Chapter 248: Five Star Level Genetic Beast

Five Star Level Genetic Beast

Han and Hei Xiaolin paid their bill separately with their points, and then got up and went to the Terminal Station to find a place to live.

The Terminal Station was extremely big, but people couldn’t just casually use their particle modules. There were dozens of landing zones outside of the city, but people could only use particle modules in those areas.

From the outskirts of the city’s landing zone to the Extremity Square at the city center, the distance was over thousands of kilometers, it was way too far. Even with the most rapid rail transit, it will take about half an hour of time, and that excluded the time spent on other miscellaneous things like waiting for transit and stuff.

So, the people that came to the Terminal Station would all rent a room, and those that were lazy would just live in a hotel.

“Mother of god, now even I’m a bit dizzy. Life in the real world and the dark net is confusing me, it’s really a pain in the ass to travel between two worlds.” When taking the highspeed rail transit, Hei Xiaolin complained to Han.

Han nodded. He also had similar feelings. In the past, the real world was real world, and the dark net was the virtual world. But now, the real world was real, and the dark net world was also real. It was inevitable that people felt chaotic about this.

Han very easily rented a one bedroom small room in a traffic-convenient area. The cost wasn’t much, about 600 points per month.

At this time, Hei Xiaolin also bid farewell with Han. He obtained an explorer mission at the mission center, and would need to depart in a few hours.

At the Terminal Station, everyone needed to find their way to get promoted to Star Lord, and the All Gods Corporation wouldn’t give anyone hints. Hei Xiaolin felt that if he tried his hardest to complete every mission, he will eventually be promoted to the third layer of dark net

After Hei Xiaolin left, Han wandered around alone in the city. In the Terminal Station, people were using a transit tool called the Suspension Wheel. This thing was very small, just like a pair of magnetic skate boots. After wearing it, one will float about five centimeters above the ground, and rely on magnetic force to move back and forth. Its maximum speed could go up to 180 kilometers per hour.

The Suspension wheels was a short distance transport method but for longer distances, people relied on unmanned Land Speeders and also the underground high-speed railway.

Unmanned Land Speeders were also very interesting. Such suspension vehicle traveled nonstop on the street and stopped immediately when one waved. There were no drivers. The passengers just told the artificial intelligence system about the place they wanted to go, and it will activate, calculate the most efficient route and send the passenger to the destination in the shortest time and charge some points as compensation.

“Is this reality or virtual reality?” Han thought about this serious question as he walked.

Unknowingly Han came to the auction center that was located at the center of the city. It was a giant building that was shaped like flower pedals formed by many water drops.

Han thought for a second, and then walked towards the auction center. In any case, Han would still need points to buy the energy coating blueprint, so he was going to see if there was anything he could sell.

The auction center was very huge. Just counting entrances alone, there were 12. Han entered one of the entrances, with the help of the sign Han easily came to the room that accepted auction items.

It was a young girl that greeted Han. She wore a pony tail, and welcomed Han with a very professional smile.

“Hello sir, my name is Du Yunli, what can I help you with?” Miss Du asked with a smile.

Han was a bit surprised because he couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations in her body. How did she come to the Terminal Station?

Du Yunli, as if knowing what Han was thinking about, explained, “My parents gave birth to me at the Terminal Station, but unfortunately, I don’t have source energy nor have any skills. But, in accordance with the dark net’s rule, since I was born in the Terminal Station, I’m one of the dark net’s community.”

“There are many people like me, and we all work for the dark net.”

Han smiled a little embarrassingly and said, “Miss Du, I don’t have any intention of discriminating you. It’s just that I just arrived at the Terminal Station, and I noticed that even the old people here have surprising levels, so I thought the people that lived here in the Terminal Station were either fighters or other professionals.”

Miss Du said, “It’s alright, I’ve encountered this kind of situation many times now. Let me first tell you about the rules at the auction center. You can auction any item you think is valuable. The dark net corporation will take 10% of the revenue. As for whether your item will be auctioned at the important high-level auction or the general public auction, and how much the starting price is, these are up to us to decide.”

Han heard the rules, and thought, the dark net auction was quite overbearing. In simple terms, their rule is, you just send over the things you want to auction, and everything else was up to them.

But there’s no other way, there was only one auction center in the Terminal Station. Han pouted and let out the Fusion Beast #1 from his dimension storage.

When this dumb thing appeared, Du Yuli was shocked immediately, but calmed down quickly and started registering it on the system.

“You want to auction a genetic beast?”

“Yes.” Han honestly replied, “If possible, I want to auction a few more because I really need points right now.”

“No problem, we will do it one by one. The name of this genetic beast?”


“#1 is just a number.” Du Yunli asked in surprise, “I’ve worked here for four years now, your genetic beast looks very mighty, does it really have such a simple name>”

Han frowned, “It’s too troublesome to name it, just call him #1.”

“Then what kind of level is #1 approximately at?”

“Not clear, but should be not bad.”

“Not bad? Could it be that you have never used your genetic beast #1?”

“I did use it once, but not really useful.” Han said.

As for the fusion genetic beasts’ disloyalty, Han always remembered it. It was Han’s most disliked character trait. Although now, the loyalty problem of fusion beasts had been solved through the puppet technique, Han still didn’t like it.

Han liked those that were born loyal like the Demon Claw. As for those genetic beast puppets that were made loyal, it still made Han uneasy.

So although Han knew that his fusion beasts were powerful, he still had no emotions towards them. That’s why when he realized that he needed money, he decided to sell them in exchange for points.

After Du Yunli registered #1, she let Han send #1 into a special room with many probes installed.

Du Yunli explained, “This is a machine we use to assess the level of the genetic beast. Our evaluation for genetic beasts is the same as for soldiers, also expressed in terms of stars.”

Han nodded, didn’t say anything and just gestured #1 to quietly lie in the room.


The probes activated, and scanning rays undetectable by the naked eye were projected out from the surrounding probes onto the body of #1, thoroughly analyzing every cell.

It was just a few seconds and the assessment was completed. Some numbers and texts appeared on the screen.

As for #1’s assessment, it was rated thus:

Combat Strength Overall Index, 730 thousand.

Compatibility Index, 95%.

Evaluation, Pinnacle Five Star.

Han didn’t feel that it was a big deal, but Du Yunli said excitingly, “Pinnacle Five Star genetic beast? Is this your work?”

“I guess so.” Han said a bit reluctantly. He really didn’t want to admit that he created #1, because this fusion beast had to be forced to be loyal, and Han felt that it was an embarrassment to his skill.

Du Yunli looked at Han with admiration, “So skilled, at such a young age you are already a genetic beast master. Our evaluation for genetic beasts is the same as for espers.”

“Your #1 genetic beast has pinnacle 5 star level, and that means, he can go head on against a pinnacle 5 star esper, so it’s a very powerful genetic beast!”

“And what’s more important is this #1’s compatibility index, it actually reached 95%! This is almost perfect compatibility!”

“I can promise you, your #1 genetic beast will sell for a big price at our auction center!”

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