Chapter 448: Lu Shui Qiu Lin's Rage!

Chapter 448: Lu Shui Qiu Lin\'s Rage!

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People who had experience already knew there would be nothing unexpected in this battle.

This battle was unfair already at the beginning. Han’s Void End, which could deprive other’s superpower had driven everyone in the Mass Demon Corporation into panic.

In addition to strength, mentality was more important for soldiers. Once they got into a panic, the game would be over.

The Mass Demon Corporation’s middle army was made up of those genetically recombined soldiers. They became walking corpses after genetic recombination and lost their consciousness, so they lost their sense of fear as well.

If the soldiers from all three troops brought by Luo Shock Scale were genetically recombined, they wouldn’t lose that badly. At least, not that fast.

But Luo Shock Scale only brought one troop of genetically combined soldiers. The rest of the two troops were all human-like beings. They had wives and children and would definitely be scared while facing such a strong group of enemies.

The major reason was because there were two main flaws for genetically recombined soldiers. One was their level would be restricted and wouldn’t be able to improve at all. Another one was they would be like a fool.

Since their brain would stop working, these soldiers would only strike without thinking. This was also what made them become more and more chaotic in the battlefield since they had no strategy.

Therefore, most genetically recombined soldiers served as minions in large-scale battlefields. The regular soldiers with clear minds would take the lead. They would form themselves into different arrays, launch sudden attacks, or roundabouts to improve their operational efficiency.

But the situation now was that the loss of the superpower had driven the two normal troops crazy and gave them a mental breakdown. Although the genetically recombined troop wasn’t afraid of close-up fighting since they didn’t even have any strategy, the fact that they kept fighting regardless amplified the chaos of the battlefield. The chaos also decreased the soldiers’ confidence which caused a vicious chain reaction.

The only thing Luo Shock Scale wished for was that the genetically recombined soldiers could hold against the enemies, so that the two troops could ultimately adapt to the battle without the superpowers as well as the tricky strategy used by Han.

That being said, the genetically recombined soldiers needed to be tough enough but unfortunately, Han and his brothers were far tougher than these dumb walking corpses!

The genetically recombined troop fought with their instinct, yet Han\'s team fought with their anger.

The mental power was what made things stronger! It could guide soldiers to fight to the extreme!

And everyone in the team also adored Han and wished they could be brave as him.

According to Han, mental power was a belief, it was an undefeatable power that pushed yourself out there.

Therefore, everyone fought even harder than ever before!

Besides, the Wolf Fang Organization was not a troop formed by all humans. Black Egg, Silver Fox, Blue Star, Xiao Bao, Wai Late Dao and Howling Forest, none of them would be affected by Han’s Void End.

Even for Howling Forest, who owned half of the Golden Bloodline, Void End only slowed down his teleportation speed by a little. Compared to the enemies on the other side whose superpowers were completely deprived, Han’s team was cheating. Since other troops were all formed by human beings, yet Han\'s team was mixed with aces from different races.

Black Egg hadn’t used Soul-Kill yet, which was a secret weapon. He could kill over half of the enemies from the other side in a flash once the situation was getting harsher. But he would also lose his priceless energy rapidly.

Undoubtedly, Han’s side was at an advantage. Enemies kept being eliminated. Even the stingy Black Egg also decided to save more energy for later use.

Are these all what Han could offer in the battlefield?

Of course not!

Genetic Beasts, mutated plants, poisons and Killer Gas were all tricks at his disposal.

As what it was shown, Han\'s had yet brought out all their tricks, which made them such a terrifying team. These guys had so many weird and messy tricks. Compared to those normal troops, they were such a team of wild kids!

Nothing could stop a troop when it was driven insane!

In a flash, more than a half of Luo Shock Scale‘s troops were gone. Han waved his hand and was going to get him!

At this stage of the battle, as long as the commander were killed, the rest of the troop would automatically collapse!

Han was planning this strategy since the beginning!


This wild troop suddenly changed their direction and rushed toward Luo Shock Scale in a rapid fashion, like a bulldozer.



The soldiers covering Luo Shock Scale from the front were all hacked to death with machetes!

Blood flooded everywhere in an instant!

Yet, Han\'s team was still stepping forward on the enemies’ blood.

The danger was right at the corner. According to this speed, it would only take a few minutes for Han to kill Luo Shock Scale.

"Damn! Luo Shock Scale is going to die!" Bruce was observing from a distance and saw Han approaching Luo Shock Scale.

"It wouln’t be that easy." Dark North said beside him, "Remember, Luo Shock Scale is Old Luo Demon’s man."

"So what? Isn’t the strength gap obvious?" Bruce said unconvinced.

Right after Bruce finished talking, Luo Shock Scale suddenly gritted his teeth and rushed to Han. He made a very strange move!

Facing such a powerful enemy, it seemed to make more sense to run away.

Soon, Han also rushed toward with his Flying Feather Bow and was about to whack open Luo Shock Scale’s head.


Luo Shock Scale suddenly burst his body as the Flying Feather Bow was coming down.

A tentacle monster came out from his body and gripped onto Han!

The tentacle monster was like a deformed fetus. Its body and eyes were black and horrifying.


Luo Shock Scale had died, and the Wolf Fang Organization successfully destroyed the top three troops form Mass Demon Corporation. But Han also fainted.

