Chapter 196: The Power of Demon Claw

Chapter 196: The Power of Demon Claw


Time was up, even though Han’s curiosity was no where close to be satisfied, he was still brought back to the real world.

Taking off the virtual reality headband, Han sat in his chair and couldn’t help but light a cigarette.

Han actually wasn’t in the habit of smoking. He loved meat buns and hot chocolate more, but sometimes when he was particularly stressed, he also wanted to take a few smokes.

That door Han last visited, was the door of equipment. The battle equipment prepared for pinnacle 9-star elites, whether hard or soft armor, were all displayed openly, just a fingertip away.

There were also weapons, long ones, short ones, ones with special abilities, ones made with particularly impressive materials, they were simply countless.

Han began to realize, the dark net was not only the source of evil, but also a treasure.

The founder of the dark net, Sansheng, opened up this big door to treasure for Han, and allowed him to see a brand new world. But this world was still not accessible for Han, which undoubtedly hurted him.

At this moment, Faint Blue Moonlight came into Han’s tent, sat down on the bed, and forcefully rubbed his temple area. He said, “Looks like we must take out our best skills. The dark net really used an effective manipulation, giving us a huge threat on one side but then also giving us even greater temptation. I think, there are going to be a few people that will become crazy under this kind of conditions.”

Han nodded and said, “Yep, although I don’t really like seeing humans killing each other, but now, I’m afraid that it’s inevitable. Whether it is out of greed or desperation for survival, everyone will give it their all.”

“Hope both of us will have good luck.” Faint Blue Moonlight sighed and said.

Han suddenly realized something, the reason he was able to establish friendship with this man in such a short time was because they were both being forced and actually didn’t want to battle.

“Come on, let’s go register.” Han smiled and said to Faint Blue Moonlight, “What category are you going to choose.”

“Of course it’s the one that’s passed down through my family, main attacker.”

Han hesitated and said, “Main attack? Seeing your personality, it looks like…”

Faint Blue Moonlight smiled bitterly, “Not just you, even I don’t feel like I’m a soldier, not to mention the primary attacking soldier that’s responsible for the most massacre. But I have no choice, that’s just how my family raised me, I’m very good at killing, it’s just that I normally don’t like to kill.”

“How about you?”

Han slowly raised his head and said, “I haven’t made a decision yet.”

There were dozens of large tents in the center of the camp. In fact, the size of the tent didn’t matter because everyone of them was a separate dimension, even the smallest-looking ones. After walking in, you will realize that the interior was at least a hundred square meters.

The total number of attendees was about 100,000 people, some hesitant, some excited, but they all waited outside their respective tents in queue.

Faint Blue Moonlight shrugged his shoulders and walked straight to the tent that was recruiting warriors. Standing beside a group of hulk like warriors, he looked like an outlier with his thin body.

Han walked around, he didn’t want to join the warrior recruitment, although combat was Han’s main focus.

His reason for not joining the warrior recruitment was very simple, he didn’t want to die, and the odds of dying as a warrior in fights was clearly higher than other technical classes.

So far, besides combat, there were three skills Han had mastered, and those were the mechanical skills Old Mo taught him, pharmacology skills Night Walker taught him, and the genetically modified fusion beasts taught by Wuyun.

Seems like the dark net council didn’t intend to recruit mechanical experts, so Han had no choice but to choose between pharmacologist and genetic biologist.

Often, people felt that a genetic biologist was closer to combat lines since fusion beasts were made to fight.

But Han was aware that it was in fact more dangerous to be a pharmacist, being very likely to play the role of field doctors. In any case, Han didn’t want to give up this little life of his. If the dark net founder Sansheng knew anything about Han, he will punish Earth along with Han too.

So Han cannot die, otherwise he would drag down the 15 billion compatriots on Earth and these years of efforts of his brothers would all be in vain. Such a result was completely unacceptable by Han.

If a soldier can’t even protect his family and home, what kind of soldier was he? People always have something they want to protect, and what Han wanted to protect was his home.

Genetic biology wasn’t a popular field, so there wasn’t much of a line up outside the tent. Han followed the line and slowly went into the tent.

He saw that there was a colosseum-like place inside the tent, surrounded by high stands, and the centre was a circular battlefield. Everyone will place the fusion beasts he made onto the battlefield to fight, and the last one standing was the winner. The rules were simple enough.

Two young people responsible for the registration. The boy was more serious and the girl was more lively with a few freckles on her face.

When it was Han’s turn, that girl with freckles looked up and saw Han. As if she knew him, she stuck out her tongue to Han. At that moment, a potbellied middle-aged man didn’t line up, directly cut in front of Han, and pushed Han to the side with his belly.

“I’m an expert in gene biology, I’ll sign up.” The potbellied man hastily said.

“You can’t cut lines.” The girl with freckles on her face looked a bit unhappy.


The middle-aged man turned around and stared at Han threateningly.

Han didn’t mind and waved his hand, “Since he’s so anxious, just let him register first.”

