Chapter 347: Apostle Zero’s Third Eye

Chapter 347: Apostle Zero’s Third Eye

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The battlefield became odd. The third eye of Apostle Zero and the three elders had all been opened!

The dark red light that was emanating from the foreheads of the elders to Apostle Zero was like the rays of dusk.

"Apostle Zero is absorbing the Sky Eye of the others!" Luo Ying yelled nervously. As a girl who contained dark energy, she was very sensitive to certain phenomenons.


Han immediately pulled on his bow and shot a flying feather arrow at Apostle Zero!

The cold burst of white light moved at an amazing speed, carrying a lot of power within!

Suddenly, the golden arm of Thousand-Arms Asura moved to intercept the arrow. Even though the Flying Feather arrows were strong, they still had limits. As well, Han had exhausted himself from shooting too many arrows today, so after the arrow shot through four of the Thousand-Arms Asura’s arms, it lost its power.


Under the protection of Thousand-Arms Asura, Apostle Zero let out an evil laughter.

Han did not understand, why did Thousand-Arms Asura suddenly move? His third eye was still closed?


Apostle Zero had absorbed the energy of the three elders into himself, and the three elders suddenly collapsed, their bodies becoming rigid.

And now, Apostle Zero’s third eye had completely opened, emitting blood red light.

"Did you know? The Sky Eye was given to us by God through some sort of gene mutation. Whoever has a Sky Eye, would have powers very close to God." Said Apostle Zero while sitting cross-legged on the head of the Thousand-Arms Asura.

"Take my master, the Triple-Eyed King, for example. Even if he was placed in the deep Dark Net, he would still have God-like abilities. Unfortunately those forces within the Dark Net are scared of his power. Average fighters like yourself, the Dark Network corporation would want to recruit, but for people with extraordinary powers such as the Triple-Eyed King, they would want to suppress."

"It is not because of anything else, but because the Triple-Eyed King is more powerful than any of the so-called Gods and Demons within the Dark Net! Take the Dark King for example, his powers can destroy the whole Milky Way! But then so what? He was still locked up by the Triple-Eyed King! Even though the Triple-Eyed King was unable to kill the Dark King, he was still able to control him! This is the best indication of the real power of the Triple-Eyed King!"

The way Apostle Zero said this, it was almost as if he said grapes were sour because he cannot taste them. There are a lot of organizations in the Dark Network, all of them want the best for their organization, but of course they can’t take everybody.

The Triple-Eyed King was an elite, but unfortunately, he was unable to get recruited into the Dark Net.

But this was not an indication of the fact that the Gods and Demons within the Dark Network feared the Triple-Eyed King.

Han had spent time in the All Gods Corporation, and the All Gods Corporation was just one of the forces within the Dark Net. Its strength could be described as unfathomable. Especially their border control troops, they left a very deep impression on Han. There were so many soldiers in these corporations, these troops were built with Gold-leveled warlords as the backbone. Most of these soldiers had warlord leveled qualifications.

To someone who came from a remote region like Han, this was completely unbelievable.

There were only two warlords on Earth, one of them being Han, and the other was Ke Lake, and they both became warlords in the past year. Before that, there were never any warlords on Earth.

A corporation that can call a troop of warlords an average troop must be powerful, definitely not as weak as Apostle Zero made it seem.

Han frowned slightly. This time Apostle Zero started laughing, and he said, "Thanks to the trust my master had placed in me, I now have the same body as my master. Even though it is a copy, but my Sky Eye, is also the Eye of Reincarnation!"

"Perhaps this puzzles you, what is the Eye of Reincarnation you ask? To put it simply, the Eye of Reincarnation can control life and death. These three elders who had Sky Eyes, I’ve converted their power into my own!"

As he was saying this, he raised his right hand, this shocked Han as well, because his right hand was wilting! Like a branch in winter, gradually turning yellow, slowly losing all signs of life.

Apostle Zero said in a raging voice: "Han, I hate you! I curse you! I was born a couple of days ago, but now because of you, I have to die. This is such an unfair power, if I face you with the body I have today, there is no probability of me winning. It is because of your stupid super power that deprived me of all of mine! Everyone who is of the same level as you or lower cannot raise a hand towards you! All because of your stupid super powers!"

Han moved his lips slightly. Void End was definitely unfair. Once it is activated, all the super power warlords become idiots. But at the same time, Han did not think he was wrong for having this super power, but rather he was very grateful for it. Apostle Zero’s arm started to wilt as well, but at the same time, the Thousand-Arms Asura became more golden, and the third eye on his forehead was slowly opening. It was almost as if Apostle Zero used his own way to activate this Humanoid Weapon.

Apostle Zero continued to yell, "Since the Thousand-Arms Asura arrived from heaven, Master has confirmed that he was the son of God, and took up the challenge of the universe and even challenged the whole Dark Net!"

"As a copy of my master, I am proud, so I will kill you at all costs! I will tell you straight up, I have put myself into this Thousand-Arms Asura. From now on, there is no Apostle Zero. I will be reborn as the Thousand-Arms Asura and come back to this universe!"

"What you are about to face, is a more powerful version of me! Me as a Humanoid Weapon! I won’t ever have to fear your super power!"


Apostle Zero’s laugh echoed through this underground tomb. Following the laughter, the Thousand-Arms Asura stood up on his four feet slowly.

Yes. The Thousand-Arms Asura had four legs, 1000 golden arms, and a Sky Eye that was slowly opening.

Apostle Zero kneeled down on the lotus seat of the Thousand-Arms Asura, as his body became more and more withered until it collapsed into a pile of withered weeds.

Suddenly, the Thousand-Arms Asura moved. One of his arms was raised above his head. Using two fingers, he grabbed onto a red crystal. That was the third eye that the Apostle Zero had left behind!


Han raised his hands and shot another arrow.

Unfortunately, the Thousand-Arms Asura had a thousand arms that were strong and fast. It became the best form of protection against Han’s arrows. Even though blocking the arrows forced the Thousand-Arms Asura to lose a couple of limbs, but since he had 1000 arms, that was not really a big problem.

But for Han, his arms started to shiver. Shooting these arrows drew on his energy and dark power and release them as lights of devastation. Han continued to shoot arrows even though it was burning through his energy rapidly.


The Thousand-Arms Asura pressed the Sky Eye of Apostle Zero onto his own, immediately emitting a strong ray of red light. The eye perfectly integrated into the Thousand-Arms Asura, as if the Sky Eye of Apostle Zero originally belonged to the Thousand-Arms Asura.


This incredible golden statue let out a sigh of relief while at the same time letting out a very low sound, almost as if a monster had woken up from a deep slumber. Pluto frowned slightly as he heard this sound, and he took a step forward.

And there was Black Egg. He seemed to be bored from only watching Han fight, but he suddenly became excited, immediately jumping onto Han’s shoulder, staring right at the head of the Thousand-Arms Asura while salivating.

Woof woof woof.

Black Egg let out a cry of excitement, like a starving wolf that just smelled raw meat.

"You want to eat that?" Han tilted his head and said to Black Egg.

He suddenly remembered, since Black Egg was born, he hadn’t fed him yet…