Chapter 450: The secret of Dragon Spirit Grass

Chapter 450: The secret of Dragon Spirit Grass

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At the Cursed grounds, in the Wolf Fang main base.

Even though Dragon Gate Flying Feather’s appearance disrupted the original plan, the mission could still be described as successful. The high-level items from the western side of the Dark Net strengthened the combat ability of the group. The addition of Lu Shui Qiu Lin also made the loosely organized Wolf Fang more powerful.

9527 brought his old friend Lu Shui Qiun Lin for a tour around the base. They arrived at the blue lake and 9527 proudly pointed at the light blue water and said, "Our base is made of 3 parts. The first is my space station and the second is this blue lake."

"Under the blue lake, there is a crystal lotus flower. It absorbs the energy from the ground and after purifying the energy, it releases the energy into the lake. Normally, if one soaks in the lake for a while, they would feel their energy improve drastically. It’s all due to the blue lake that the average level of the army has improved to the level of a standard warlord army. Even the weakest member is at the beginner warlord level. As for Sima Hunfeng, he had surpassed the super warlord peak level."

Lu Shui Qiu Lin was stunned, "Super warlord pinnacle level? He was only at the intermediate level a few months ago."

"Yes." 9627 said, ‘That is his talent. In contrast, Han is an all-around genius. Sima Hunfeng is known for his superior combat ability."

"Now that you are here. If you add Sima Hunfeng, Wai Late Dao, and I, Wolf Fang has four super warlords. Of course, for me, my level is high but my combat ability is much weaker than you guys."

"Furthermore, we have Han. As you have seen, there is a drastic difference in the combat ability of the group with and without Han. Even though he has not surpassed the warlord level, his combat ability rivals that of a warlord. It is quite strange."

9527 continuously introduced the members of the group. Lu Shui Qiu Lin discovered that the strength of the group was not combat ability but its diversity. It was comprised of all kinds of talents. There was an expert in every field.

There were also many individuals who were impossible to assign a level to. For example, it was difficult to categorize the type of warrior and level of Pluto. The same was true for Black Egg. Even though he was only a strange Beast, his combat ability was insanely strong.

Even though the organization of Wolf Fang was complicated, their combat ability was astoundingly powerful. This was the conclusion Lu Shui Qiu Ying had just reached.

At the moment, the blue lake had many people who were tinkering with their various toys. There was someone playing their instrument and another was drawing a picture of the lake.

Lu Shui Qiu Lin frowned and said, "The army has always been like this?"

"You mean undisciplined?" 9527 asked.

Lu Shui Qiu Lin nodded.

9527 wryly smiled, "We can’t even be called an army because there is no leader and no discipline. Usually, everyone does whatever they wish. Only during battles would everyone gather and become focused."

Lu Shui Qiu Lin was confused. How could such an undisciplined army be so strong?


Han woke up very soon after ingesting the seed of the Dragon Spirit Grass. He looked to be in good spirits, and even the muscles on his body seemed more defined.

No one could have predicted this outcome. Especially Night Walker who had studied pharmaceutics and toxins all his life and the botanic expert, Feng Tai Ji. The two of them pestered Pluto with endless questions.

Unfortunately, Pluto was an introvert. He did not like to speak.

After being forced by Feng Taiji and Night Walker, Pluto could only say with a heavy voice, "Dragon Spirit Grass represents the power of the plants. Han originally had the Source Power of humans and dark powers. Now that he had plant power, he has become a unique energy esper."

"To put it simply, Han is no longer a human. He is an energy form, he has surpassed humans."

Was Han not a human?

Nightwalker and Feng Taiji could not figure it out. When they tried to ask Pluto again, he refused to speak.

From that day on, Pluto’s attitude towards Han changed drastically. He did not let Han out of his sight and seemed to be taking precautions against something. His actions caused Ye Weiwei and Jian Jia who both liked Han to be uncomfortable. Under the indescribable pressure from Pluto, the girls were both nervous and afraid to even joke with Han.

"Follow me."

After Han had rested for 24 hours, Pluto brought Han next to a Source Energy testing machine.

"You want me to test my energy level?" Han frowned and asked.

Pluto lightly nodded.

Han frowned. He was not too concerned with his level because his combat ability was never determined by his level. Han depended more on his strange abilities and his one and only superpower.

But when he saw that Pluto was so serious, Han used all his might and punched the target on the testing machine.


Han thought it was strange because the testing machine did not immediately give out his source energy result.

This was 9527’s testing machine. It was high level, modern and compatible with all kinds of energy.

Before this type of machine, Han could not measure his Source Energy. Since he had both dark energy and source energy, when he punched the target, a normal testing machine would be broken immediately.

