Chapter 389: Cannibal Flower and Golden Sky Garden

Chapter 389: Cannibal Flower and Golden Sky Garden

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Han and Feng Taiji walked around in this mysterious underground garden and observed.

Although Han liked studying biology, it didn’t reach the degree of obsession. But Feng Taiji was the galaxy\'s number one plant maniac, constantly yelling and shouting when he got here. He would also point out to Han plants that didn’t exist in the Milky Way in a way as if he was about to climax, and also those plants that might contain special genes he needed.

How can one fully investigate this underground garden that was close to 10,000 square kilometers in area? Han thought over and said, "We’ll first collect some useful plants. As for the next step, I’ll explain to Yun San, and come down for an investigation once in a while"

"Since we won’t leave anytime soon, there is plenty of time to study it carefully."

Feng Taiji nodded repeatedly: "You must persuade Yunsan! If he doesn\'t agree, I\'ll fight him! "

Han smiled and said, "Yun San is not an unreasonable people. Collect the plants we need first, the little guys work faster than us in this kind of job. You only need to tell them how to do it."

That being said, though, in fact only Blue Star started to work. The clever Silver Fox decided to follow Han around, and Black Egg was even more unlikely to work for Feng Taiji.

Fortunately, Blue Star was quite capable. Besides his speed, he was also very accurate. Through the transformation, Blue Star had completely deviated from the combat style of Demon Claw and Ghost Claw and became a precise killer.

Whatever plant Feng Taiji laid his eyes on, Blue Star leaped into action and stuck his claws into the soil accurately, dug it out with the roots and gave it to Feng Taiji. It was highly efficient.

While Feng Taiji collected plants with research value, Han roamed around with Silver fox and Black Egg. Although Han didn’t know many of the plants, it wasn’t bad taking it as a trip and broadening his horizon.

As Han kept on walking, he and Feng Taiji walked further apart. Han strolled aimlessly, stopping by to study when he encountered interesting plants. Feng Taiji, on the other hand, was collecting greedily, wanting this and that. Differences in mentality resulted in deviation of individual routes.

"Who do you guys think, built this underground garden?" Stroking his chin, Han asked Silver Fox and Black Egg, "Why did they build this garden?"

Silver Fox and Black Egg didn’t respond. Moreover, Black Egg ate energy, and Silver Fox ate meat. Both weren’t interested in inedible plants. So naturally, they couldn’t answer Han.

Han was thinking and walking. For him, collecting plants was not as important as investigating the origin of this underground garden. After all, he had always been very curious.


Suddenly, a loud noise came from the distance. Two Sky King Vines rose from the ground and appeared to be fighting. Feng Taiji had to release alien plants to defend himself.

"Go!" he said.

Han was startled and dashed all the way towards the Sky King Vine with Silver Fox and Black Egg. They found Feng Taiji.

He was covered in transparent mucus from head to toe as if someone splashed him with glue.

Somewhere not far away, some strange big mouth-shaped flowers were chopped down by Blue Star and Sky King Vine. Flowing out of their mouth was the same transparent liquid.

"It was a mutated cannibal flower." Feng Taiji said with annoyance, "I didn’t pay attention, and was swallowed by the Cannibal Flower. This mucus was acidic and could corrode their prey, dissolving the prey into carbohydrate so the flower could absorb them."

"It was probably this kind of cannibal flower that frightened Yun San’s grandpa, so he strictly forbade people from entering the garden. But I’m alright, after all, I\'m at the warlord level, and have the protection of body armor. It’ll be fine after I watch it with detergent."

As Feng Taiji said it, he took out the cleaning agent and splashed it onto his body. The cleaning agent balanced out the acid from the Cannibal Flower, emitting an unpleasant odor.


Han was slightly startled, crossing through this area full of cannibal flowers and seeing a central square with the same cyan stones on the ground. In the center was a chair carved out from a stone. On the back, there was a triangular stone monument engraved with badges and text.

"What is this thing?" Feng Taiji followed Han into the square and asked curiously.

Han pouted and said, "I guess, the reason Yun San’s grandpa didn’t allow its people to enter the garden wasn’t for these cannibal flowers, but this."

"Look at the words on this monument. "

"It’s an autobiography!?" Feng Taiji looked at it and shouted immediately.

It was indeed an autobiography that the builder of the underground garden had left behind.

This person was called Tian Zang, a member of the Giants. He was ignorant when young, relying on his super powers and him being a rough Giant to be a big-time bully and did a lot of bad things.

Later, Tian Zang came across an elder who was called Flower Speaker. Feeling that this old man was rich, he decided to blackmail him.

Who knew that this Flower Speaker was a master hidden in the world and he punished Tian Zang mercilessly. He also brought him to a place called the Golden Sky Garden and made him work there.

At first, naturally, Tian Zang was resistant. But, as days went by, he became unexpectedly fascinated by the flowers and plants.

Flower Speaker buried the hatchet, taught him patiently and even accepted him as an apprentice.

If it wasn’t the subsequent accident, Tian Zang might have had the opportunity to become a master of plants under the guidance of Flower Speaker. Unfortunately, one day, when Tian Zang was about to return after taking care of the plants in the garden, Flower Speaker suddenly drove him away.

Tian Zang resisted, then Flower Speaker beat him to half-dead, and threw him into the Dark Net.

