Chapter 294: Three-Eyed Monster

Chapter 294: Three-Eyed Monster

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Han really used Void End and deprived everyone’s power in a hundred kilometers radius area, just for Ye Weiwei to be able to play in the water like an ordinary girl.

Jian Jia saw this and felt a complex feeing in her heart. To her, Han almost had nothing other than these talents, yet Han used his only power to be this nice towards Ye Weiwei and it made Jian Jia feel a bit jealous.

“Miss, some people from the investigation department came.” A swift little figure ran to Jian Jia’s back and whispered.

“Tell them to get out.” Jian Jia was not in a good mood.


The dark guard backed out, and the water park was still calm. Jian Jia was very proud because her strength was far stronger than Han’s, but then she soon changed to being a little depressed.

Originally, Jian Jia felt that she was like the daughter of heaven who owned everything, but today, it looked like that was not the case. The more she saw that bright smile and the excitement that Ye Weiwei couldn’t hide, Jian Jia grew increasingly jealous. This was because there wasn’t really anyone that would make him feel as happy as Ye Weiwei, and she could only play with herself for most of the time.

In the evening, Han also gathered everyone for a meal. Everyone had the same reason to see Han, that they didn’t want Han to miss this opportunity to be promoted to Star Lord.

According to the rules, the Star Lord’s annual event will start from arena battle, and the winners would be able to participate in a big journey at the Mystic Valley (Previously known as Mystery Valley). Then, those that successfully completed the journey can acquire the Star Lord title.

Han promised everyone that he will for sure attend the event, and then the crowd was assured. The Mystic Valley Journey allowed team-forming, so if Han’s present, using Void End and the Wolf Fang tactic would be beneficial for everyone.

After all, Han’s Wolf Fang tactic’s reputation was already out there, and everyone knew that Han was not only an outstanding warrior, but also a rare battlefield commander, a battle rhythm master.

“Everyone try your best, and we will meet again at the Mystic Valley!” Han gave a toast.


In the deep dark sky, there were two mysterious black cloaked figures with one guarding the other.

Just at that moment, the eyes of one of the black cloaked figures turned white in color, as he used his psychic powers and saw Han’s gathering with friends.

“So he’s actually hiding at the second layer of Dark Net, behind the back of the All Gods Corporation. This is making it a bit difficult.” The white eyed one that could channel psychic power said while breathing heavily, as if using this technique puts a heavy toll on his body.

The other man in black cloak nodded and said, “Yes, with the All Gods Corporation being an important part of the dark net, this is indeed hard to deal with. But, we are not completely out of options.”

“What do you mean?”

“Very simple. Aren’t they going to the Mystic Valley? We can cut the connection between the Mystic Valley and the Dark Net.”

“It’s theoretically feasible, but wouldn’t this move attract too much attention?”

“That will depend on how much the Old Man wants to get rid of the traitor. If the Old Man really wants to make the traitor completely disappear in this universe, he will take this risk.”

“Then what’s left to do is not something in our control anymore. Let’s go, let’s report our findings to the Old Man.”

“No need to rush. After these three months of research, we also found many forces that have grudges against the traitor, and these forces might be able to be used for our advantage.”

“You are referring to the Triple-Eyed Race and the dark apostles under their command?”


“I don’t like those Triple-Eyed people.”

“I don’t like them too, but as long as they are useful for us it’s fine. If they are willing to work with us from the inside, our plan’s success rate will become higher.”

“Okay, this time I will listen to you. Should we talk with those dark apostles, or directly get in touch with the Triple-Eye behind those apostles?”

“Of course, it’s finding the masters. The dark apostles are just puppets of the Triple-Eyed Race, what qualification do they have to talk to us?”

Star Lord City

The annual arena is in full swing.

Han could be said to be the most annoying existence amongst all beast tamers. He’s clearly a soldier, yet he’s taking up a spot in the beast tamer participant stream.

Posing as a beast tamer was enough, and what really pisses other people off is that he’s actually a really strong one, no one could beat the genetic beasts under his command.

