Chapter 428: Difficult Situation, Certain Death!

Chapter 428: Difficult Situation, Certain Death!

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Han would’ve never had imagined that Wai Late Dao’s Soul Formation Spell was so similar to his Six Paths of the Void.

Regarding the Six Paths of the Void, Han had asked Pathless Origin before, but he didn’t know the origin of the Six Paths of the Void either. He only knew that this technique was from when his teacher’s teacher’s teacher found it somewhere, and then he viewed it as a treasure and passed it on from there.

Until today that Han saw Wai Late Dao, if they could both survive this battle, then maybe Han could get some information on the Six Paths of the Void from him.

Han also would never have imagined how powerful Lone Abyss’s black coffin was.

When the black coffin was opened, violent wind started and blew the Demonic Vines up from the ground. Han and his crew had to hide behind the huge body of Wai Late Dao after he had powered up in order to avoid this odd storm.

"Keep holding on! You must hold onto me tightly!"

"This is the King Kong Armor of the Black Abyss family. Anyone who is qualified from the Black Abyss family would all create an armor of their own, this is their strongest equipment.

The storm became stronger and stronger, Han had never seen anyone who could create such a huge storm. This wasn’t even wind from nature, but this was created from the energy that had been suppressed.

It was like the armor in the coffin had been suppressed for too long, so it needed to demonstrate its power.


In the energy storm, Han could hear a long howl, it was for at least a couple of minutes.

The energy storm continued for a couple of minutes. Han hid behind Wai Late Dao and clung onto him for his dear life. The same went for Blue Star, Jian Jia, and Silver Fox.

Thanks to the extremely loyal Blue Star, he was holding onto Jian Jia and Silver Fox and his claws were almost ripping apart, but he still didn’t let them go.

The strong energy storm was slowly making Wai Late Dao, who was hundreds of meters tall, move back as well. His feet didn’t move but he was drifting backwards slowly.


Suddenly, Han felt a weird warm energy from Silver Fox’s body!

This kind of energy calmed people down. It was like lying in a green forest, bathing under the warm sunlight.

Silver Fox was trying to replenish everyone’s energy and giving everyone a buff?

Han was shocked. He didn’t know when Silver Fox learned to do this. His energy level was so strong that it scared others, but he could also pass it on to help his friends?

How did he do that?

"Thanks!" Wai Late Dao felt the energy from Silver Fox so he said.

This really wasn’t their first time collaborating. Wai Late Dao saved Silver Fox last time too. It was just that Wai Late Dao wouldn’t let Silver Fox tell people, so Silver Fox had to hide it from Han.

Silver Fox’s energy was like a big tree with meters upon meters of very strong roots. Even if it was storming outside, the tree could still help people avoid the rain.


When this rare energy storm stopped, Silver Fox fell to the ground. His face was ash white and he was gasping for air while hugging his tail.

The energy storm was about to begin again. Nobody was dumb enough to release their energy completely. The energy that created the storm was returning to inside the black coffin. The storm was like a form of showing off, and then scaring lower leveled opponents.

Han hurried to hold the weak Silver Fox with his arms.

Silver Fox raised his face and smiled at Han proudly, to him as long as he can help his master, everything else would be secondary.

He was currently covered with a saint-like aura. The light was not very strong. It seemed rather weak, but it was amazingly tough, and the light was slowly and steadily replenishing Silver Fox’s energy.

This was the power of the plants.

Even though power from the plant system was never the strongest, but it was the warmest, and toughest!

This kind of energy can help everyone. Regardless of whether they are from the red bloodline or the golden bloodline, plants were selfless. They wouldn’t think there were differences between the different bloodlines.

Their other characteristic was that they were tough, even though Silver Fox was releasing a lot of energy in a short period of time, his body was still healthy like a tree. After a storm, the broken branches could still repair itself - regardless of how strong the storm was, it wouldn’t be able to pull the tree from its roots.

After the storm, almost nothing was standing on the white icy ground, exposing the golden earth, the ground was made of metal, making it extremely strong.


Han looked around him. His troop of Demonic Vines and those skeletons that were revived were blown far far away. In the distance, a huge ice mountain formed. All of the Demonic Vines and skeletons were sealed within the mountain.

Black Egg wasn’t found either, maybe he was blown away by this energy storm too.

The situation of the battle was simplified. There was only Eight-Claw Flying Nether beside Lone Abyss. He clung onto the black coffin earlier, thus he was not blown away. As to Lone Abyss, he was probably inside the coffin.

Han, Blue Star, Wai Late Dao, and Jian Jia were all okay. Their energy were on the same level as they were before.

But because Silver Fox wanted to add energy to his master and friends, he used up most of his energy already!


Silver Fox was selfless. He never even thought about himself, only thinking of helping Han defend against this situation and used up a lot of his energy. His master still needed to fight, he couldn’t let his master get hurt!

So he released his energy without a second thought. All the energy that belonged to him was now passed onto Han, Blue Star, Jian Jia, and Wai Late Dao.

This whole energy storm was basically fought off by Silver Fox himself.

Han had never ordered Silver Fox to do this, he did it out of his own will!