The girl didn’t say anything, but her voice was clearly colder, “Take out proof that you are a genetic biologist, it must be something you personally created. If fake, the consequence is serious.”

The middle-aged man nodded, his finger gently touched the dimension ring, and immediately a three-headed wolf appeared on the ground. It looked very aggressive, but Han doesn’t feel that it was a big deal.

At Wuyun’s place, duo or triple-headed wolves were only the most basic fusion beasts that were responsible for external guarding. Big spiders like Big Flow and the Godly Armored Beasts, those are the true main power under Wuyun’s command.

“A Fusion life created from jungle wolves, seems to also have some fox genes mixed in.”

“Yep, there’s the ferocity of the jungle wolf and the cunning character of the foxes. This is a very powerful fusion beast, people that can create this creature should be a real expert.”

The potbelly man looked very proud and boasted, “This is the triple combination of jungle wolf, spirit fox and hunting hound, it has the ferocity of wolf, the cunning character of fox, and the loyalty of hounds. This is my life-time research effort.”


“Triple combination? The gene span is so great, admirable, admirable.”

The people around praised a few words to the middle-aged man, the expression on his face look even more proud. The dark net messenger wrote down the name, the middle-aged man turned around and left. Unlike how he rushed into the line, he deliberately walked slowly, just so that he can show off his triple-headed wolf more.

Then, it was Han’s time. Before the girl opened her mouth, Han already put out Demon Claw and said, “This is my work, see if it’s okay.”


Right after Han finished, he felt that the surrounding crowd suddenly became quiet, all their eyes were focused on Han and Demon Claw.

With a total height of 2 meters, 9 claws taken from a top tier star beast, the Demonic Star-chasing Crab!

Eyes, shell, and other organs of the body, they all came from top tier star beasts from the Milky Way

When Han made this Demon Claw, he used up a lot of Wuyun’s precious storage items which brought tears to Wuyun’s heart.

Everyone at the scene were all experts, just a glance was enough to get shocked by the Demon Claw’s violent image.

“Oh shit! He actually used the Star-Chaser crab’s claws?!”

“Look closer, there are dark flower patterns on the claws, these were clearly the strongest type in the Star-chasing crab family, and also the most brutal ones called the Demonic Star-Chasers.”

“Oh god, a fusion beast made from Demonic Star-chasers? I’m not dreaming right?”

“Where does the shell come from?”

“Don’t know, but it’s definitely also from a top-tier star beast.”

“Masterpiece, this is absolutely a masterpiece!”

The scene boiled up, but that was also normal. The prototype of the Demon Claw was the top-tier Earth Claw personally built by Wuyun, and then Han also added more on top of that foundation and added more claws and stronger organs.

They were shouting so much just after seeing the Demonic Star-chaser’s claws, that really puzzled Han because the strongest part of Demon Claw was inside the body. Even more precious materials were used in there, and there was even a very strange crystal that ensured that the Demon Claw had incredible vitality, just like a cockroach that couldn’t be killed.

Moreover, Han had two claws, and the Demon Claw’s combat strength in comparison to the Ghost Claws was worse by not just one whole level.

The Ghost Claw was the life that combined the dark apostle and dark queen bug. It belonged to the terrifying insect-human combination. It was evil, cruel, and had the extreme dark properties that the Demon Claw didn’t.

Suppose Han took out Ghost Claw, the crowd would probably go mad on the spot, right?

“What an impressive fusion beast!” The freckle girl exclaimed. She knew Han’s name so she didn’t ask about it, but just waved her pen on the paper and said, “No problem, you passed! We need talents like you!”

That potbellied middle-aged man began to feel a bit uncomfortable, he saw the Demon Claw was a bit quiet. Although very impressive looking, it just sat there like a statue, so with a bit of disdain, he said, “In my opinion, that’s just the look that’s impressive, but it can’t actually fight, looks like a fool.”


Suddenly, the Demon Claw detected the hostility and moved, waved its claw towards the middle-aged man and his triple-headed wolf.

The Demonic Star-Chaser’s huge and sharp claw drew a cold arc in the air, emitting a murderous breath.

Just one action alone already scared the triple-headed wolf so much that it actually lied down on the ground instantly, fiercely lowering its head and shivering its the whole body.

This was the instinctual characteristic of an animal to avoid more powerful animals.

Just like a sheep meeting a tiger, even if they didn’t come face to face, the scent that was emitted by the tiger was enough to scare the little sheep to the point of fainting.

Due to such a nature, the triple-headed wolf saw the Demon Claw that was levels higher than itself, and didn’t even have the courage to fight, directly kneeling down for mercy.

The crowd burst into laughter, and that potbellied man became so embarrassed, he just quickly withdrew the wolf and walked away.

At that moment, no one could see any pride or surprise on Han’s face. He just frowned slightly and asked the girl with freckled face.

“Excuse me, what will be my additional punishment for losing?”

“Planet destruction. If you lose, your home planet will be wiped from the star map.” The girl with freckles on her face replied.