Chapter 348: The Black Egg that Digs out Eyes

Chapter 348: The Black Egg that Digs out Eyes

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Han suddenly felt disgusted since Black Egg was treating the activated Thousand-Arms Asura as food and was drooling all over the floor. Han, as a normal human being, had no interest in that piece of hard metal.

Han smiled lightly. No matter what, Black Egg finally had a reason to fight. Being the top tier battle force by Han’s side, Black Egg was far stronger than Silver Fox, Ghost Claw and Demon Claw. Even Han was no match for him. Black Egg could easily beat Han up even without using the Soul Kill ability, which was enough to prove his power.

Now, this Twin-Gold-Pupil Soul Beast finally showed a strong will to fight, and this was exactly what Han was looking for.

"Good! Kill him! You can do whatever you want to this thing!" Han yelled out loud to Black Egg.


After hearing that, the Black Egg rushed up ahead without waiting. Han and Pluto also followed behind.

This was their strongest fighting potential in the whole team.


Black Egg could fly. He dodged the Thousand-Arms Asura like a swift missile, rushing onto its face and scratching it fiercely with its sharp claws!

This was just a warm-up. Black Egg’s strongest attack was the black beams of light shot from his mouth. The destructive ability of these were not any less than the arrows of the Flying Feather Bow. Also, with Black Egg’s speed and mobility, it was a fatal threat to any enemy.

Nobody knew what kind of power Pluto used to have in the past. However, he now had a fibrotic body and had become a phenomenal warrior. The power gained from the fibrous body allowed Pluto to play with metal like a piece of dough.

Pluto’s strength was quite shocking. He wasn’t even afraid of being attacked. The fibrotic body had a high level of elasticity. The enemies’ attacks on his body were like hitting an elastic ball, only being strong enough to bounce off Pluto, but were still far from hurting him. Even the sharpest sword could not go though his body.

Luo Ying’s Banshee was a bizarre super power. The Banshee Protector didn’t belong to a class of superpower since even though Han opened his Void End, she could still go here and there without being affected.

In general, the Banshee was good with spirit attacks. She could go through the enemies’ body like a shadow and directly destroy their soul. In addition, she can also turn herself into a physical entity, where her eagle-like claw could scratch though the enemies’ body and pull out their heart. It was such a horrifying but realistic existence.

In terms of Jian Jia, she was always so proud of herself. With the rare full-water-system superpower, she was actually still the weakest existence on the team. On one hand, her rank was not high enough. On the other hand, even though the full-water-system was rare, it might not necessarily have a phenomenal power. Most of the time, Jian Jia’s attack was even weaker than Pluto or Han’s fist.

Both of these guys were pretty strong in close-up battles. Pluto was using incredible brute strength, and Han was the embodiment of chaotic dark forces. With these fists landing, each really felt like it was capable of shattering earth and heaven.

However, although Jian Jia’s power was not as strong, she was a top tier battlefield supporter. She could release cold air and freeze enemies. When Han needed a boost to jump, Jian Jia could make out an ice block so that Han could maneuver precisely with his Six Paths of Void by stepping on the ice.

When protection was needed, Jian Jia could also set up traps, or build an icy wall.

All in all, even though it was a temporary team, every team member brought an unique asset to the team. They all brought out their skills which made their collective battle strength phenomenal.

In terms of Han’s enemy, which was the so-called Humanoid Weapon—the Thousand-Arms Asura, was in a difficult position.

Han finally discovered, Black Egg wasn’t interested in the hard metal body of the Thousand-Arms Asura, but his third eye.

Apostle Zero absorbed the power from the three elders that had opened their Sky Eyes and connected his Eye of Reincarnation with the Thousand-Arms Asura. After a series of complicated transformations and changes, the Thousand-Arms Asura’s third eye, which was glowing with red light, suddenly turned into an energy that Han has never seen before. It was full of source energy, dark energy, the biological forces that belonged to the clones, as well as rare forces that belonged to other humanoid weapons.

Black Egg was actually highly interested in this strange and complicated source of energy. He was flying in the air and tried to grab the face of the Thousand-Arms Asura, as if he was trying to pull out his third eye.

Back in the old days, Black Egg was really hungry for Han’s power. The energy of Han was a combination of two forces, source energy and dark energy. Now, facing this Thousand-Arms Asura whose third eye gathered at least four different powers, it was such a huge temptation to Black Egg. He seemed to be afraid of destroying the third eye of Asura, but also was determined to pull out the third eye and eat it himself.

Han was thinking in his mind, "Is Black Egg not interested in normal energy bodies but rather those complex mixed ones? If so, it will be kind of hard to feed him. Where can I even get that many complex mixed energy bodies for him?"

However, Black Egg’s attack towards the Thousand-Arms Asura did give him big trouble. Undoubtedly, Asura’s third eye must be his important means of attack. But now, his third eye lost its function.

While Black Egg was so aggressively trying to pull out Asura’s third eye, Asura not only couldn’t use his third eye, but also had to cover it with his hand to avoid the attacks from Black Egg.

Han and Pluto were fighting face to face, Black Egg was determined to pull out the enemy’s eye, and Jian Jia was supporting from far away.


Jian Jia’s Banshee Protector opened her eye wide and dodged an attack. Then, she rushed to somewhere slightly far from the battlefield. She took out a black crystal from the dead body of Apostle Zero and handed it to Han.

At this moment, Han suddenly had an illusion. This Banshee was not scary at all. She even looked kind, and was smiling warmly to him.

Unfortunately, this moment flashed away. The Banshee showed her cold face again and continued to fight.

Han looked down at the black crystal on his hand. It was actually the last piece of the Dark Crystal left by Lu Yao after his death. This piece of crystal was different than the other pieces, it was a black diamond crystal, and the color was darker than the other ones.

So it turns out that this crystal had been hidden in Apostle Zero’s body. His body was thrown out after his death, so the crystal fell onto the ground. Fortunately, the Banshee spotted it right away and picked it up from his dead body.

"With this, then all seven crystals are gathered!" Han suddenly realized.

At the same time, Black Egg finally went berserk. He wanted that eye, but it was firmly defended by the Thousand-Arms Asura, and that pissed Black Egg off. He began accelerating like mad, and charged right at the Thousand-Arms Asura’s arm, instantly shattering it.

At this point, Black Egg’s deep black claw grabbed the eye immediately, that strange red-light eye was then pulled out directly!