9527 was a top-level technology expert of the Dark Net East Division. This was the first time his testing machine had lagged.

If one listened carefully, there was an electromagnetic sound in the air from the high-speed processing of the machine.

After five whole minutes, there was finally a result on the screen of the machine.

The result took Han by surprise.

His energy data was 97.25 million!

What did that mean?

This meant that he was close to surpassing 100 million and becoming a super warlord!

But as of yesterday, Han’s source energy index was only slightly over 60 million. His level had taken off in one night!

Han widened his mouth in shock. Pluto impassively said, "Look, the monitor is reporting your energy level. This is because even though you had Dark energy in the past, source energy still made up most your power so the machine determined you to be a source energy warrior."

"But now that you have ingested plant energy, the combined energy of dark energy and plant energy is higher than source energy. From today onwards, you are no longer a Source energy warrior but a compound energy type warrior."

Han absentmindedly nodded his head, and could not stop looking at his right hand. He could not understand why he suddenly became so powerful.

The strange actions of Pluto did not stop, he called over Silver Fox.

"Look at Silver Fox’s tail," Pluto said.


Han furrowed his brows and carefully examined Silver Fox’s large tail.

Han’s heart raced. He saw a tiny plant on Silver Fox’s tail. It looked like a malnourished Bean Sprout.

The Bean Sprout seemed like it was smiling at him.

"A bean sprout?" Han tilted his head and asked.


Silver Fox excitedly ran into Han’s arms. He was elated that his Master could also see Little Bean Sprout and felt that his relationship with Han was now closer.

"Very Good." Pluto said, "Now let’s test your Soul Power."

Han was dazed, he then mobilized his mental strength and a soft light glowed from within his body.

"It’s good! My Soul injury has recovered?!" Han pleasantly surprised, "What happened? It is only a small seed but I feel like I have been reborn! This Dragon Spirit Grass is so powerful."

Pluto said in a deep voice, "There is, of course, a reason for all of this. Not everyone who eats the seed of Dragon Spirit Grass would experience a sharp increase in level. This happened because your body is a good match for it."

"What is Dragon Spirit Grass really?" Han asked.

Pluto furrowed his brows and said, "The increase in energy is only an outward representation. The bigger change is in your physique. Dragon Spirit Grass would allow you to have a unique kind of affinity such that when you enter the Dragon Valley, you would not be attacked by the Dragon race."

Han was baffled, he had seen Star Beasts, Dark Beasts, Soul Beasts, Mutant Beasts and genetic synthesis Beasts, Golden Lineage Beasts but it was the first time he heard of the actual existence of Dragons.

Pluto earnestly said, "Dragons are the strongest combat assistance beasts in the world. Just like how Silver Fox and Blue Star are one with you during battle and are a great asset to you. They are loyal and would never betray you which is important."

"But Silver Fox or Blue Star, neither of them are top-level combat assistance beasts. Dragons ultimate top tier beast.

"There are thousands of types of dragons and they are high in numbers. But any kind of dragon could glide through the galaxy. They could travel through the universe or the Dark Net without transition engines."

"As for combat ability, no race is comparable to the dragon race. They are the strongest existence in the universe."

"Now that you have Dragon Spirit Grass, if you encounter the Dragon race in the future. They would not easily hurt you. Of course, if you intentionally provoke them, with their pride, they will chase you to the death. You have to be careful of that."

"If you have the opportunity to enter the Dragon’s Valley, you can follow the methods of the ancient elite warriors. You can conquer a dragon and sign a contract with them so that they would be your helper for life."

"In ancient times, we call those who manage to sign a contract with the Dragon race ‘Dragon Rider’. It was the highest honor a warrior could achieve."

Pluto’s words overturned Han’s worldview. He originally thought that the Dragon race was a legend; he could never imagine they were real. Dragon Rider sounded very majestic as well.

Han suddenly thought of Black Egg and curiously asked, "You describe the dragons as such a strong race. But how do they compare to Black Egg? Who is stronger?"

Pluto was slightly troubled. When he took the seed of the Dragon Spirit Grass, he watched Black Egg closely and saw the surprise in his eyes. Black Egg obviously recognized Dragon Spirit Grass.

From this detail, Pluto had already known the identity of Black Egg. But should he tell Han that Black Egg was a mutated descendant of the Dragons?

Pluto pondered but decided to not tell Han for now.

He said in a low voice, "That’s hard to say. Black Egg is a mutant species. He is very strong but there are many levels of dragons as well. Black Egg is probably weaker than the strongest dragons."

"Oh… I see." Han was slightly disappointed and lightly nodded his head.