Chapter 93: Lunar Mark

Chapter 93: Lunar Mark

Han was very puzzled because the beam didn’t send him anything, didn’t the system say there was a special guest gift? Could it be a system error?

Just as Han was thinking, the display lit up again. On top was written, “Passed three tests consecutively, won the Title of Advanced Killing Machine, special reward: Lunar Mark, one, hidden dimension storage tool, one thousand cubic meters of storage space, completely DNA binding, activates on thought.”

Han was suddenly shocked.

These words meant, because he passed all three tests, the system rewarded him this thing called a Lunar Mark that can only be used by him?

The key feature of it was that its storage space was one thousand cubic meters?

In the Milky Way, an one cubic meter storage ring could be sold for 50 million GC, and a storage ring of 10 cubic meters was worth at least 700 million!

How much was a one thousand cubic meters’ storage tool worth? Han was not sure, because such an advanced storage tool couldn’t be bought! Even if it could be, it would be valued over one hundred billion GC right?

Moreover, the Lunar Mark was hidden. Han couldn’t see it because it was still in stealth mode and it hasn’t made it appearance yet.

“Lunar Mark?” Han thought.


All he saw was a silver necklace in front of him with a forefront ornament.

Han quickly grabbed the Lunar Mark. Its texture was cool and smooth. He gently touched that black dimensional storm, and saw the enormous spaced inside! One thousand cubic meters! It could only be more not less!


Han wore the Lunar Mark on his neck, and commanded it in his heart to be invisible.

Then, what silver necklace? The only thing left on his neck was the necklace that his mother left him.

Han was way too excited, this necklace was too awesome, not only does did it have a huge storage space, it could also become invisible?

That meant, even if he filled it up with all the goodies he found in the relic and got out, he wouldn’t be caught by the Alliance because, after all, the Lunar Mark couldn’t be seen or touched. It had already bounded with Han’s DNA, which meant that it will only be opened upon summoning.

A large risk usually meant a larger reward. Han got 4 treasures in one swoop inside this Level 7 Trial field. Its total value was at least over two hundred billion GC! If Han can get out of here alive, he will be rich!


The gate that sealed the floating tower opened up. Han thought about it and decided to put on the Elliptical Matrix combat suit he just got, and put the Star Pierce Moon Slayer on his back. He then packed up his blueprint and strode out.

The scene outside surprised Han. Cracked ground, the earth was covered with bottomless ravines, huge mountains completely shattered by the huge tower. The whole scene was as tragic as if there had just been a world war.


Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice calling him.

Han turned around. It turned out to be Lan Feng. He was still wearing his glasses on his familiar white face, but right now he looked like a mess. His body was covered by dirt with lots of sand in his hair.

Lan Feng ran down over to him in one breath, pointed at that huge united tower and said, “Did you do this?”

Han frowned, “Probably, why are you here too?”


Lan Feng sighed and said, “Of course I was forced by my family. I said I don’t want to be a soldier, my parents said that I was a good for nothing and embarrassed our ancestors. Now look at me, I’m trapped inside the relic and they think I’m probably dead, now they should be crying right? If they had known, they probably wouldn’t have sent me.”

“Oh right, let me introduce a friend to you. Landis Mulin Lamu, come out, Han’s not a stranger.”

“Don’t call me by my full name!”

Lance gave Lan Feng a fierce stare, walked out of stealth and smiled at Han.

Lan Feng looked at Lance and looked at Han, surprised, “So you two have already met?”

Han laughed and said, “Yes, we met once right outside of the dark hall. How are you?”

Lance pouted, “I’m okay, could’ve been better if I didn’t almost get smashed in the head by that giant tower. Just what were you doing? How did you get that big thing fall to the ground? Lucky that we are both fast runners, otherwise we don’t even be talking to you right now.”

Han was reluctant to reveal too much, so he simply said, “It was just a trial, I don’t even know why this thing fell to the ground while I was in it.”

Lance looked around, and said in a deep voice, “We shouldn’t stay here for too long, what just happened will probably attract over some dark beasts. We must leave here first and talk after we get to somewhere safe.”

Lan Feng and Han both nodded.

