Chapter 391: Karma Is a B*tch

Chapter 391: Karma Is a B*tch

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Han immediately traveled back with Feng Taiji and Ke Lake once he received news of the sneak attack on the Tree God Tribe.

Ke Lake could fly so he carried Han and Feng Taji and flew full speed to the tree crown, where the battle was just taking place.

Ke Lake was a top tier warrior from Earth just like Han and his real strength was shadowed by too many other elites in the group. After all, these group of people did escape from the All Gods Corporation, and there were a number of shining stars amongst the group.

In fact, Ke Lake had always existed as one with super strength. His heavenly flying ability which allowed him to fly like the wind alone placed him above most people. On top of that, he was a master whether it be single combat or battlefield support.

There were too many elites on the team, and Ke Lake was very low key so his name was relatively unknown. Of course, this also proved how strong this group really was. Only geniuses were picked out by the All Gods Corporation, and only those who were strong enough survived the endless engagements with the Corporation.

The tree crown was where Xiao Bao and his parents resided, Yun San also lived here. It was just a regular tree house situated high above with an astounding view.

Presently, Pathless Origin sat in the destroyed treehouse on the branches with Night Walker attending his wounds.

"How are your wounds? Who did it?" Han frowned.


Pathless Origin scoffed, "You should ask what happened to the enemies! I was training the children when the incident occurred. Had I arrived in time with some help, none of those bastards would have escaped!"

Night Walker continued, "Pathless killed seven of them, however, they were very prepared! There was even a kamikaze squad and Pathless killed all that was in his way. Too bad they still took away Xiao Bao and his parents."

"They didn’t fight back?" Han was confused, "With their abilities, they shouldn’t be captured this easily, right?"

Night Walker frowned, "That’s what troubled me also. The corpses are down below and our people were on the way. Also, Yun San seems to know who was behind this."

Han nodded and climbed down to check on the corpses.

When Han saw Yun San, he was gnashing his teeth and laid beside a destroyed corpse. Pathless Origin fighting style was the same as Han as they both use Six Paths of Void. Pathless as the teacher was not as powerful as young Han physically, and his six paths were not full of anger and violence like Han’s. However, it still brought horrendous damage to the enemies.

"Bionic stealth combat suits, that\'s how they snuck in!" Yun San grimaced.

Han said, "Enough about that, do you know who took away Xiao Bao?"

Yun San said, "The Gryphon Tribe! It’s those stupid lions!"

"Do you know where the Gryphon Tribe is?" Han asked.

"Of course, what are you doing?" Yun San asked.

"To rescue them! No need to wait! We’ll grab whoever is available and let’s meet at the seal entrance!" Han ordered Ke Lake.

Yun San was shocked and got up quickly, "Han, we can’t resolve this privately! We need to contact the Tribal Alliance.

"Maybe you are not aware, but the Gryphons are not like the Ghost Face tribe. They are one of the most powerful forces in the tribal zone! The old lion, Lion Flying Eagle and his six sons are seven monsters! Their tribe has over 1.5 million soldiers! 150 fully equipped armies!"

Han smirked, "150 fully equipped armies? It means nothing to me even if they have 1500 armies!"

"This last year has been total crap! First attacked by the Triple-Eyed Race, then sieged by the All Gods Corporation who forced us to flee to this barren land. Enough is enough and from now on, I will not run anymore!"

Ke Lake gathered the troops near the seal entrance, this time almost everyone was here except a few who stayed back to defend the base. Approximately 300 or so were present, including the strongest Sima Hunfeng.

Han said, "You just wait here. We’ll be back quickly! 150 armies? You almost caused me a heart attack!"

Han and company didn’t think much of the Gryphon tribe and their 150 armies. The thought of Xiao Bao being kidnapped really triggered them, and the group angrily followed Han’s lead into the seal. Though the group was angry, their ample battle experiences gave them some confidence.

Being experienced in battle was not just a matter of strength, it meant that they saw through the meaning of life, saw through the meaning of the world. They have fought more than they have eaten and they weren’t afraid of death. What was a mere 150 armies to them?

… …

Gryphon Tribe.

The crowd at the seal entrance was very nervous. Even before Han and his brothers arrived, the entire tribe was already on high alert.

