Chapter 390: It was actually Silver Fox?

Chapter 390: It was actually Silver Fox?

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Han felt as if he suddenly got sucked in by a mysterious ray of energy. His body hung in mid-air, almost as if the chair had some trap mechanism.

When Han looked around him again, he noticed that everything has changed. He was outside a light door, and there were 5 big words before the door, "The Book of Magical Plants."

Han touched his chin, he understood now. He was told that he would be given a book, but it actually isn’t a real book, but a space that was related to plants.

He thought about it thoroughly, and it made sense to him. This was a highly developed universe, most of the time, the definition of a book was actually a data disk or a learning space.

And of course, there were also the words left by Tian Zang.

As it turned out, Flower Speaker passed this dimension onto Tian Zang. Tian Zang did not have any offspring or disciples so he didn’t know who to leave the space to. Ultimately, he actually just turned on the challenge system, and whoever can successfully beat the challenge would be the next owner of the space called The Book of Nature’s Spirit.

Two lights were lit up on the light door. This meant the space currently had two challengers. Without a second thought, it would definitely be Black Egg and Silver Fox, the two that accidentally went into the space with him.

Han didn’t really think Black Egg and Silver Fox had the potential to become the next generation Master of Plants, but the fact that the space let them in didn’t really surprise Han either. This space was given to Tian Zang by Flower Speaker after all, and Flower Speaker was a beast with high intelligence, so this space probably would treat humans and beasts as equals.

"Since there is such a great opportunity, then wait for me to conquer this dimension." Han murmured to himself.

Once he thought about this, Han stepped into the dimension.


The world inside the light door surprised Han, there were numerous man-eating grasses waiting for him.

These man-eating grasses had branches tens of meters long. At the top of the stem were an oval mouth and sharp teeth, resembling cobras that had grown from the ground.

Almost at the same time, these man-eating grasses started attacking Han!

"Path of Yao!"


Without any hesitation, Han began to use the strongest of the six paths to start retaliating.

A ray of black light appeared in Han’s hands, slashing through everything in his way, and moving forward quickly.

Wherever the black light touched, all the man-eating grass were ripped apart, along with the ground.

From where Han was standing in the distance, the area almost 200 meters across and a dozen kilometers long was flattened. The air was filled with the smell of burnt plants.

With one hit, Han was able to clear the path in the front of any obstacles, even though there was still more man eating grass on the sides, but they could not reach Han, so they could only open their mouth and show Han’s their vicious teeth in defeat.

Han shrugged, and walked down the route that he had cleared.

As the only martial arts Han had officially learned, the six paths of void had stayed with Han until today and was still very sharp and powerful.

The path that Han used the most was the Path of Yao. This was what was unique about the Six Paths of the void. When he learned the Path of Earth, it replaced the Path of Sky, and when Han learned the Path of God, the Path of God substituted for the previous three paths.

Now Han had mastered the basics of Path of Yao, so the Path of Yao naturally replaced the previous five paths that Han had learned.

The Path of Yao was very different than the other five paths. It was very sporadic, to the point where it was hard for Han to control it sometimes.

Don’t just focus on the fact that it seems like Han was using the Path of Yao very well, but if he met some powerful enemies that really frustrated Han, he probably won’t even know the consequences of the Path of Yao he used.

And there were movements of the void, this was what Han learned initially as well.

But Path of Yao included movements and the martial arts too, so the Path of Yao had completely replaced the movements of the void.

All in all, the more Han learned about the Path of Yao, the more he felt like it was hard to control, because it was too big and too complicated.

It was like how a child looked at the world. There was dad, mom, the doggy, the milk bottle, good food, and bad food. The world was that simple.

But once the kid grew, problems started to arrive. Make money, work, politics, life problems, chemistry, math, physics, geometry, trigonometry, quantum physics, the ocean, sky, earth, solar system, the universe, black hole….

The world to an adult was terrifying because you can never completely understand it.

The Path of Yao was also terrifying, the more Han learned, the more complicated it became. The distance between him now to complete mastery was still great.

Of course, that was just Han’s thought, he was standing at a very high point after all, and he could see a lot of small problems. Pathless Origin was the teacher that taught Han the Paths of the Six Voids back in the days and his thoughts were completely different from Han. He now just wanted to finish learning the path of demons so he could start learning the Path of Yao or it would look really bad on him. His own student Han had begun learning Path of Yao already, yet the teacher himself was still learning the Path of Demons.

When Pathless Origin entered the realm of Path of Yao, he would be confused like Han, people who thought the world was simple are people who were not standing at a very high point.

In conclusion, Han discovered regrettably that in his whole life, he had only learned this one type of martial arts, and still could not see the day when he could graduate and master this martial art. At least the next couple of years were out of the question. Originally, Han thought his skills were pretty advanced until he met Black Egg and the two of them would fight everyday.

Fights were not that bad because it allowed Han to discover that there were a lot of room for improvements in his skills. Black Egg had incredible speed when he attacked, and Han only needed to use what he had learned and execute his moves based on reflex in order to compete with Black Egg’s speed. Then, the random or rather flexible order of moves became his foundation of Path of Yao.

This was like playing with legos. There were a lot of legos beside Han. He could make a bridge, a house, or a complex aircraft carrier.

