Chapter 248: Destination Station

Destination Station

9527 gave Han a number. Good things were all not cheap, the price of the Energy Coating blueprint was 20 million points, probably one of the more expensive equipment type blueprints.

Han helplessly shrugged his shoulder, it’s still a long way before he can afford this level of blueprint, and it looks like he still has to work harder to get more points.

9527 tried to comfort Han, “You don’t have to be discouraged. In any profession, it’s always the hardest to make money during the initial stage. Right now, you are at best regarded as a disciple of the dark net, and when your level becomes an official dark net member and can accept some missions, you will be earning points a lot faster than now.”

“How can I not be anxious? Doesn’t matter how strong the dark net is, it won’t care about what’s happening in the reality universe. The Milky Way will officially face powerful enemy invasions in 3 years, and judging by the strength comparison right now, we have no hope of winning.”

9527 didn’t say anything but continued to encourage Han to go further on the Path of All Gods. When Sansheng brought Han and the others to the second layer of dark net, he also said the same thing. Those humans that had been dwelling in the dark net for a long time all hoped to be able to find a solution here.

But now in Han’s eyes, no matter how strong he is in the dark net, it’s still being strong as an individual.

Even if one day, Sansheng can reach an unprecedented height and become a peerless master, even then, when faced with the god race’s giant fleet, Sansheng probably wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Now things have gotten to this step, Han has no choice but to proceed step by step, and see how things progress.

Han bid farewell with 9527, then got into the particle module and headed towards the Terminal (Destination) Station for the first time.

Since Han has never been here, he didn’t know what to expect, so when he got out of the particle module and stood up, he was immediately shocked by the scene in front of his eyes.

Path of All Gods, 9 deaths 1 survive.

One must pass all 9 communication stations in order to enter the Terminal Station.

It’s way too different from the ghetto communication stations, the Terminal Station was a giant city built in the middle of a sea!

The circular city’s diameter extended over 10,000 kilometers, countless roads, rivers, neatly separated the city into different sectors. Countless people lived here, and the businesses were highly prosperous.

And what does the communication station looks like? That’s just a piece of desolate place with a black stone, and people on the Path of All Gods would accept missions from the stone.

Han walked around in the Terminal Station in surprise. He noticed, the biggest feature of this mega city was that there are a lot of elderly and aliens, even blue-blooded people like Boya, Han saw several in a row, it’s just that they are some old people taking a slow leisure walk in the city.

“Han Lang! Han Lang!”

Han just left the landing area and heard someone using a loud voice to call his name. After a closer look, it’s actually Hei Xiaolin.

Hei Xiaolin was the Black Iron Tower from before. Before stepping into Path of All Gods, he and Lance were all following Han, and they became pretty close. Han didn’t know that he already passed all the tests and arrived at the Terminal Station too.

It’s obviously a big black muscular man, but his name is Xiao Lin (TL: direct translation – Little Forest), so Han always thought that his name was pretty strange.

Hei Xiaolin grabbed Han’s hand and began chatting right away. They found a coffee shop on the roadside run by an old couple. They all looked very kind, but the calluses on their hand and the protrusion on the temple that’s caused by perennial training proved that they were both very good soldiers when they were young.

“What is really the situation here?” Han asked in curiosity

Hei Xiaolin arrived a few days earlier than Han so he got more information. He explained, “The area that we and the god race resides in is called a small sector, but the Terminal Station is normal sector sized, so after soldiers from many small sectors pass the 9 stations, they all have to gather at this Terminal Station. That’s why there are a lot of people here.”

“Because one needs to get the Star Lord title in order to leave here, and the majority of people cannot get the title in their entire life, that’s why they have no choice but to dwell here for the long term. That’s also why you can see so many old people here.“

“You know too, the higher the level of espers, the longer they can live. For quasi-warlords like us, if there’s no accident, living a few thousand years is no problem. Warlord espers are even stronger, I heard that they can live eternally. More and more people stayed here, and people don’t die, so the Terminal Station’s scale became bigger and bigger.”

