Chapter 295: Death of #5

Chapter 295: Death of #5

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The audience became silent. What happened was completely unexpected! This triple-eyed monster’s performance was surprising. It was actually powerful enough to instantly eliminate 8 other genetic beasts.

At this moment, all that was left was the triple-eyed beast and Han’s number beast. Everyone was concerned about the result of these two powerful beasts, yet Han already slightly lifted his eyes and began searching for the master of that unusual three-eyed monster

“Why is your Number Beast still not attacking?” Boya curiously asked Han while still furiously waving the flag.

“Because it got scared.” Han said lightly.

“Scared?! Number can get scared too?!”

Not only was Boya shocked, everyone else almost couldn’t believe what they heard. Number had been performing exceptionally well during the preliminaries, easily taking down all opponents that stood in its path. At the gambling station outside of the arena, Number was the one with the lowest odds to lose, and everyone all expected Number to take the final victory.

But now, Han actually said Number was scared? How’s that possible?!

“Yes, just now when the three-eyed monster attacked the other genetic beasts, that was the best opportunity to attack for Number. But, it missed the chance due to fear, and that just showed that the threat posed by the three-eyed monster is not light. If there’s no accident, Number will lose this fight.” Han said in an abnormally calm voice.

Sure enough, right after his voice faded, they saw the three-eyed monster suddenly jump up. At the same time, the Number beast that was forced into a corner also finally decided to give its last effort and charge towards the three-eyed monster.

Unfortunately, due to fear, Number already missed its most optimal opportunity to strike. Right after its body jumped up, a dozen holes were opened in its body by the triple-eyed beasts’ soft tentacles and died right on the spot.

“F*ck! I even bet thousands of points for your win!” Fran stomped the ground angrily.

The audiences also began b*tching, many people that previously betted Han to win shredded their tickets and threw them into the air in dissatisfaction.

“Now please welcome the masters of these genetic beasts to come up, and receive the rewards in accordance with the final ranking!” The elder that facilitated the battle said in a deep voice.

Han stood up and walked to the center of the battle field. Although the dead body of the genetic beasts were taken away, there still were blood stain, and where Han stood was right on top of the spot where Number died. He looked at the blood below his feet and frowned.

“Useless piece of sh*t! You pay me back the money I lost!”

“I actually betted on you to win, I’m really blind!”

Han immediately became the target of public criticism, and many people that lost the gamble began cursing at him.

“A bet is a bet, then concede the defeat! All of you shut up!” The Elder shouted, and since he was one of the managers of the Star Lord city, the scene immediately quieted down. But, those cursed words still made Han’s face a bit cold, and the three addicts, Ye Weiwei, and Jian Jia all felt a little embarrassed.

No one could make sense of what happened, the Number beast that sailed easily all the way here, how did it just lose this easily.

Han was ranked second, standing at the spot in the center. There was a vacant spot beside him, saved for the champion but that person has yet to appear.

After a little while, a young man with little eyes finally came out. After taking a clear look of his face, Han suddenly hesitated because he was of the God race, and also one of the rare ones that opened their third eye!

Although the war between humans and the triple-eyed God race was imminent, but at the Star Lord city, it was as big of a thing as a sesame seed.

In this place filled with talents from all over the universe, humans were just a very small branch, and so was the three-eyed race. Both were very hard to come across in the city.

But today, Han encountered a real member of the three-eyed God Race. There was a gap on his forehead, an obvious gap. Once opened, Han would be able to see the third eye.

But for the majority of the God Race, there’s no gap on their forehead because they didn’t activate their third eye yet.

That Three-Eyed beast tamer with small eyes faintly smiled towards Han. It wasn’t the kind out of goodwill, but a smile full of ridicule mockery. Then, he stood beside Han, and the woman-like perfume scent made Han’s nose very itchy.

“First place’s winner is, Three-Eyed Race, Heyuan!”

“Second place’s winner is, Human Race, Han!”


When Han’s name was announced, the audiences booed.

Han showed no emotion, he accepted the congratulation from the City Management side and also a simple map of Mystic Valley. With this map, Han would have a much easier time in the challenge later.

At this point, the beast tamer’s battle finished. Although Han didn’t get first place, he still got the qualification to enter the Mystic Valley.

Han turned around and intended to leave, but at this moment, Heyuan from the Three-Eyed Race suddenly used a mocking tone and said to Han, “Your best genetic beast is dead, just wait for death when you get into Mystic Valley.”


Han turned around, lightly raised his eyebrows and said to Heyuan, “What did you say?”

“I said you don’t have your Number Beast anymore, you are dead!” Heyuan continued to repeat his words.



Han just gently brushed over Lunar Mark, and a whole row of genetic beasts appeared at the scene, each more furious and powerful than the one that just died. Such powerful monsters actually appeared together in the form of an army, it immediately scared everyone at the scene.

Han lightly said, “One Number is down, I got more! Why not try to f*ck with me?”

Heyuan’s face completely turned green and had awkward written all over it.

It’s very hard to make high level genetic beasts, and each was the crystallization of tremendous amounts of effort and time.

How was he supposed to know Han’s number series genetic beasts were not made, but synchronized! During this period of time, Han created a new batch during his spare time.

Other genetic beasts were talked about in single entities, but Han talks in armies.

And Han’s mouth wasn’t clean too, clearly showing that he’s ashamed to use the number advantage to bully Heyuan.

Not even Heyuan’s three-eyed beast dared to make a sound. It was not hard to kill one Number, but it was to kill a group of beasts that are even stronger than the last one! If it dares to move, then Han dares to execute it on the spot!

“How can have so many genetic beasts?” Heyuan gritted his teeth and said.

“None of your business. Bite me?” Han continued his provocative language.

Seeing that the situation was not looking well, the judge that served the All Gods Corporation finally stepped out and stopped the argument. That helped Heyuan avoid a more embarrassing situation. Heyuan just sneered, and then turned around and left.

Han retrieved his genetic beast army and also backed out of the arena. Then, he was immediately surrounded by his friends.

“Han, you actually carry around a f*cking army?! Look at that Three-Eye’s face, it was turning purple. You scared him quite a lot this time.”

“Awesome, with your army, we have an even higher chance to pass the Mystic Valley.”

Ke Lake frowned and said, “Although the genetic fusion beast army is strong, you still shouldn’t reveal your cards too early. As the saying goes, for a gentleman to take revenge, ten years is not a long wait.”

Han just casually replied, “I’m not a gentleman. What ten years, if there’s a need to revenge, I will execute it on the spot.”

“Holy f*ck, Han I like your personality! Don’t worry guys, you guys still have me! Three days later, I will take you guys pass Mystic Valley.” Jian Jia was clearly very excited. She rolled up her sleeves, patted herself on the chest like a man and guaranteed.

Three days later, Mystic Valley.

Han mumbled to himself as he tried to find Heyuan, but no traces were found.

Don’t know why, Han was still a little worried. The death of his Number beast and the suddenly appearing Three-Eyed race was very surprising. Han smelled the restlessness in the air.