Path of Yao was like this, giving Han everything he needed, but as to what he wanted to make of it, would depend on his creativity and realm.

After Han used the Path of Yao, he started to think, and unconsciously, he walked out of the Men-Eating Grass field to another closed door.

Outside the door laid dozens of types of plant seeds.

Han thought about it one by one, and he understood the meaning of this test.

The meaning of this question was to place seeds of similar types together. Grass types with grass types, tree types with tree types, or sort it depending on its properties, flower with flower, grass with grass.

This wasn’t very difficult to Han as he learned the basics of botanology from the Night Walker. Even though he hadn’t mastered it like Feng Taiji, but he knew enough to figure out a situation like this.

Han spent about 10 minutes finishing this task and the door opened, now Han was faced with a second door.

This was another grouping question but all the plants were fruits. He must put fruits that caused hallucinations together, fruits that boosted the immune system together, and the poisonous ones together.


The second door opened, and then the third, the fourth...


Even though they were called tests, they were not too hard in reality. The first test was probably to test the strength of the challenger, to study plants, one needed to continuously explore more and more dangerous places to collect plants, and these rare plants were often found in complex and dangerous environments.

Following that were tests on basic botanology, ordering of plants, avoiding poisonous fruits, etc.

It was only in the later stages when hard multiple-choice questions became prevalent. The space would put over a dozen plants together, and you must select one at random, you would pass the test if you selected the right one, and if you select three wrong in a row, you would be eliminated.

There were a couple of times when Han picked the wrong plant and was always on the verge of being eliminated, but he believed in his intuition and was always was able to save himself.

Han thought he was pretty lucky, he continued to advance and became more and more confident that he could conquer and own the dimension.

"Black Egg and Silver Fox probably had been eliminated a long time ago, so they are probably waiting for me outside?" Han murmured to himself, "I must finish this quick, Silver Fox would probably be okay, but Black Egg has the worst temper, if I make him wait a long time, he would get really annoyed."


Just when Han thought about this, he was suddenly pushed out by a strong force.

Han blanked out, he could not believe this, he has been eliminated!

Did he take too long?

Did he trigger some sort of trap mechanism?

What did he do wrong? How did he get eliminated?

Han was screaming on the inside, he could not believe the result, he was so close to getting what he wanted, but now, everything was over.

Han had been directly kicked out of the space, he saw Black Egg sitting angrily on the ground, his two fat arms were each other, and he stared blankly with his golden eyes.


It was obvious, he definitely did something sketchy in the dimension and had been kicked out.

But, where was Silver Fox?


Tshhh, tshhh~

Han heard the cute sound made by the Silver Fox, he immediately turned around and saw Silver Fox walk out of the space with a smile on his face.

"Weird, you didn’t get kicked out, how did you walk out?" Han asked.

Tshh, tshh~

Silver Fox rushed to Han’s side and pointed to the green ring on his claw, the ring was like a clover, it was super soft, but impossible to peel and tear off.

"What is this? " Han asked in confusion.

Tshh tshh~

Silver Fox pointed to himself, and then pointed to the space.

Han thought about it for a while and then his face suddenly changed, he yelled, "No way? I didn’t get eliminated but I got kicked out because you conquered the dimension first?"


Silver Fox jumped up excitedly, wagging his furry tail non-stop.

Han was speechless, he couldn’t even imagine it in his dreams, the one who would own the Book of Nature’s Spirit wasn’t him, but was Silver Fox!

"How is this fair???" Han yelled in anger.

Silver Fox saw that his owner wasn’t happy, so he curled up his body with sadness in his eyes. If he knew Han would be disappointed, Silver Fox thought he shouldn’t have fought for this book.

Han smiled slightly and petted Silver Fox with one hand, he sighed and said, "Well, the owner of the magical book should be the one with the most talent. You passed all the tests before me, which means you have more talent than me."

"Anyway, I guess there is no "you" and "me’ between us, whatever is mine is yours, and whatever is yours is mine. It is fantastic that you could get this book, I don’t blame you and I have to reward you!"

"Come, I will give you a big meat bun!"

Han took out a big meat bun from his Lunar Mark and threw it to Silver Fox.


Silver Fox jumped high into the sky and caught the meat bun. He peeled the air tight packaging and started devouring the food.

Han didn’t blame him and even rewarded Silver Fox, this made him very happy.

Black Egg watched them with questioning eyes on the side, he never really understood. What was the power that made Silver Fox, Yuan Yuan, and Blue Star so loyal to Han?

"So… you can control this dimension now?" Han asked.

Tshhh tshh!

Silver Fox pointed to his chest, full of pride.

"I really want to try it out, oh well, let us go back first. Feng Taiji and Blue Star are still outside, Blue Star would get really worried if we take too long. Send us back first since we have the book in our hands anyway, we will return later." Han said after much thought.

Tshh Tshh!

Silver Fox immediately waved one of his small claws lightly.


A strong force sent Han, Silver Fox, and Black Egg back, sitting back on that huge chair.

"Han, where did you go?!"

Han looked up, the person calling him was Ke Lake. Blue Star and Feng Taiji were there as well. They all had a worried look on their face.

"Something bad happened, while we were in the underground garden, someone sneak attacked the Tree God Tribe!" Feng Taiji said in a low voice.