Suddenly, the black coffin opened, a black monster jumped out and stood across from Wai Late Dao. One of them was sparkling gold, the other was a depressing black, creating a huge contrast in colors.

The biggest difference was actually the state that each was in. After transforming via Trial of Man, Wai Late Dao was like a golden buddha, like one of the statues in the temples, it carried an air of might without anger.

While Lone Abyss was more like a bug, a huge bug, a weird black bug that walked on two legs. He had antennas on his head, and teeth like bugs. He had black shells and spikes on his arms. It was just his eyes that were kind of like before he transformed.

Regardless of height, body shape, energy, Lone Abyss was winning. With Wai Late Dao as a golden buddha looking at Lone Abyss’s armor, it was like a teenager looking at an adult.

Wai Late Dao said coldly, "I would never have imagined that your armor is of the insect race!"


Lone Abyss sneered and said, "The Black Abyss family never cared about their methods! As long as I can kill you, why does it matter whether my armor is an insect or a beast?"

Wai Late Dao’s eyes were red, "The legendary Golden Family was ruined by you guys who don’t care about your methods! You forgot our ancestors honor, you guys aren’t of the golden family, you guys are degenerates!

"But now, it is us who are the degenerates who are ruling the Golden Family!" Lone Abyss yelled loudly, "Honor? What good does honor do? In this group, power is everything! Winner is king!"

Their conversation helped Han understand that the golden family was actually split apart already. A portion of the golden family was kicked out, Wai Late Dao was probably one of them. And Howling-Forest, he had half of the golden bloodline, so he might be an heir to someone who was kicked out of the family as well.

The fight between Lone Abyss and Wai Late Dao got more and more aggressive. They each leveled up their aura continuously. The gold and black giant were about to engage in a match to the death.

Han took advantage of this time to say to Jian Jia, "Once the fight starts, you need to take Silver Fox and run as far away as possible."

Jian Jia was shocked, she finally got to see Han and from her stubborn personality, she was planning on helping Han with all her power.

But now, Han almost ordered her to take away the weak Silver Fox. This made her angry and pouted her mouth in front of Han.

"I don’t joke around on the battleground," Han glared at Jian Jia and said again.

Of course Han wasn’t joking. Silver Fox had given up so much for the team, and Han as the master has to protect him, just like how he protected Han!

Jian Jia felt a huge wave of pressure and shuddered.

Silver Fox was extremely moved by Han again, ever since they met, Han had been nothing but extremely nice to him. Even at the most critical points, Han still remembered Silver Fox. He was scared that Silver Fox would join the battle regardless of his injuries, so that was why he wanted Jian Jia to take him away.

This was a rare positive loop. Silver Fox cared about Han with all his heart, and Han did his best to care for Silver Fox too. The longer they spent together, the stronger and more intimate their relationship. They wouldn’t be separated by any sort of obstacle.

Oddly, the usually stubborn Miss Jian Jia had no control over Han. A glare from Han gave her a lot of mental pressure, it was like if she didn’t listen to his order, she would be committing a crime.

Even though on the surface it seemed like Jian Jia was unhappy, she still really wanted to listen to Han.


The fight between Wai Late Dao and Lone Abyss finally started. The two giants tangled together. Lone Abyss was easily beating Wai Late Dao with his superior body and power, his insect like armor aimed downwards and threw Wai Late Dao into the sky with his back.


And then Lone Abyss jumped up and hit Wai Late Dao with his two arms, smashing Wai Late Dao onto the ground with a loud thud, bouncing him up.

And Han, he was attacked by Eight-Claw Flying Nether. The thousand-meter long monster waved its 8 arms, whipping them towards Han’s head.


"Blue Star!"


"Fight him!"

Han pushed Jian Jia aside and avoided Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s attacks and jumped onto the back of Blue Star.


The automatic medicine box opened on his arm, and Han swallowed three pieces of the top notch Mad God pill.

After receiving orders, Blue Star rushed forward!

This loyal little guy who looked kind of dumb rushed towards Eight-Claw Flying Nether with all his might. His claws turned into blurry shadows as a result of his speed.

Ever since he had evolved, Blue Star because the definition of accuracy, he became a high efficiency killer.

With the blink of an eye, Blue Star already came to the side of Eight-Claw Flying Nether.

"Jump!" Han ordered loudly again.


Blue Star’s body sunk down and then immediately bounced up, throwing Han high into the sky.

Within moments, Han was on the same level as Eight-Claw Flying Nether. He pulled the Flying Feather Bow with all his might and his whole body began emitting white light.

The light layer of white light was the soul power that Han had recently started learning. It was a kind of mental power that would dramatically improve Han’s battle abilities.

In addition to the advanced drug Mad God, Han felt like he had reached the peak of his source energy!

The Flying Feather Bow was pulled into a curved bow like Han!

Accelerate! Close in! Jump! Soul power and drugs double strengthening upgrade!

Everything that Han was doing now was preparing for the attack that he was about to do next.

The distance was less than 100 meters!

Han basically had the bow right at Eight-Claw Flying Nether’s forehead.

And then, an explosive shot of extreme light was launched!