Chapter 126: The Man that Puts His Life on the Line(Part One)

Chapter 126: The Man that Puts His Life on the Line


Retracing his moves, Han calmed down his nerves and let out a long breath.

Han battles fiercely and passionately like a tiger, completely different from his normal self. Each one of his moves all contained the strong will of battle that can slay heaven and earth, gods and devils.

The battle version of Han disappeared, and the normal version of Han smiled at the stunned Pathless and Night Walker mentors and said, “Masters, is my Star Break fist still okay?”


Pathless slightly frowned and said, “Yes, it’s still okay. You added a lot of your own elements on the foundation I taught you, that’s very good.”

“Next, I’m going to pass on to you the first three paths of the Star Breaker Fist.”

“They are, Path of Heaven, Path of Earth, Path of Men, which one do you believe is the strongest amongst the three? Which one’s weakest?”

Han thought about it and said, “Path of Heaven should be the strongest, and Path of Men should be the weakest.”


“Because people are insignificant and small compared to heaven and earth.”


Pathless laughed aloud, but suddenly, his eyes became sharp and he replied in a deep voice, “Wrong, what you said is convention. In the conventional world, heaven is obviously the strongest, then earth, then men.”

“But you have to remember, this martial art that I’m passing on to you breaks the routine! It puts all conventions or logics underfoot!”

“Even the mere human, with enough courage and determination, can still split heaven and break earth! If heaven’s in your way, then split that heaven! If earth is blocking your path, then shatter the earth! Break free from all the shackles of rules, reverse conventional paths, and that’s the ultimate goal of this martial art!”

Han was shocked, he never thought that the name Star Breaker Fist contains such domineering and profound esoteric meaning!

Break rules and shackles! Reverse conventional paths! It’s awesome to even hear the sound of it.

If Han knew that what he learned is actually a forbidden art, then he won’t be that surprised anymore. If existences like the forbidden techniques aren’t used to break conventional rules, then what would make it different from those ordinary martial arts?

Pathless waved his hand and said in a lower voice, “Okay, today I’m going to teach you the first path of those three initial paths. Path of Heaven! Sky Break Strike!”

Very soon, Night Walker and Pathless left the training room, leaving Han there alone as they observed from the transparent window outside of the training room.

“learning martial art requires absolute silence and focus, especially this kind of terrifying top tier forbidden art Six Paths of Void. If we continued to stay in the training room and accidently distracted Han and caused him to lose focus during the training, it’s very possible that his soul itself will be surrendered to the devil!” Pathless explained to Night Walker why he dragged him out.

Night Walker slightly frowned and said, “I understand that training needs silence, but what you taught him is a bit too simple isn’t it? A few sentences, one move, and that’s all?”

Pathless replied in disagreement, “What else can I do? Six Paths of Void is not only a forbidden art, it’s also a natural descent consciousness class forbidden technique. How well Han can learn this path will fully depend on his interpretation of the power.”

“Now Han understands what kind of tactic leads towards the Path of Heaven, and the rest is just hardworking practice and then develop his own insight during the practice.”

Night Walker nodded, “There’s indeed a big difference between martial art and pharmacology. Us scientists that are engaged in pharmacological studies have to patiently study everything in details and strive to understand all the points, but you guys just pay attention to the stream of consciousness and rely on insight instead of explanations.”



While they talked, Han continued to practice inside the training room, the so-called Path of Heaven, in fact, contains just one move, Sky Crossing Fist. Now, Pathless still doesn’t let Han use weapon, so Han’s just practicing punches. Once Han grasps a deeper understanding, then with a blade it would be Sky Crossing Slash.

Pathless said very proudly, “You do pharmacology, after all it’s a skill. But 6 Paths of Void is a Tao, when Han can break free from the limitation of fixed moves and rules and bring the Sky Crossing Strike to a higher level, then he truly mastered the true meaning behind the 1st path.”

Night Walker thought for a moment and said, “With Han’s potential, how long will it take?”

Pathless shrugged his shoulders and said, “How would I know, I spent a year and half anyway.”

“That long?” Night Walker hesitated, rubbed his chin and said, “We can’t just let him spend the next one and half year practicing one move. Next week I’m teaching him pharmacology, it will be like giving his mind some refreshment by letting him study something else. Otherwise he’s going to become stupid sooner or later.”

“Fine, come next week then.”

Pathless isn’t opposed to Night Walker’s proposal, because he knows very well, the reason why they both enjoy spending time with Han, aside from the fact that Han has amazing talent, it’s also because they have been bored like hell since they can’t leave Oblivion Realm.

One week after, Night Walker arrived by a small shuttle, as promised.

They are all brothers (TL: not biological), so they Night Walker didn’t greet and went straight into Pathless’s castle.

He just saw pathless standing in front of that window outside of the training room, there are some sort of surprise in his eyes, and also some confusion.

“Old Monster, my wife asked when you are going to go to my house and visit. This time you can also bring Han.” Night Walker laughed and walked over, and watched Han train too with Pathless.

Compared to the previous week, Han’s Sky Crossing Strike has been greatly improved, and it’s even visible to someone like Night Walker who doesn’t know much about martial art. Attack, retrieve, the Sky Crossing strike is briskly and cleanly performed, as if it had been refined over many years.

“Oh, good progress. How long has Han practiced?” Night Walker asked.

“Ever since you left.”


“Since you left, Han hasn’t come out yet.” Pathless curled his lips and said.

“Oh no! He’s that desperate?” Night Walker was alarmed, it’s very hard for him to imagine that Han had practiced in the training room for 7 days and 7 nights straight!

“Han’s not eating?”

“Almost not eating, he just chews on an energy bar when he’s hungry.”

Night Walker suddenly wanted to puke, although energy bar is very nutritious, but its taste is like wax, comparable to sh*t.

And Han could eat that thing for a week?!

Night Walker became very emotional and said in a lowered voice, “No wonder this little guy can rise at such an alarming rate in the Milky Way, so he’s that desperate!”

Pathless gently nodded his head in agreement.

At this moment, Pathless and Night Walker’s eyes are filled with surprises. Nowadays, what kind of people are most lovable?

Of course it’s geniuses, those favored by heaven and received world’s attention.

What kind of people are more likable than geniuses?

Of course it’s determined and relentless people like Han, talented, but also more hardworking than anyone else!

Such young man, who wouldn’t like him?