The old lion of the Gryphon Tribe had six sons, but he gave these very talented sons normal and maybe a bit rustic names. Lion One, Lion Two, Lion Three….

The old lion was very ambitious early on in his life. He named his first-born son Lion Above Dragon, meaning his son would achieve more than the super strong legendary dragon.

Too bad Lion Above Dragon died before his first birthday. The tribe priest claimed he was not strong enough and could not handle such a prominent name, and the priest advised the old lion to be extra careful in naming his children.

Old lion did not believe in fate. He thought his tribe was named after another legendary animal, the Gryphon, therefore his own sons must be stronger than himself and achieve greatness.

Then the old lion had another son, Lion Strong Dragon, obviously hoping his son would turn out to be as strong as the dragons. This son suffered an even worse fate and passed away after mere three months.

The priest spoke out again, Gryphons be Gryphons, and they’ll never be dragons, not to mention surpassing the dragon clan! The old lion was furious that he had the priest executed and fed his remains to the ants in the mountains.

Shortly after, the old lion had a third son! Lion Dragon Slayer. The old lion had thought of this name before his son was even born. He no longer hoped his sons were stronger than the dragon family, but to straight-up slaughter the dragon clan.

Once again, the old lion’s ambition caused his third son’s life to suffer an even worse fate. He was born dead with both eyes wide open!

Old lion buried Dragon Slayer in a prairie, and the grassland soon weltered. Rumors began to spread in the tribe that Dragon Slayer died with extreme hatred, that he does not understand why his father gave him such an unlucky name! Clearly, for such a small tribe, it was a bad omen, and was the reason he couldn’t see this world.

The old lion was devastated and in a state of despair. Even though the strong did not die, they get old. He remembered the priest’s advice, the easier the name the better life they’ll live.

So, came the name Lion One for his fourth son. Even though it was a bit rustic, but Lion One lived on, therefore Lion Two, Lion Three etc., continued to carry the trend for all six of the brothers.

After Lion Six, the old lion couldn’t bear any more offspring. This was the law of nature, the stronger you get, the fewer children you may have to create a balance. Otherwise, if the father was an immortal God of War, and he had twelve sons who were also immortal Gods of War, and it continued on for several generations. Before long, just this family alone can form a God of War army and would bring chaos to the world.

So, Mother Nature worked her special ability to restrict the higher ups in the food chain and their ability to create offspring was inversely proportional to their strength. Also, the timing of their offspring would arrive in later stages of their life.

Sima Hunfeng was unlucky, he was a super warlord and the strongest man in the Milky Way. He had many women but no son, unlike those who were not as strong as him but were able to bear a few children.

As time passed, Sima Hunfeng gave up and his personality became more withdrawn and isolated from others. In the end, he became a stubborn old geezer who spoke of rules only and not reason.

If Sima Hunfeng didn’t meet the evil Han in the All God Corporation, he probably would have continued his own rule set and killed those who opposed him. Of course, Sima Hunfeng’s personality was still weird, but ever since meeting Han, he now no longer had an ironclad rule set, or the ability to reason…

Old lion was one of the strongest chiefs in the tribal zone, and clearly the lucky one as well with six living sons.

All six sons lived up to expectations as well, with the lone exception to be Lion Six. The other five all became warlords, especially Lion One who was at the intermediate stage. Looking at the entire tribal zone, no other chief was as fortunate as the old lion.

Presently the old lion was gathered with his sons in the tribal council room.

"Care to explain the number of casualties?!" Lion One was unpleased.

"We were spotted by an old guy from the Wolf Fang group, and we were no match for him." Lion Three, who was responsible for the kidnapping replied.

They didn’t have any information on Han and his people. They were not a tribe, not a Corporation, maybe pirates? But even pirates had rankings.

It appeared that Han’s group were just a group of people, who lived individually and only gathered for wars.

Therefore, the little lions called Han and his group the Wolf Fang group, with a mysterious tone to it.

"One person? One person killed seven of ours?! Those were our best hunters!"

"Exactly, that’s why we hurried back and gathered these people. The Wolf Fang group appears to be tougher than we expected."

"So what if they are tough? Our scout reported back that there are at most 400 of them and they are unorganized. We don’t need to be afraid of them in a real battle."

"I guess you can reason it that way. Anyways, where is Lion Six?"

