was very thrilling, very bizarre. Humans will basically slide down at the speed of free fall, only a few hundred meters before hitting the ground, the energy will be cushioned out, to decrease the impact when falling into the water.

As for a slide, it was so complex and allowed one to reach high speed. Unless Han wrapped his arms around Yeweiwei, it was very easy for her to get out of Han’s range, causing lightning and thunder. If that happens, all the kids in the pool will be miserable.

As for Han hugging her, Ye Weiwei was pretty shy about it, so after contemplating for awhile she decided not to try such a dangerous game. Although she really wanted to feel the waters splashing and enjoy the thrilling feeling.

Han with a very strange smile, very seriously said, “Don’t worry, I will just activate the Void End.”

Ye Weiwei was shocked and hesitantly said, “But your Void End has a range of more than a 100km, it will affect a lot of people.”

Han seems to not care, “So what? As long as you are happy, they can go to hell.”

This was very shocking, Yeweiwei’s heart was pounding. She couldn’t believe it, would Han really affect that many people just for her?

Jian Jia looked at Han somewhat lost. Three months apart, and this guy changed so drastically. His body had a smell of evilness, or to say, the smell of Yao.