Chapter 165: Only Survivor

Chapter 165: Only Survivor

Entering the spatial rift felt as if you were falling through tens of thousands of meters through the sky.

Han felt his weightless body, multicolor lights fazed around him, and the process lasted a few minutes, as if a force was sucking all of his power out of him.


The colorful light disappeared and Han found himself in the dark night sky surrounded by the dim, empty and cold starlight, just like a helpless man drowning in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The distance to even the closest planet was several light years away, which was a distance completely impossible to travel across by a man himself.

Han didn’t know where he was located at the moment, and the Ares-class battle suit Elliptical Matrix began working right away. It opened up the mask to supply Han with oxygen while preserving his body heat from being sucked away by the cold universe.

With his finger slightly touching Lunar Mark, Han let out the little robot Yuan Yuan. The Elliptical Matrix has an internal communication system which could establish a link with Yuan Yuan easily.

“Search where we are, and see if we can ask for help from any Passing starships.” It sounded like Han wasn’t afraid that he might die in this cold and deadly space from how he just casually ordered Yuan Yuan.

“Oops! We are outside of the Milky Way Galaxy!” Yuan Yuan said with an excited voice, “It’s almost at the end of the galactic wilderness here, almost into the turbid star region.”

Han nodded. He almost went to the turbid star region? They are indeed pretty far away from the Milky Way, just like Han calculated, the result of randomly opening up a spatial rift was like being thrown to somewhere unpredictable.

But this result was already a lot better than Han expected, since he could at least see the Milky Way galaxy in the sky.

The magnificent Milky Way was like a swirl in the sea, trillions of stars made up the spiraling arms, and each arm extended out circle after circle, from the 1st star district, to the furthest 63rd star district, as well as a few independent small extragalactic regions like the Oblivion Realm.

“The Milky Way is really beautiful.” Han couldn’t help but said.

Yuan Yuan eagerly said, “Master, I don’t have the mood to joke around. We are really too far away from the Milky Way, I can’t even reach our own fleet’s signal, and it’s also difficult to imagine a starship passing by at this kind of desolate place.”

Han didn’t say anything. The 4 King Kongs with Raksha as the leader and a fleet of over 400 thousand robots loyal to him were carrying out operations right in the galactic wilderness, collecting minerals while producing three 2nd generation star ships in accordance with Han’s requirements.

But now he obviously drifted too far away and already reached the outskirts of the galactic wilderness, almost entering the legendary death realm which was the turbid star region.

From such a far distance, Yuan Yuan couldn’t get in contact with Raksha so he appeared to be really nervous.

“Worrying doesn’t help.” Han shrugged his shoulders and said, “Let’s just continue contacting nearby starships.”

In the galactic wilderness there was already an unwritten rule, that the passing merchant spaceships would refuse answering any distress signals.

That was because there were just way too many space pirates in the galactic wilderness, and they often disguise themselves as businessmen trapped in a desperate situation. The moment someone follows the distress signal to come help, they would step into the pirates’ trap and become their prey.

Over time, there weren’t anymore spaceships that would take notice of the distress signal, unless they recognize each other or have a secret agreement between them.

Han was very unfortunate, getting thrown out by the spatial rift into the desolate galactic wilderness, specifically the outskirt of the wilderness. There is almost a month worth of traveling to the Milky Way, and the odds of encountering a well-intentioned person to rescue him was very close to zero.

Han also worried about the brothers Lesa and Riley. No one knew where those two were thrown to. Could they be even further than him, or simply thrown into a different universe.

But Han heard, in the Milky Way there is a legend about warlords being immortal. It is said that even if warlords don’t breathe or eat, they still won’t die because their source energy and zero-degree brain region were strong enough so they could purely rely on mental strength to support the body.

That means, the Lesa and Riley brothers can actually live for a very long time in space. However, Han doesn’t have a warlord level of cultivation, he was just a 5-star beginner, so the moment the battle suit stops supplying him with oxygen, he will die for sure.

Fortunately, Han had a positive and optimistic nature. After a short break, Han began practicing the 46 Ensemble in the state of weightlessness.

For Han, training in space was a brand new experience. There’s no up and down here, all was nothingness. Practicing the 46 Ensemble under this condition allowed Han to receive an unprecedented wave of pleasure. He seemed to become aware of something, but he couldn’t be sure.

Subsequently, he even tried to exercise the third ultimate ability of the 6 Paths of Void, which was the Path of Man, tearing Heaven and Earth.

Maybe it’s because of changing to a new environment, Han began to have a different insight towards the Path of Man. He really wanted to attempt as many times as possible, but Yuan Yuan stopped him. In Yuan Yuan’s eyes, training would only waste more oxygen, decreasing Han’s chance of survival. He shouldn’t be training at all, and staying motionless to minimize oxygen consumption would be the wise choice.

Han didn’t want to see Yuan Yuan desperately trying to contact other spaceships and worrying about him, so he listened, quietly floated in the endless sky, feeling the vastness of the universe and the tininess of his presence.


“As a tiny human, what do we tear apart heaven and earth with?”

“With source energy?”

