Chapter 91: Either the Fish Dies or the Net Breaks

Chapter 91: Either the Fish Dies or the Net Breaks

(TL: Title is an idiom that describes a life and death struggle)

The texts on the screen changed, finally giving specific instructions on the 9th Test topic.

“Test Topic: One Million Souls.”

“Test type: Energy Simulation.”

“Test requirement: Complete one million kills within the specified time.”

“Test standard, Completion or Death.”


Han saw the content and there was huge humming sound inside his head.

The meaning of these instructions was that this test topic was called one million souls. Han’s enemies will no longer be manufactured lives, but lives simulated by energy. This meant that a system installed inside the floating tower will release waves of energy, and the energy will take form and become Han’s adversaries.

Maybe it was because one million enemies was too much to manufacture. That was why the system was using energy instead of genetically manufactured races.

But that was not important, what was important were the last two sentences.

If Han wanted to complete this high level killing machine test, he must kill one million opponents in energy form within the specified time given! Otherwise, he would die inside the tower if the test was not completed.

Crazy! Those people from the pre-historic civilization that designed this kind of training were absolutely crazy!

The so-called specified time, was probably the total time minus the time Han already used on the previous tests.

Only 68 hours, Han must complete one million kills within 68 hours or he will be executed by the system!

There’s no doubt that Han was extremely screwed. He finally passed the two previous tests, and the final test actually had such harsh conditions.

Han just felt a chill in his chest. To kill one million enemies within 68 hours, it was not a goal he could meet. Han was probably done today…


The screen disappeared, and at the same time the floating tower began to activate. Beams after beams of energy shot down at the vacant ground beside Han, and the energy accumulated and took on a human form.

Souls of the dead appeared, just like those shown in movies. They only had a skeleton, no flesh, and inside their hands were weapons which the opponents from previous tests didn’t have. All kinds of weapons, and they were all made from energy but Han doubted that they were any less deadly than the lethal real-world weapons.

The number of one million, like a miserably pale white desert, and Han was just like one little black grain of sand inside this desert. So lonely, so helpless.

“I can’t die! I can’t die here!” Han suddenly shouted, “Since I can’t pass this god damn unreasonable test, then let either the fish die or net break, let’s all crash and burn!”

As the last hope for the entire Earth, Han shouldered a huge responsibility. If he failed, then Earth will fall, and the 16 billion people on Earth will become someone’s slave!

When humans were on the verge of death, they could always find incredible strength to survive, and Han was no exception.

Suddenly, Han’s right arm began to turn black, the pitch black color, as deep as the endless night sky.

Dark Fist!


The huge impacts of his punch made the entire floating tower tremble!

Han’s Dark Fist’s target was no other but the alloy floor under his feet.

In other words, he decided to directly smash down the floating tower trapping him!

Waist down, exhausting all his strength, Han started continuously punching the ground!




Han began to Dark Fist the floor beneath his feet like mad. He already calculated, the metal thickness of the walls and ceiling of the floating tower didn’t have any weaknesses. The only weaknesses were beneath his feet. That should be where the central control system was located.

Since this goddam floating tower and this goddam Level 7 Test were so unreasonable, then I might as well smash it to the ground!

Kill one million energy form enemies? Han couldn’t do it.

That being the case, he might as well just destroy the system!



Every punch fully contained the powerful and twisting power of the darkness, and all one saw was the alloy floor beginning to bend and twist. As Han forced his power into a single point on the ground, a funnel like hole began to appear on the floating tower’s floor, a twisted funnel.

The Heart of Darkness’s power was very strange, Han accidently activated this power because of his rage, and when the rage started burning inside the heart, darkness will creep in.

But now, Han had become thoroughly enraged! In addition, there was also his desperate desire to live!

This, no doubt, amplified the power from the Heart of Darkness!


Han chewed up a tenfold dose of nuclear energy pills.

“You and I are going to crash and burn!” Han grimaced, and shouted crazily.


A-19 Extinction Domain, inside a valley.

Lance and Lan Feng were on their way to the giant floating tower. They were all curious about why dozens of vacant towers merged together as one and what was really happening inside this huge floating tower.

“Lance, look! Isn’t the tower a bit crooked now?” Lan Feng looked up at that giant thing in the sky and said while scratching his chin.

“How’s that possible? This is the trial field for the prehistoric civilization, it has an automatic suspension system. It’s very advanced… Wait, it does look a bit crooked, could there be something wrong inside the suspension system?” Lance looked up and he was startled. The gigantic tower in the sky did look a bit tilted to one side, and he could barely hear rumbling sounds from the inside too.

After a dozen more seconds…

“Lance, why do I feel like that tower is tilting even more?

“Ya it is, and it looks like it’s titling towards our side.”

“Lance, if you are right, then could the tower suddenly fall and hit us in the head?”

“Cut it, you crow mouth! Floating towers are after all an advanced design of the pre…. Oh shit! Run! This thing’s falling!”

Lance and Lan Feng were shocked and they started running right away.

That thing falling was made up of dozens of floating towers united as a whole. It’s diameter could easily cover hundreds of kilometers!

If such an enormous entity really fell from the sky, only god knows what would happen!



How can the Han right now care about the consequence? He already decided to crash and burn with that damn system!


“You don’t want me to live, then let’s fight until either the fish dies or the net breaks!”




“Holy crap! Crash already! Crash already! Crash already!”

Han’s dark fist pummeled the floor like a hail storm. Right now, there was already a sunken pit of about a hundred meters in depth, but that was not enough to stop Han.

Han knew that the tower right now was beginning to tilt, but that was not Han’s ultimate goal, he won’t stop until this whole tower that was trapping him crashed to the ground!

Han’s frenzied attacks not only tilted the floating tower, it also led to very strange reactions. The soul enemies began flickering. They were energy forms built and supported by the system, and now that the system had been damaged to some extent, those souls that were made from energy became extremely unstable.


Han landed another heavy punch on the alloy floor. Not knowing what was damaged this time, a series of sparks shot out of the pit, and soon the floating tower began to drop straight towards the ground. The interior began to experience zero-gravity due to the fast fall.

“Huh? Did I really succeed?” Han felt himself floating, and said to himself.

It must be known that the floating towers were able to stay up in the sky because of the magnetic suspension systems they installed at its bottom. Han smashed down at the bottom of the tower desperately, and after the floor sunk, he directly damaged the magnetic suspension system inside the floating tower.

Such a huge and heavy dangling tower, one out of balance, obviously will fall. After all, the prehistoric civilization designed this thing to carry out trials, not to get smashed by Han!


A very serious question suddenly flashed inside Han’s head.

Dozens of floating towers hitting the ground at the same time, can the ground bear the impact?

Just at that moment, the huge entity of several hundred kilometers in diameter already touched the ground, precisely, smashed into the ground.