Chapter 346: Power of Han + Pluto King

Chapter 346: Power of Han + Pluto King

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Han’s domineering tone shocked these apostles. Under these circumstances, Han’s ability to use long range attacks was their worst nightmare. The Flying Feather Bow was tyrannical, allowing Han to take the life of any of the apostles whenever he wanted.

The third eye on this strange Humanoid Weapon’s, the Thousand-Arms Asura, forehead slowly closed. It was very apparent that if the apostles continued to activate this humanoid weapon, Han would continue to shoot arrows. The Thousand-Arms Asura did not have enough energy charged up and Han would not give them the opportunity to retaliate.

The young Apostle Zero gritted his teeth, lowered his voice and said, "I did not expect this, but your powers have greatly surpassed how you were described in the information I received. Your bow is very strong, but do you realize, we have more people and we aren’t afraid of death! You have no ways of killing all of us by just using your bow."

Han smiled, "Who said I was going to kill you all?"


Without a second word, Han started to shoot out more arrows, the Godly Flying Feather Bow was aimed at the Thousand-Arms Asura’s third eye!


The apostles all went mad!

Han was directly attacking the body of the Humanoid Weapon.

The Flying Feather Bow was so powerful that even the Humanoid Weapon might not be able to defend itself properly. Furthermore, this Thousand-Arms Asura didn’t even activate its power yet!

A ray of white light flashed by, carrying with it a deathly atmosphere. At the same time, several of the apostles shouted and jumped up, using their bodies to shield the light that came from Han’s bow.



The Flying Feather Bow was a God-class piece of equipment. Han shot through three apostles with one arrow, instantly dissipating them. These apostles were all warlord leveled, and they were all wearing high-level hard armors. Even so, Han was able to shoot through them cleanly.

The biggest reason Han did not use all of his strength was that the more energy he puts in, the more powerful the bow. If Han were to use all of his power, he could probably shoot through ten apostles easily, but that also means he would use up more of his energy, making him weaker over time.

After witnessing how Han was bullying these apostles with his Flying Feather Bow, Luo Ying started giggling. Even Black Egg, who did not usually get along with Han, looked amused. The reason most likely being that torturing your enemies was always very satisfying to watch.

The apostles looked very stressed with ashen-faces. Anyone would feel a sense of satisfaction just from looking at their sorry state.

"Oh I missed?" Han crooked his head and said to himself, "Seems like I need to use more power this time."

Han raised his bow again.


A large group of the apostles jumped up before Han could shoot an arrow, but they were tricked because Han wasn’t going to shoot. They landed on the ground feeling like idiots.

Han smiled and said, "Why are you reacting so fast? I’m not going to kill you guys this easily."

The sound of teeth grinding from Apostle Zero was getting louder and louder. He waved his hand slightly and the dozen of apostles that were on the ground all swarmed Han at the same time. It was almost as if he was trying to stop Han from attacking the Thousand-Arms Asura by distracting him with a large number of people.


Before Han could react, Pluto, who was beside Han, rushed into the fight. His movements shocked everyone around them.

For the longest time, Han thought that since Pluto now possessed a weaker body, his ability to attack would have decreased in comparison to before.

But in fact, that was not the case.

The body that 9527 gave Pluto was quite powerful. From the moment Pluto launched himself at the enemy, everyone could feel the vibration from his movements and could see that the ground under him had cracked.

He rushed head-on into the crowd.

The apostles flew up from the impact. Pluto not only had powerful attacks, but, as if there was a power hidden within him that Han had never seen before, his every move was full of confidence and violence.

In a blink of eye, the dozens of apostles all fell to the ground with broken necks.

Pluto looked at his hands that he had just used to kill the apostles, and nodded in satisfaction. He also seemed to have realized that his new body was extraordinary.

At the same time, the expression on Apostle Zero’s face had drastically changed. It was already very difficult to fight Han, but now adding the mysterious God-like Pluto complicated things even more. Now even if the rest of the apostles and the three Three-Eye race elders fought them at the same time, the odds of them winning would still not be very high.

This was not a result of trickery but was instead a contest of strength and power.

Furthermore, Black Egg, Jian Jia, who could manipulate water elements, and Luo Ying, who was protected by the banshee, hadn’t even joined the fight yet. The odds of winning this battle was definitely tipping in favor of Han.

Sure enough, Han had changed and matured drastically from the past. He was simply not the same person anymore. A wise man once said, a man who has left for three days will not come back the same – maybe this is what he was referring to.


Apostle Zero suddenly raged in face of adversity. His face turned grim and he roared. Perhaps he realized that things were not as simple as he thought, and in the face of desperation, something inside him woke up.

Shah Shah Shah.

The very next moment, the rest of the 60 apostles that were still alive jumped down at the same time from the statues, and rushed towards Han and Pluto.

"Go Black Egg!" Han ordered.

After the number of enemies have increased, Han thought it was time to have Black Egg fight.

Unfortunately, Black Egg raised his head arrogantly, not listening to Han. This made Han very angry and frustrated. Black Egg did not listen to his orders at all. He was so much worse than the Ghost Claw, Demon Claw, and Silver Fox.

However, even if Black Egg didn’t fight for them, the power of these apostles still wouldn’t be able to do much harm to Han and his gang.

The Void Domain has been opened, and all the apostles were deprived of their super powers.

At the same time, Pluto had unleashed his full power. He was like a sword, an all-conquering sword that sliced through these apostles freely.

And Han, he used to be a melee master too, but now he had switched to a long-range fighter!

Just as one of the apostles was approaching Pluto rapidly, he was stopped by a flash of white light that pierced through his body!

In fact, Jian Jia and Luo Ying didn’t even start fighting yet. The combination of Han and Pluto had put more than sixty apostles in place, not allowing them to move an inch forward.


Pluto’s hand was like a mechanical arm that broke everything it touched, whether it was the enemy’s arms or head.

And Han had been killing every apostle that came at him mercilessly! In the blink of an eye, more than sixty apostles had been killed by Han and Pluto.

Pluto turned his head and looked at Han. It seemed like he was very satisfied with their cooperation in this battle. As the Void Domain was opened, they both didn’t seem to lose any energy, but the apostles became very vulnerable to attacks after they lost their super powers.

The Thousand-Arms Asura’s third eye did not have enough energy, so it had closed completely. There were only four enemies left, Apostle Zero and the three three-eyed elders.

Han smiled and said, "You guys want to come down by yourselves or should I shoot you guys down?"

"If you guys answer a few questions of mine honestly, I might let you guys live. So, tell me, why are there three sarcophaguses outside? And what is this Humanoid Weapon, the Thousand-Arms Asura, he.." Han didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before he frowned.

He noticed that there had been a change in the four enemies that he faced. The three three-eyed elders almost looked paralyzed, as if someone took away their bones. They kneeled on the ground with their face looking up, while Apostle Zero lowered his head.


Suddenly, Han saw that the Sky Eye of the three elders opened at the same time.

And the third eye of Apostle Zero started to open slowly as well.