This Tian Zang guy really had the stubborn trait of the Giants. Flower Speaker had made it clear that the teacher-student fate between them ended, and he didn’t want to see Tian Zang again. But Tian Zang refused to go.

Finally, after a while, Tian Zang discovered the truth. It turned out that Flower Speaker’s enemies came for revenge and Flower Speaker was not a human or human-like intelligent life, but a highly intelligent beast. He would become a giant golden ape in battle.

It was an epic battle. The golden giant Ape Flower Speaker led the beasts living in Golden Sky Garden and launched a fierce and massive fight with another group of unknown beasts. At that moment, the battlefield felt like the end of the world had come.

Such a genuine man like Tian Zang would naturally stand by his teacher’s side without hesitation. Whether he was a human or a beast, Tian Zang had already accepted Flower Speaker as his master.

Flower Speaker was greatly touched and never asked Tian Zang to leave again. Sharing the same goal, coupled with countless mysterious and powerful beasts in the Golden Sky Garden, they finally succeeded in keeping that magical golden garden. The enemy was defeated.

Although they won the battle, the location of Golden Sky Garden had been exposed, and Flower Speaker had to leave.

As for Tian Zang, he was, after all, a human-like intelligent life. Flower Speaker trusted his student, but other living things in the Golden Sky Garden couldn’t agree to take a giant with them on the journey. Flower Speaker was rather bothered by this. He couldn’t choose between his clansmen and his apprentice.

At this time, the loyal Tian Zang understood the master\'s dilemma and asked to leave voluntarily.

With sadness and dismay, Flower Speaker gave him a book and a seed.

Later, Flower Speaker, Golden Sky Garden, and the powerful beasts that once lived in the garden all disappeared in the boundless Dark Net. Tian Zang came here after his master left and planted the seed his master gave him.

The seed grew with astonishing vitality, and eventually became the totem of the Tree God Tribe. Tian Zang hid in this big tree and led a lonely life until his death. This underground garden was his collection of all the exotic plants in the Cursed territory to kill time.

According to Tian Zang, whether it was the species or quality of the plants in this 10,000-square-kilometer underground garden, they could not compare to even one out of 10,000 of the Golden Sky Garden. He would never have the opportunity to enter the Golden Sky Garden again, nor could he find his Master. It was a regret of a lifetime.

To this point, it was pretty clear the reason why this huge magic tree and the garden underneath exist.

The Tree God Tribe came to settle here after the death of Tian Zang, identifying it a symbol of God. Hence the name of the tribe Tree God.


After reading these words, Feng Taiji let out a long sigh, "Golden Sky Garden, there actually exists such a magical place? It’s unbelievable!"

Han noticed some details in the text. According to the text, the enemies who attacked Golden Sky Garden shed golden blood after they died.

Han killed a very powerful wolf a while ago. That white wolf also had golden blood. Were there some connections that Han didn’t know about?

"How long till you finish collecting plants in the garden?" Han asked Feng Taiji.

Feng Taiji shook his head, "This place is too large. I can’t be busier doing this on my own. Anyways, we really got lucky this time. From what I can see right now, there are hundreds of rare plants I’ve never seen before. If we searched further, I can find even more. I think it isn’t hard to find a million kinds of superior plants in this underground garden."

"If only Night Walker is here. Although his poison doesn’t completely come from plants but has many animal produced substances, he is most proficient in botany besides me. We two can greatly improve efficiency if we work together."

"By the way," Feng Taiji changed the subject, "Didn’t Tian Zang mention that in addition to that tree seed, he also got a book. How come we don’t see him talking about the book that the Flower Speaker had left him?"

Han shrugged and said, "Right, I’m also curious about this matter. The book that Flower Speaker left him should be more valuable than this underground garden. But Tian Zang didn’t mention this in his autobiography at all."

"Search carefully with your Eye of Darkness. I’ll be off to my business." Feng Taiji said.

Waving his hand, Feng Taiji dove back into the garden with the silly Blue Star and kept on collecting rare plants. Only Blue Star didn’t slack off. Silver Fox and Black Egg didn’t respond to this at all.

"Eye of Darkness, open!" "

Han carefully looked at this underground garden. Unfortunately, using his special vision to find the enemy was one thing, but looking for a book was another.

But Han wasn’t without discoveries. He found that the stone chair Tian Zang set in the center of the square was very special. His Eye of Darkness couldn’t see through the internal structure at all.

Han took a closer look out of curiosity. Tian Zang was the Giant, so his chair was unusually tall and wide, with 6.5-meter in height. Han speculated that if straightening his body, Tian Zang could be 10 meters tall, weighing more than 1.5 tons. He was still big even being among the Giants.

Black Egg and Silver Fox didn’t try to relieve Han’s anxiety but starting to fight on that stone chair.

Of course, they weren’t really fighting. Fooling around may be more accurate. Ever since the major change last time, Black Egg became a lot nicer, friendlier and often joked around with Silver Fox. Han had gotten used to it already.


With the sound of a gust of the wind in the ear, Han saw two little guys disappeared from the stone chair right in front of his eyes! It was as if they hit a certain trap or something, and disappeared!

Han startled and jumped onto the chair to investigate. All the connections were joint tightly, no trap found at all.

"How weird that the two little things were just gone?" "

As he thought through this, he sat on the chair cross-legged.

Just when his butt touched the cold cyan stone.