Chapter 166: Turbid Star Field

Chapter 166: Turbid Star Field

Han didn’t exaggerate and told Paz Diais every detail.

The atmosphere in the command room became heavier and heavier, no one would even dare to breath aloud. Everyone just quietly listened to Han’s blood tumbling report.

But on the other side of the screen, Paz Diais, who was located at the distant center of the Milky Way, hadn’t moved a bit since Han started reporting. His eyes just grew bigger and bigger and he couldn’t believe his ears.

Without question, this was a tragic battle that could be recorded in history. Although Han’s description was plain, but people could still feel the suffocating expedition.

“Expedition member Ma Jingkong, Du Haiming, Carson, Ms. White, Liu Gongjin, Wuyong, Xiao Hanfeng, Nie Tian, Terry, killed in battle! Lesa, Riley, Arthur, missing in action!”

“Report complete!” Han said with a firm voice.

In the command room, a young female soldier couldn’t hold back her tears and started crying, covering her mouth and trying to not make any sounds.


On the other end of the screen, Paz Diais let out a long breath and said with his eyes full of surprise, “Dark apostle? Came out of genetic cultivating vessels? Equipped with super powers? Can control dark beasts? Can disguise as anyone?”

Han deepened his voice and said, “That’s all the abilities we confirmed. We are still not sure if the apostles have any other capabilities.”

“I recommend the Alliance start preparing as fast as possible. I’m afraid that the prophesy of the Protector will be fulfilled. With reason to believe, the dark apostles’ appearance is the precursor to the return of the prehistoric civilization, and the prehistoric civilization is clearly hostile towards humans.”

“No! That’s impossible!” Paz Diais shouted, “The prehistoric civilization already went extinct! They already disappeared from the Milky Way Galaxy 25000 years ago! The Protector, that man’s damn prophesy, I don’t believe it a single bit!”

Han showed a little sympathy towards Paz Diais’s anger. The mankind civilization was built on the foundation of the prehistoric civilization, and if they really come back like the prophecy says, back to the Milky Way Galaxy, it would be a huge disaster to all mankind.

Han already saw the dark apostle, accepted the Protector’s prophecy, whereas Paz Diais just woke up from his peaceful dream and didn’t want to accept the cruel reality.

Han calmly said, “Whether it’s the prehistoric civilization, or another civilization, all we need to do is one thing, and that is to assemble all of our power to fight the enemy to the end! Not to give up easily!”

“Maybe it’s also time to look at the world outside of the Milky Way. The universe is very big, even without the prehistoric civilization, we can’t guarantee that we will not encounter any other enemies in the future. To survive in this cruel universe, war is our only choice.”

Paz Diais was a little surprised, such firm and philosophical words came out from Han’s mouth.

He didn’t respond directly, but coldly said, “Where are you right now?”

“I am located at a junction point between the galactic wilderness and the turbid star field, almost a month of travel away from the Milky Way.”

“Understand, keep in touch. I need to report this to the 12 Permanent Management Nations, maybe I will need you to come back to the Alliance and do a report in person.”

“But I already reported everything I know.”

Paz Diais shook his head and said with a hint of sadness, “I can understand you, and I also believe you because we are all soldiers! But you must know, the Alliance isn’t a world controlled by soldiers after all, but by politicians. Maybe I need you to help me and persuade the heads of those major nations personally. After all, you are the only survivor of A-43, there will be people that listen to your words.”

Han lowered his voice, “Understood. If you need to report personally, no matter how far the journey, I will do everything possible to get back. But I’m not doing this for some politician, but for everyone that lives in the Milky Way Galaxy.”


When the communication ended, Han felt a large hand landed on his shoulder.

Looking back, it was Ye Zhonghan. With red eyes he said, “So you have done so much for the Alliance, and even a warlord like Ma Jingkong was murdered.”

Han shook his head and said, “No, Ma Jingkong was not murdered, he sacrificed himself in battle like all heroes! There’s a difference!”

“You are right. They are the real heroes!”

When Han looked out of the window again the scenery changed, red nebulas began appearing so Han curiously asked, “Where are we?”

Ye Zhonghe answered, “When you were reporting to the Alliance, we didn’t stop our steps. Now we already left the galactic wilderness and headed into the turbid star field.”

“Oh.” Han slightly frowned.

Ye Zhonghe thought for a second and said, “If you are not in a rush to go back to the Alliance, come back with me to our base at the turbid star field. Our lady is there too.”

“To be honest, our head of family believes in the Protector’s prophecy. If you see our master, maybe you can get a lot of useful information.”

Han hesitated for a second, “You mean Ye Guhong? He knows about the dark apostles too?”

Ye Zhonghe whispered, “You should know, a year ago our young lady was forced to return home under the master’s command. Master seemed to know that a riot would be happening inside the relic. And before that, he had been exploring towards the depth of the universe, and the expedition fleet travelled back and forth for 7 full years.”