Bruce was shock, he asked Dark North, "How did you know that!?"

Dark North shook his head, "Isn’t that obvious? Luo Shui Han can even kill his own daughter, why would he care about his nephew? Apparently, this is how the Old Luo Demon controlled Luo Shock Scale. Whoever disobeys him or escapes would end up like this."

"Actually, Old Luo Demon still has his way to control Luo Shock Scale if he didn’t resort to this kind of extreme method. If Luo Shock Scale escaped back like this, his father and family would all be killed like those escaped soldiers. None of them would still survive after returning to the Mass Demon Corporation. They will all be killed."

Bruce twitched his mouth, said, "He is such a cold-blooded man."

"Him…" Dark North murmured, "He is not even a man. Even as someone that shares the same Dark Bloodline, we won’t be able to bear what he did."

"But he does have two really kind daughters." Bruce said after thinking for a while.

"True." Smiled faintly and said, "Thank god, it’s enough to have only one person like him in this world."

Han lost his consciousness. Everyone\'s vigor went downhill and they completely lost their morale after that. They didn’t even want to chase the escaping enemies.

In this group, Han was the most important existence. Everyone stayed because of him. Although he wasn’t the oldest, he had a friendly personality that everyone liked and always brought laughter to the group.

Ye Wei Wei and Jian Jia were both sorrowful. They came beside Han and started cleaning the black stains on his body.

Unfortunately, the most fatal thing wasn’t the stains, but the tentacles on those mollusks’ body. They already penetrated into Han’s body and injected some fatal venom.

Han’s face was turning more and more green, he was breathing more and more rapidly like having an asthma attack.

"They are eroding Han’s lungs!" The Night Walker yelled out loud.

"What should we do? Hurry and treat him with some medication you piece of sh*t!" Wuyun shouted at him.

The Night Walker lost his pace and said angrily, "What the heck do you know! This is not a type of poison, these are microorganisms that erode human’s body! They are bacteria!"


Night Walker injected something green into Han’s body while yelling at Wuyun.

"The only thing we can do now is to fight harm with harm! I have injected a purified dosage of Mad God into Han’s body and hopefully he could hold it with his extreme anti-poison physique."

"Is there no other choice?" 9527 asked.

While the Night Walker shook his head, everyone sighed. There would be no choice if the Night Walker said no. After all, he was the most skillful person in Poison Techniques and Medical Techniques in the team.

"I’m going to kill them all!" Boya rushed to the escaping enemies.

"Stop!" Sima HunFeng yelled out suddenly, which moved everyone’s sight from Han to a near distance.

They saw people from the All Gods Corporation were approaching right after the enemies from Mass Demon Corporation left. They were coming in rows like a black cloud.

Everyone in the team was still mad, they couldn’t control their anger.

At this moment, they heard the conversation between Lu Shui Qiulin and Sa Hai.

Sa Hai said, "Why don’t we attack? This is the perfect timing! We can kill all of these people all at once when Han was not awake."

Lu Shui Qiulin hesitated for a second, and then he shouted back, "Jian Jia’s still in their hands!"

"I don’t care whether Jian Jia is your granddaughter!" Sa Hai yelled at Lu Shui Qiulin, his saliva was all over Lu Shui Qiulin ‘s face, "This is Jacquet‘s order! It’s an order! If you don’t kill Han today, Jacquet wouldn’t let you go!"

Jian Jia lifted up her head. Her eyes were bloodshot and full of despair and sorrow.

Lu Shui Qiulin was heartbroken when he saw his granddaughter’s haggard face.

"Grandpa, Father, if Han dies, I’m not going to live either." Jian Jia said slowly but determinedly.

Lu Shui Qiulin and Lu Shui Jing Tao were both shocked.

They certainly knew Jian Jia pretty well. She was not kidding this time!

Although Lu Shi Qiulin couldn’t figure out why Han had such a charm to make Jian Jia fall for him and die with him, that’s not a question that needs to be answered immediately.

Either his granddaughter or the Mass Demon Corporation, it was such a dilemma.

"Jian Jia’s death wouldn’t matter much. You can just have another one! But if you trigger Jacquet, your whole family would die!" Sa Hai kept pushing Lu Shui Qiulin.


Lu Shui Qiulin slapped Sa Hai hard on his face. Sa Hai’s face immediately swelled and he even spit some teeth out!

"You shut the f*ck up!" General Lu Shui Qiu Lin finally roared. The sound was like a volcano that had been suppressed for a long time that finally broke out!

"F*ck Jacquet!"

"F*ck Mass Demon Corporation!"

"They don’t matter at all! Not at all!"

"Except for my family, nothing matters at all!"

"Never! Never threaten me with my family!"

Lu Shui Qiulin began landing consecutive punches on Sa Hai and sent him flying again and again.

He vented his life time suppression and anger on Sa Hai!

Threatening Lu Shui Qiulin with Jian Jia? This would be the biggest mistake Sa Hai ever made!

Nothing could compared with family. If Lu Shui Qiulin was pushed severely, regardless of how calm and intelligent he usually was, he would still lose his mind and become insane!

Lu Shui Qiulin yelled out loud with his bloodshot eyes, "You dare threaten me with Jian Jia, you’re dead!"

"Go to hell! Sky Fall Raging Tide!"