Suddenly, at the corner of his eyes, Han saw a golden flower growing on something black. No matter how he looked at it, it looks like the dark fusion beast’s remains that he buried earlier. Due to the impact of that huge tower falling from the sky, the Earth Claw’s buried remains came back to the surface of the ground again.

“Give me one minute.” Han said in a deep voice.

He rushed over, picked up the Earth Claw’s remain with his two hands and carefully observed.

After dark fusion beasts die, they will turn into a ball of soft genetic material, but why is there a strange golden flower blooming on it? Han didn’t know, but the weight of the Earth Claw’s remains seemed to have increased a bit, and the middle felt pretty hard.

With great curiosity, Han gently broke apart this piece of genetic material, and saw a stone. It was black in color, inlaid with gold patterns and was very beautiful. When put under the nose, the stone even had a fragrance.

Han didn’t discriminate against dark fusion beasts, the Earth Claw used his short life span and saved Han before. If it wasn’t for him, Han would have probably died already in the belly of a dark beast. Or multiple dark beasts.

Thinking for a bit, Han took the stone into the storage ring and buried the rest of the Earth Claw back down into the soil.

“Han was that guy you mentioned that brought a dark fusion beast onto the battlefield?” Lan Feng saw Lance squinting his eyes and looking at Han, so he asked out of curiosity.

“Yep, we also said that if we both survive we will team up. According to my observation, he’s much more reliable than you because he’s a true warrior, and you are more like a poet.” Lance said as he watched Han bury the Earth Claw.

Lan Feng pointed at the huge united tower and said, “He even brought this thing down from the sky, broke the system, and you say he’s reliable?”


Lance was speechless for a moment. That’s true, although Han’s speech gave off a feeling of reliability, his actions weren’t that reliable. He used dark fusion beasts and he even brought down the tower. Just what does he have against laws and rules…


Suddenly, a shrill roar came from the distance, Lance suddenly hesitated and shouted, “Hurry, it’s a dark beast herd.”

Then, he laid on the floor with his ears close the ground.



The earth was slightly tremoring. Lance’s face became pale; the quantity of dark beasts was probably at least one million.

So, all three of them ran right away. Lance apparently received scout training before so he led the way in front, and Han and Lan Feng closely followed him.

Although Lan Feng was wearing glasses and was a very sentimental guy, his running speed was actually faster than Han. During the pressure exam, Han accidently found out about Lan Feng’s level, a pinnacle 5-star esper who was very close to 6-stars. He is for sure one of the few absolute geniuses in the Milky Way, but unfortunately his personality didn’t make him suitable to be a soldier.

As for Lance, Han didn’t know what level this stealth type esper was, probably not worse than Lan Feng. In the case where the vast majority of people were already dead, the survivors were obviously top-notch talents.

Han looked back. The herd of dark beasts really appeared. It was like a black tsunami that swooped through the valley and the desert towards them. Obviously, these monsters had found them, and began their chase!

Dark beast was just a general term. In fact, these monsters were divided into many types, some were like two-headed wolves, some were like the hybrid of a lion and cheetah, these were all produced from the gene factory by extracting genetic information of ferocious species in the Milky Way.

Perhaps the dark beast technology used by the prehistoric civilization still had some defects. These monsters all had no hair, black bare skin, with a creepy reflection shinning under the sun light.

The gap was getting smaller, and Han could even hear the gasping sounds of those dark beasts.

Millions of dark beasts! Han knew clearly, just the three of them alone won’t be the opponent of that many dark beasts.

Just at this extremely critical moment, something strange surged!

Lance suddenly stopped, turned pale and shouted at Han and Lan Feng, “There’s no road in front of us! It’s a bottomless ditch!”

“Jump! Jump! Jump!” Han shouted, “Even if we die from the fall, our dead body will still be in one piece rather than be chewed up and digested!”


Lance anxiously stomped his foot, closed his eyes and jumped forward.

Right after he jumped, Lan Feng and Han also arrived, the two suddenly became dumbfounded, what kind of ditch is he talking about! It’s a f**king abyss!

It’s pitch black, who knows how deep it was!

“The fall will kill us!”

“Still better than getting chewed to death!”

Han didn’t even give Lan Feng a chance to reply, he grabbed him by the neck and both of them jumped!