Han nodded, there were many people every year entering the Terminal Station waiting to get the Star Lord’s little, and that way they can start the second part of the Path of All Gods journey.

But many people come in every year, but only a few can leave, and that caused the scale of the city to get bigger and bigger, ultimately becoming such a big world now.

Han asked Hei Xiaolin, “Besides you, who else is at the Terminal Station?”

Hei Xiaolin began counting his fingers, “Many. Lance came earlier than me, and that little chick that had a crush on you, Hua Manxue, she was one of the people that helped Sansheng test us, she came here even later than me.”

“How about Sansheng?”

Hei Xiaolin shook his head and said, “He’s not here, I think he probably already made it to the third layer of dark net, it’s really not simple.”

“Not simple?” Han asked in curiosity, “What do you mean by not simple?”

“This damn Path of All Gods is completely unreasonable! I thought it’s the same here at the Terminal Station as before, you just need to complete the mission, and you can get the Star Lord’s title and enter the third level of dark net.”

“Then guess what?”

“What?” Han frowned as he suddenly had a bad feeling.

Hei Xiaolin slammed the desk, “It turns out that there’s no rule at all as to how to get the Star Lord title and enter the third layer!”

“No rule?” Han wondered, “It can’t be? Just a few days ago I was sent to a trial for breaking the dark net’s rules, and now there’s no rules here? Do they have personality disorders or something?”

“I know right!” Hei Xiaolin and Han began complaining together.

At this moment, the elder that runs this coffee shop came over to send the coffee and snacks, heard Han and Hei Xiaolin both complaining, so he smiled and said, “Young man, there’s something you don’t understand. Having rules and no rules actually aren’t mutually exclusive.”

Hei Xiaolin just glanced at the old guy, but Han humbly invited him to sit down and asked, “Elder, we are young and don’t understand. Can you can explain to us a little?”

The old man said peacefully, “In fact, this is how Path of All Gods works, there’s no rules to promotion, but everything else has rules.”

“Simply put, you came to the Terminal Station, you can’t kill people here, that’s a rule. But you want to acquire the Star Lord title from the Terminal Station, that has no rules. Do you understand?”

Hei Xiaolin desperately shook his head, Han’s mind is a bit sharper, he suddenly hesitated and said, “You are saying, there are actually rules, but about how to reach Star Lord Level, it all depends on the Gods’ mood?”

The elder waved his hand and said, “That’s not it too. There is indeed no rules about how to get the title, but there are certain patterns. For instance, if you can do something to a high enough level, then it’s possible for you to be promoted to Star Lord. What profession are you?”

“Beast Trainer.” Han replied.

The elder said, “Beast trainer, if you can create the top tier genetic beast, or achieve some break through in some genetic beast technology, then it’s possible for you to acquire the Star Lord Title. I’m old now, can’t go onto the battlefield anymore, and now I just brew coffee. If I can brew the most fragrant coffee, I also have a chance to acquire the title.”

“Also, in the mission hall, if you accidently receive a special mission from the lottery and complete it successfully, you will also have a chance to get the title.”

“So, the promotion rule on Path of All Gods is not that the excellent candidates get promoted, but the best ones. As long as you perform your profession to the extreme, you will have the opportunity to see the legendary third level dark net.”

“The dark net is indeed a magical place, even though I’m old like this, I still don’t want to give up. Even by relying on the skill of brewing coffee, I still want to take a look at the deeper layer of dark net.

After hearing the words that came from the old man’s heart, Han and Hei Xiaolin benefited a lot.

Han asked in curiosity, “Doing things to the extreme, does that work for everything?”

“Yes, everything. Even if you lack talent, didn’t master martial art, but you are more brave than anyone, then you can possibly be promoted. Even if you use underhanded means in fights, if those means are astounding and peerless, you will also have the opportunity to continue your journey on Path of All Gods. Do you know what the city square at the centre of the Terminal Station is called?”

“Extremity Square?” Lin Xiaohei quickly answered.

“Yep!” The Old Man got up, carried his silver tea tray and began walking back to the counter, “The old saying goes, opposite effect may occur when things are carried to extremes, but here, extremity leads to success!”

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