“When he returned, there was only Master, driving an Assassin-class full of scars. From then, Master’s personality changed dramatically. He took us and left the Milky Way immediately, moving our base to the turbid star field. Even now, he felt like the turbid star field is still not far enough and wanted to go some place even further.”

“There must be some kind of association. Although our master didn’t tell us, but us subordinates could feel it. And, with your relationship to the young lady, I believe that Master would be very willing to tell you the secret.”

Han suddenly hesitated. He of course remembered a year ago about Ye Weiwei’s strange departure and the subsequent tragedy that took place in A-19.

Since Ye Guhong wasn’t too far form here, might as well first meet this legendary explorer family’s head and hear what he says.

Ye Zhonghe comforted Han and said, “Don’t worry. After leaving the Milky Way, it would be like entering our Ancient Maple Leaf Family’s back garden. If you want to return to the Alliance, we could use a secret passage that only the Ye Family know about and send you back in the shortest time possible.”

The Ye Family was really a very special existence to Han. Here, everyone looked at him with a strange look. This look was obviously friendly, and maybe it’s just because the Ye Family was being too friendly to Han and that was what was making Han a bit uncomfortable.

In fact, Han didn’t really have too many encounters with the Ye Family. He just went shopping with Ye Weiwei once where she got to hug small animals and go to the club. Although he also got into a fight with someone for Ye Weiwei, but all these things seemed insignificant to Han. Therefore, it was unnecessary for him to receive all these special treatments.

However, that’s not what the Ye Family thought. They have their own problems to solve. Although storm lady Ye Weiwei was still young, she would have to marry someone sooner or later. With Ye Weiwei’s thunder storm power becoming stronger, no matter how big the Milky Way was, there are still only a few people that could marry Ye Weiwei. Han, just happened to be one of the few choices, or even maybe the only one.

With the help of Ye Family’s communication channel, Yuan Yuan made contact with the 4 King Kong.

The robot fleet was the most reassuring presence for Han. No matter if Han was there or not, they would always be working hard to gather minerals and manufacture starships everyday, moving from one planet to another. Wherever there were suitable minerals, that’s where they will move the mobile production line to.

As a precaution, Han decided to let the main force continue their production and only ordered the vanguard robot Starmark to meet up with him at the turbid star field with 3 squadrons.

And he also specially asked research robot Source to modify several of the starships according to his preference. No. Demon Claw was still in the center of the Milky Way, he didn’t have any starships at hand, and he had long wanted to try those second-generation starships.

In addition, Han also contacted Earth. Now on Earth, beside vigorously producing starships, there were no other arrangements. Long Chuan naturally had the ability to handle the affairs on Earth so there was nothing for Han to worry about. Next month, the third Ghost Axe-class carrier would be off the production line, and including that Dragon-class carrier that was won from the galactic meet, Earth will have 4 carriers.

And that was just the beginning. With the improvement of the production line and the workers becoming more skilled, the manufacturing speed will continue to increase.

As for the three teachers in the Oblivion Realm, after hearing Han’s experience, in addition to surprise they also felt very fortunate. The life at the Oblivion Realm remained the same, although they are very concerned about Han, but when beyond reach, they could only remind him to be careful.

All in all, 3 days after entering the turbid star field, Han finally got near to the base Ye Family built in the turbid star field.

In the command room, Ye Zhonghe pointed at the large sea of nebulas outside of the window and said, “Look, this is the characteristic of the turbid star field, a large nebula attached to a larger one, completely different from the dusty cloud looking ones you see in the Milky Way.”

Han nodded, “It’s indeed magnificent, don’t know what kind of people live in the turbid star field.”

Ye Zhonghe answered, “In addition to us Ye Family, there are also some adventurous businessmen, and of course, most are still natives.”

“Most of the natives here are fairly easy to deal with. We bring in advanced goods from the galaxy in exchange for some precious natural resources, which we would ship back to the Milky Way and sell to make enormous amount of profit.”

“Of course, there are still groups that are hard to deal with. Some even acquired some strength from the prehistoric civilization from the relic. When facing these natives, we would need to use war to force them into submission.”

Han hesitated for a second and asked in curiosity, “There are relics here too?”

Ye Zhonghe said, “Of course, although most of the prehistoric civilization lived at the Milky Way, there were still some ethnic groups that established bases in the galactic wilderness, turbid star field, and even further.”

“Those bases became today’s relics. Although the quantity is a lot fewer than in Milky Way, but there’s also an advantage, and that is there usually aren’t dark beasts inside these relics which makes them pretty safe.”

“Some smart natives would take over the bases left behind the prehistoric civilization, drive out those starships inside the relic, and arm themselves with those training methods and battle equipment, ultimately becoming tyrannical forces in the turbid star field.”

Han said nothing. In fact, the more powerful the prehistoric civilization, the more serious his concerns grow.

If such a tyrannical civilization returns to the Milky Way, how could humans be a match for them.

“Look, we are here!” The battleship came out of the wormhole, Ye Zhonghe pointed at a space station and said, “This is our Base #1.”