“With martial art?”

“With technology?”

“With faith?”

Although Han stopped training, but his brain was working more than before. He tried to comprehend the relationship between the vastness of the universe and the tiny presence of humans, perhaps this will help him reach important clues to the third Path.

“Master! Master! I detected a battleship driving towards us! They are only two galactic jumps away!” Yuan Yuan suddenly said very exciting to Han.

After 4 days of floating space, this was the first time they were close to encountering a ship.

A battleship?

Without answering the distress signal but directly drove towards them?

Han nodded, secretly wondering in his heart.

After two hours, a transition wormhole appeared at a place not far from Han’s location. From the wormhole, a Crow-class missile battleship drove out, majestically looking, wandering in the sky like a giant bird.


Ultra-intensive searchlight shined directly at Han across a very far distance, fully exposing him, and Yuan Yuan became a little scared and hid behind Han.

Immediately after, an attraction beam shot out from the battleship, retrieved Han like space waste and pulled him back into the warship’s lander.

When approaching the battleship, Han seemly saw a mark of golden maple leaf on the warship.

“Ancient Maple Leaf? Ye Weiwei family’s battleship? This can’t be that much of a coincidence?” Han thought to himself.

Crow-class Battleship 3rd Lander.

When the gravity system was turned out, Han felt that his heart calmed down a lot when he rediscovered the feeling on standing on the ground. Looks like humans were still terrestrial animals, and Han was no exception.


When the bright light turned on, a group of warriors dressed in a soldier uniform came in. There was a golden maple leaf mark on the chest of their battle suit, no doubt they were from the legendary family of Ancient Maple Leaf.

“Mr. Han Lang, right?” A soldier asked with a smile.

“Do you recognize me?”

“We just heard about you, but our captain had seen you before. He’s waiting for you right now, please follow me.”

Han felt like his good luck was overflowing, actually encountering the Ye Family’s starship in such a desperate situation. The luck was really unexplainable!

He was led through the long hallway of the starship and took the elevator to arrive at the top floor. Han met the captain of this battleship in a lounge room, a very young soldier, with blond hair and a slightly serious face.

Han slightly smiled and immediately remembered.

“Mr. Han Lang, I am Ye Zhonghe!” The young captain stood up and said.

“I remember, one year ago at the Miracle Star System, before attending the Milky Way Meet, I’ve seen you before. At that time, you were one of Ye Weiwei’s bodyguards, your facial expression was as serious as now.” Han said.

“Your memory is really good!” Ye Zhonghe quickly asked Han to sit down, and then curiously asked, “I can’t believe that today after a year, we would meet again in this kind of situation. I still don’t know what happened, why were you floating in space?”

Speaking of his own experience, Han frowned and became serious, “We can catch up at a later date, but now I have something really important to report to the Alliance. Can you establish a communication channel with them?”

Ye Zhonghe nodded, “Yes. Our Ye Family has our own communication network covering all areas of the galactic wilderness and turbid star field, and 37% of the Bay Meteor Region. Please follow me to the command room.”

Han slightly hesitated, got up and went with Ye Zhonghe to the command room. The Ye Family already extended their reach to the Bay Meteor Region that Han had never heard of before? Looks like it was just like what the outsiders said, the Ye Family had a huge influence outside of the galaxy.

On the way to the command room, Ye Zhonghe told Han about a galaxy gap which was 4 transition jumps away from where Han was saved, and that was where the Milky Way network ends. Now even with hyper space communication technology, that galaxy gap still can’t be bridged, while the Ye Family used a dumb way, which was to install relay stations in the galaxy gap’s gulf region. It was a difficult task that took the Ye Family generations of family member and over 200 years to complete.

Seeing how the Ye Family was so persistent in the development of extragalactic areas, Han’s admiration towards the family grew more. The number one adventurous family in the Milky Way Galaxy, it was a family worthy of its title.

“This is Mr. Han Lang. Immediately set up a direct and confidential communication channel to the Alliance. May I ask, do you have someone you want to contact in the Alliance?” Ye Zhonghe asked Han.

“Qinshang Empire’s 5-star Admiral Paz Diais is my direct supervisor.” Han said.

Everyone in the command room, including captain Ye Zhonghe were all shocked. The name Paz Diais was very famous in the entire Milky Way, and Han actually directly reports to him? Could Han really be carrying out some top level secret mission for the Alliance?”

Last time they met Han, he was just a little unknown character and now he was already dealing with a character like five-star admiral Paz Diais? As members of the Ye Family, everyone had a special idea towards Han, so they were all very excited for him

The communication task didn’t take long to complete, the operator responsible for contacting the Alliance mentioned Han’s name, and the operator on the other end directly transferred the call to Paz Diais’s office.

“General.” Han sternly said.

“Han Lang! You are still alive!” Paz Diais were so excited that he stood up immediately.

But Paz Diais’s excited expression made Han’s heart sink as his fists clenched tightly. It seemed that Lesa, Riley and Arthur, all haven’t contacted Paz Diais yet. It’s very likely that he’s the only survivor of the A-43 Extinction Domain.