Not being able to win was enough. After all, the Ten-Thousand Boundless Beasts was considered an era-marking milestone in the genetic technology field. But what pissed people off even more as that those powerful genetic beasts weren’t even treated specially by Han. They were babies that others wouldn’t hesitate to trade millions of dark net points for, yet they were worthless in Han’s eyes. Han didn’t even bother giving them a name and just numbered them off.

Han’s #5 genetic beast won over eight games, and today was the finals. The top ten genetic beasts were going to fight in one round and be ranked based on performance.

For the past eight games, Han didn’t even come himself. He just told his two little bros Lance and Hei Xiaolin to watch after #5 for him.

Now that today was the final, Han finally reluctantly decided to appear at the scene.

According to the rules, the ranking was also a bit meaningful. The higher the rank, the more information one could get on the Mystic Valley. Although Jian Jia claimed that she knew the secrets about Mystic Valley, Han still felt that it’s better if he had some preparation himself. Besides, relying everything on others was also not Han’s style.

Many of Han’s friends came, including the blue-blood Boya who Han hadn’t seen for awhile.

Jian Jia and Ye Weiwei sat at the back row, Ke Lake also sat near the back and spectated with the Three Addicts. Only Lance, Hei Xiaolin and Boya, those three idiots would die just to sit with Han. Especially Boya, he was full of hot blood no matter what he’s doing. He even raised a big flag behind his back which as some really embarrassing words that’s something along the line of “Han #1”.

“I just want everyone to know that you are the Number 1 Beast Tamer in the Star Lord City!” Boya waved his blue arms and shouted.

Han really felt an headache. This wasn’t being hot blooded, more like being retarded!

Later on, he must send Boya to school on Earth to teach him about the culture of being humble.

All in all, with Boya out, Han could not lay lowkey even if he wanted to. Just when his head was hurting, Han suddenly saw the king of the Headhunter race Fran. This guy was not very lucky, it took him awhile to just be able to make it to Star Lord City, and now he came to show Han his support too.

Fran was wearing a very strange outfit. There was a huge skeleton head on his back, and there were two horns on the head. According to him, this outfit was only worn when the Headhunter race worshipped their ancestors. It was especially expensive, yet for Han, Fran even wore it out.

Now, with Boya’s flag and Fran’s outfit, plus the big mouth Lance and Hei Xiaolin helping out at the side, all the other beast tamers added together didn’t have enough sense of presence than Han.

“Too embarrassing, thank god we didn’t sit beside Han. Don’t tell anyone I know him.” Jian Jia said with a red face.

Ye Weiwei actually wanted to sit closer to Han, but after all she was a princess from a big clan, and she couldn’t stand Boya and the others’ jokes.

Speaking of which, Han indeed should make better friends. All sorts of barbarians, assassins, and retarded people are all pretty close to Han.

“Look, the final battle began!” Boya shouted again.

“Not bad, Brother Han’s #5 is the most prestigious and handsome looking one among the bunch.” Fran patted Han on the shoulder and said.

“Huh? Something doesn’t seem right. That genetic beast looks really insidious, and he has 3 eyes.”

“#5 began backing off! How come he backed into the corner? Could it be that it’s afraid of that triple-eyed genetic beast?”

Han suddenly hesitated. The triple-eyed monster that appeared on the battlefield also grabbed Han’s attention. It was a molluscs-like monster with a dozen claws and a giant head. On the head, there were three eyes.

When the triple-eyed beast appeared, #5 quietly backed to the side and its eyes were tightly locked onto him.

Han knew very well, #5 backed in the corner because it sensed a huge threat, and it hoped to attack when the enemy was not prepared.

Just when Han frowned and thought, the whistle sounded, and the chaotic showdown of the top 10 genetic beasts immediately began.



They saw the triple-eyed beast used its long claws and attacked like missiles shooting out, each accurately hitting the opponents’ head, directly damaging the deadliest brain area.

The crowd sunk into silence, because the triple-eyed beast demonstrated absolute dominance. Within just a few seconds, it killed 8 genetic beasts. Then, it turned around, tilted its head and looked at #5 in the corner.


The hair on #5’s fur all shot up, and it roared towards the triple-eyed beast.