Chapter 349: Metal Life Form and the Guess about the Third Eye

Chapter 349: Metal Life Form and the Guess about the Third Eye

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As the Thousand-Arms Asura let out a miserable cry, something strange happened.

This giant hundred-meter tall metal Asura slumped down onto the ground, crossing its four legs. Countless arms retracted into its body, leaving only nine arms, and its body wound up like a lotus flower, motionless.


With a loud sound and a string of golden light, the hundred-meter giant Thousand-Arms Asura shrunk into a palm-size sculpture that was even shorter than Han’s ankle.

This sudden change made them uncomfortable. They all thought that this monster would be furious when Black Egg dug out his eye, triggering a fierce battle. But it turns out that the Thousand-Arms Asura withdrew instead!

Puzzled, Han picked up this golden sculpture. He didn’t win against the Humanoid Weapon, but he got this instead!

"This thing…", Han shook his head and said.

On the other hand, Black Egg ran away, holding the Thousand-Arms Asura ’s third eye. For some reason, Black Egg didn’t want to eat this eye in front of Han.

"I will go! You guys protect Luo Ying!" Luo Ying’s protector banshee volunteered to run after Black Egg. As an alien creature whose energy was close to a spirit, she was the only one whose speed could catch up with Black Egg. Others, not even Pluto, could compete with Black Egg.

Han frowned, "Seems like this is the original form of the Thousand-Arms Asura. Didn’t know he was this tiny."

Jian Jia said, "This sculpture is remarkable. If given enough energy, he can restart. He is controlled by the energy dispenser. During the fight just now, his flexibility was near that of a real living fighter, nothing like a pile of alloy."

"Don’t forget, there was some luck to us beating him. It is because Black Egg was determined to dig out the Thousand-Arms Asura ’s eye. Causing it to not be able to bring his full combat power into play."

"Look, the forehead of the Thousand-Arms Asura sculpture is empty. There are also some marks. It means that this humanoid weapon had three eyes in the past. It is very likely that a Thousand-Arms Asura with the third eye is its strongest form."

"Though Apostle Zero shifts his life and his third eye to Thousand-Arms Asura, the eye of Apostle Zero was not the original configuration. The reason is simple: just like how as technology advances, fallen arms can be reconnected. But no warrior wants a new arm. Because the synthetically produced arms are not as powerful as before, or it can even become a burden. This is why there are so many one-armed soldiers."

Pluto nodded and said, "I agree with what Jian Jia said. We’ve got lucky this time. For various coincidences, Thousand-Arms Asura didn’t show his true power. Judging from the source energy fluctuating in his body, this sculpture has great potential for fighting."

"It also reminded me of what Apostle Zero said. It was the Three-Eyed King who first discovered this sculpture. The Thousand-Arms Asura had three eyes and so does the Three-Eyed King. What a coincidence. Apparently, a magical deformable metal being like the Thousand-Arms Asura is not something the Galactic technology can create. So this sculptor must come from foreign space."

Han lowered his voice, "I understand what you said, but I thought of something else. The Triple-Eyed Race is said to have three eyes, while in fact, it is rare to find people who really have three eyes in this race. Up to date, hundreds of millions of the population died out, but I have only seen four people with three eyes out of the entire race, plus the replica Apostle Zero."

"Also, Lesa, Riley and Arthur the Cerberus have stayed in the fleet of Three-Eyed Race for 3 years by chance, but they had never seen a soldier with a Sky Eye. This means that, the percentage of having a Sky Eye is one in a several hundred billion, or even one in a trillion."

"I studied Genetic Science before. If the Sky Eye really is the biological feature of the Three-Eyed Race, this low heritability is unbelievable."

"Look at this Thousand-Arms Asura sculpture, he has a third eye, but it is empty in the place of the third eye. Is it possible that the Three-Eyed Race got his Sky Eye from this sculpture? Because it is an genetic power from outer space, that’s what caused the Three-Eye Race to have such a low percentage of people activating their Sky Eye."

Pluto suddenly hesitated, then he said in a lower voice, "Your assumption is bold, but it is not without sense. After all, no one knows why some evolved into the Three-Eyed Race from the human race. It is said to be gene mutation, what if it is not? It was dozens of epochs ago, no one can justify that."

"In this sense, we are quite lucky. If the Thousand-Arms Asura was intact, and had his third eye, we might not compete with this mysterious metal being."

Han shrugged and smiled, "In fact, my biggest childhood dream is to take a look at the sky beyond the earth. I will be satisfied if I have a small shabby ship."

"Look at it now, it’s getting more complicated. Intelligent beings, energy beings, now metal beings? If this Thousand-Arms Asura is not unique, and in some unknown places in the universe, there are a lot of metal monsters with a third eye, then this will be awful."

"I’ve never seen the Three-Eyed King, but the Eye of Reincarnation replicated from him by Apostle Zero is incredible. It can control lives? It absorbs one’s life when he wants to take it. And it is not even a super power. My Void End can’t beat the Eye of Reincarnation."

"Suppose one day, I’m hanging around outside, and there comes a bunch of metal beings and everyone of them has an Eye of Reincarnation. No fights are needed, the reincarnation could put me to death easily."

Luo Ying tilted her head, saying naively, "With that being said, this world suddenly became horrifying, not beautiful at all. I think this Eye of Reincarnation must have conditions. Otherwise, why didn’t the Apostle Zero kill us right away? Reincarnating our life and energy into him, and he wins. Why would he bother to reincarnate this guy made of gold?"

Han’s eyes lit up, patting on Luo Ying’s head and said, "You are a smart little girl. If he can kill us, Apostle Zero indeed wouldn’t get to the stage of self-destruction. Maybe it is really like what you said."


Luo Ying giggled. An innocent smile. Jian Jia humphed indifferently. This weird girl seemed to match well with Han’s, leaving Miss Jian Jia in jealousy.


Luo Ying let out a scream, but then she quickly covered her mouth, frightened.

"What happened to you?" Han asked in curiosity.

Luo Ying didn’t answer and looked straight to the distance. Black Egg flew back, with a happy glean in his eyes. Luo Ying’s protector banshee followed behind, looking pale on her face, as if she saw something that wasn’t supposed to be seen.

In Black Egg’s hand, the third eye of Thousand-Arms Asura was gone – it was probably hidden and eaten by him. Is it possible that Luo Ying cried out because of this, and the protector banshee turned pale seeing Black Egg swallow that eye?

Thinking of this, Han looked at Black Egg carefully again. The thin black scales covering the whole chubby body with a pot belly and his two short little wings were glistening. He had a huge head, and a stout neck. A row of tiny teeth in his mouth, and a pair of large golden eyes that shined. Nothing peculiar.

"What did you see?" Han asked Luo Ying’s protector banshee.

The banshee, with her hair straggling over her shoulders, gave no respond, but whispered into Luo Ying’s ear. Luo Ying rubbed her arms with both hands, as if shivering from a chill.

"She said, you better never anger Black Egg, because you won’t be able to afford the consequences." Luo Ying hesitated briefly, and whispered to Han.