"Lion Six took the two older liquid nether to the Tribal Alliance, and told me to hide the smaller one in our tribe. He said this was his idea, so it’s better for him to explain to the Alliance. I agree because he’s the wittiest amongst us."

"Then what about here?"

"Six said if the Wolf Fang group comes here, just tell them that we were obeying the Alliance orders. It was the Alliance who ordered us to extradite the liquid nether. Once they look at our formations, they would not dare to attack us and would most likely go to the Alliance. Then our plan will have worked and successfully diverted their attention to the Alliance."

"Brilliant! No doubt he’s the smartest amongst our siblings, too bad he has no fighting power."

"Yeah, you can put it that way. Its such a shame."

"By the way, the liquid nether are mystic Organisms of Fate. They really did not put up a fight and were brought back without a hassle?"

"It was magical! Six whispered something to the older liquid nether and they all jumped into Six’s dimension ring without a hassle. He even ordered the small one to not fight back and obey.

"Maybe Six learned some strange witchcraft behind our backs?"

A Gryphon scout rushed in and screamed, "They are here! The Wolf Fang Group has arrived!"

"How did they get there?" Lion One asked.

"They … "


A loud bang sounded before he could finish. Han\'s fist caused a super shock wave and blasted open the Gryphon Tribe entrance! It was an extremely rude entrance by Han as he drove the dark ship right over the heads of the young lions.

Ka ka ka ka

Everyone rushed off the ship from the seal cabins, it was Han and his army.

"Who dares to breach the Gryphon Tribe?" Lion One let out an extremely loud roar trying to intimidate Han.


"Your granddaddy, me!"

"Me, Sima Hunfeng!"

Lion One never expected such responses, it appeared that none of these 300 men gave a crap about him.


Lion One waved his hand, and the 50 fully prepared armies formed a half-moon battle formation. Over 500,000 gloomy Gryphon warriors imposed themselves forward with blades in their hands.

"Who dares to invade our proud Gryphon Tribe, shall pay with their life!" Lion One screamed at the soldiers behind him.




The soldiers of the Gryphon Tribe let out organized roars. This had been their trademark symbol. Their wild roars always intimidated the opposing enemies prior to battle.

However, it did not work this time. Han and his people were outnumbered but they seemed very impatient. They had no interest in the traditional battle sequence, it wasn’t their style.

Han walked forward, "You took Xiao Bao and his parents, and we are here for them."

"We captured those liquid nether." Lion One replied.

"Oh, so you admit?" Han displayed a sudden burst of coldness in his eyes.

Lion One said, "Liquid Nether were captured by us under the orders of the Alliance. They are at the Alliance now, and you should go ask them to see if they will grant you a release."

"But I suggest you stop wasting your time because you have no right to enter the Tribal Alliance’s territory. This here is already the Alliance’s territory, and you are enemies of the entire Alliance!"

Lion One saw Han calmly glancing at him and felt uncertain about the situation.

Han turned around without speaking a word and returned to the center of the group.

"Are they retreating?" Lion One thought to himself.

"Brothers! Let’s annihilate this tribe today!" Han’s sudden order surprised everyone.

"No problem!"

"Kill them all!"

"Let’s just eliminate this bullshit Alliance once for all! I am a busy person and I have no time to gather every now and then."

"Yea, this is ridiculous. Since we are deemed as enemies then let’s just end this quickly!"

A whole bunch of undisciplined guys. Lion One thought it was an order from Han, but it was actually an internal discussion. Since no one was a leader in this group, not even Han. Even though he was the most respected of the bunch, everyone trusted him and were willing to follow his battle tactics, but it seemed like after leaving the battlefield no one would care what Han had to say.

Lion One had absolute disregard for this unorganized and undisciplined mixed group, but he felt their killing intentions and wiped away a few cold drops of sweat.

Warlords always have accurate intuition, and Lion One was no exception. He knew these people were high leveled elites and had no regard for life. If engaged in battle it would be very costly.

"Hold on just one moment!" Lion One held up his hand and screamed, "I told you, the liquid nether you seek are with the Alliance. You should go to them! We just executed the Alliance’s orders."

Han scoffed, "Did I say I won’t go to the Alliance? I meant to say before I eliminate the bullshit Alliance, I will clear you guys up first!"

"I want you to know the meaning of karma is a b*tch!"

"Void Domain, OPEN!"