Chapter 449: The Mighty Uprising!

Chapter 449: The Mighty Uprising!

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Lushui Qiulin’s rage attracted everyone’s attention.

Heaven Fall Raging Tide was the strongest attack of the Lushui family. A waterfall jumped out of the air and viciously struck Sa Hai\'s body. In a moment, the waterfall froze into a glacier.


Lu Shui Qiulin casually waved his hand, and the glacier smattered into a million pieces. As for Sa Hai who was frozen within the glacier, not a single cell of his body remained!

His body was completely disintegrated by Lu Shui Qiu Lin’s Heaven Fall. The super power was vicious, and was at the extermination level. It was apparent that Heaven Fall Raging Tide specialized in destroying masses of armies. It could magically disintegrate tens of thousands of enemies.

No one became famous because of luck. Lu Shui Qiu Lin had not been very active in recent years and thus many had forgotten how strong he was. But after all, he was the second strongest warrior in the All Gods Corporation!

Lu Shui Qiu Lin’s combat ability was strong but not everyone was concerned with him. The majority were watching Han, and especially Silver Fox, Xiao Bao, Blue Star.

Silver Fox became anxious when he heard the Night Walker’s analysis. He wagged his tail in the air and discussed with little Bean Sprout to determine how to save Han’s life.

"We should use the seeds from the Golden Tower?!" Silver Fox squeaked and asked little Bean Sprout surprisingly.

Yes Yes

Little Bean Sprout nodded enthusiastically, and seemed confident in the seed.


Silver Fox urgently opened his dimension ring and stuffed the black seed into Han’s mouth but was stopped by Night Walker.

"Silver Fox, what are you doing?!" Night Walker asked solemnly.

Squeak Squeak

Silver Fox anxiously pointed at Han.

"You want to save him? With this thing?"

Squeak Squeak

Silver Fox nodded his head urgently to signal that he wanted to help.


Night Walker was dazed for a moment. The seed was obtained by Silver Fox and Han on the eighth floor of the Golden Tower and was then stored by Silver Fox. Thus, Night Walker was not aware of the seed. He needed to first determine if the seed was poisonous.

"This is the seed of the Dragon Spirit Grass."


Pluto grabbed the seed from Night Walker’s hand and looked at it carefully. Then he looked at Black Egg with a strange gaze.

Night Walker noticed that when Pluto looked at Black Egg, Black Egg seemed to be having an internal conflict. His two golden eyes were rapidly moving around.

Pluto’s actions made Night Walker even more confused. He seemed to have asked for Black Egg’s approval before he placed the Dragon Spirit Grass seed into Han’s mouth.


Han’s upper body suddenly reflexively got up. Blood flowed towards his face and the dark areas on his face quickly disappeared.

"What is this Dragon Spirit Grass? Why does it have such a strong effect?" Night Walker asked surprisedly.

"It is something that will allow Han to get something good out of this misfortune." Pluto said emotionless in a low voice.


The atmosphere became very strange. To everyone’s surprise, Lu Shui Qiu Lin had backhandedly killed Sai Hai.

"Grandfather!’ Jian Jia cried while jumping into the arms of Lu Shui Qiu Lin. She cried tears and said, "It’s all my fault. I brought harm to Grandfather."

The rage on Lu Shui Qiu Lin’s face immediately disappeared. He felt that he made the right choice. All power, loyalty and wealth could not compare to Jian Jia calling him the dear name of Grandfather.

Lu Shui Qiu Lin said emotionally, "Even though I am a senior member of the Corporation and they call me an all-powerful god, before everything, I am a grandfather!"

"You can be rest assured. Grandfather is alright. I have never felt so relaxed as I have today."

"In the past, there were always many troubling things on my mind. But tonight, I can finally take a good rest."

Jian Jia lifted her head and looked with surprise at her Grandfather.

At this time, Han started to convulse and cough. Jian Jia could not help but turn her head and look at him.

"Go." Lu Shui Qiu Lin patted her on the shoulder and said.


Jian Jia ran to Han’s side. She cared about her Grandfather but she also cared about Han. It was such a dilemma.

"Qiu Lin." 9527 walked over and called out Lu Shui Qiu Lin’s name in a low voice, "Sai Hai is dead. What are your plans for the future?"

Lu Shui looked with slight jealousy at Jian Jia who was by Han’s side. He gave a wry smile and said, "I only have one granddaughter. What else could I do? Wherever she goes, I will follow."

9527 nodded and said, "It’s such a pity. Your huge family assets. You’ve worked all your life for it. It is a tough decision."

Lu Shui Qiu Lin waved his hand and said, "I don’t care about those things. My two true wealth are two things. One is my son Jing Tao. The second is my granddaughter Jian Jia. Of course, there are also the guardsmen who have been by my side all these years."

"If I can’t even defend my family. What use do it have for money or power?"

9527 smiled and said, "It’s rare that you can look at the bright side of things. Come to our place. If we join hands, we will not be worse than anybody."

Lu Shui Qiu Lin twitched his lips but did not accept or reject the offer.

He had after all spent his entire life on the corporation. Even though Lu Shui Qiu Lin had come round and realized that nothing is more important that family, he still did not feel too well in his heart.

It became awkward for Military God Kabri. He sighed and left with his men.

9527 wanted to stop him, but Lu Shui Qiu Lin held him back.

"Give him a way out…" Lu Shui Qiu Lin said, "His family is still within the Corporation. If you stop him, he would be in a dilemma as to whether he should fight you. It’s the best outcome to pretend that nothing had happen."

9527 nodded, "You are so considerate. But it’s a pity, Kabri is such a up-right man."

Lu Shui Qiu Lin shook his head and said, "Everyone chooses their own path."

Unconsciously, Bruce, Time Activator, Dark North stood together.

They were enemies most of the time. But at the moment, the three of them were more willing to stand together and discuss their impressions from today.

"Jacquet is in trouble. Even Lu Shui Qiu Lin has left him. The recently promoted Sai Hai has also died in the hands of Lu Shui Qiu Lin."

"In my opinion, this old fag Jacquet deserve it! He took power too seriously, always suppressing this guy or punishing some other guy, being so scared that someone would rob his wealth. Now look at this, the two godly presences that were most loyal to him were all forced to leave him. He isn’t in a better shape than Luo Shui Han that old demon." Bruce said openly.

"No one can stop them." Dark North said lightly.

"Who are you speaking of?" Bruce asked.

"I’m talking about the Wolf Fang. No one can stop their uprising." Dark North said worriedly, "I would never have expected that the Wolf Fang’s combat ability would be so scary. It’s hard to determine their individual abilities but I have never seen a group with such strong group combat abilities. They are comparable to Dragon Gate Flying Feather during its peak."

"Now that they have Lu Shui Qiu Lin, it won’t take long before the power rankings of the eastern region to change."

"Really?" Bruce confusedly asked, "It’s just an additional Lu Shui Qiu lin…"

Dark North shook his head and said, "It’s Lu Shui Qiu Lin. No one can compare to his influence in the All Gods Corporation. Not even Jacquet. You must have seen Kabri’s expression when he left. He had a perplexed expression.

"If I am not wrong, soon, everyone within All Gods Corporation would have to take sides. Those who support Jacquet would stay and those who support Lu Shui Qiu Lin would travel to the cursed grounds one after another to join Wolf Fang."

"It seemed as if Wolf Fang only gained Lu Shui Qiu Lin and less than 100 of his guards. But in reality, they gained thousands upon thousands of soldiers."

"I’m willing to bet that it won’t take long for the eastern region of Dark Net to become more interesting."