Chapter 42: The First Esper Legion of Earth is here

Chapter 42: The First Esper Legion of Earth is here

Li Yu saw Han and Wu Di in an intense fight at the rehabilitation center.

From a level standpoint, Wu Di was at the pinnacle of the 3 star level, expecting to level up anytime soon. His Power Source Index was over 9000 units, which meant that he should be a lot stronger than Han who currently sat at around 1000 units.

But when they really started fighting, Han actually wasn’t disadvantaged too much as Li Yu expected. Wu Di, just like other espers, was used to using his ice descent abilities. When fighting against Han and getting robbed of his power, it was really hard for him to adapt.

In addition, Han’s attacks were very fierce, displaying an attitude that he wouldn’t give up until he died, and it was actually hard to tell who was winning.

Li Yu slightly nodded as he observed, Han completely took away his opponent’s power, and then forced everyone else to fight with their lives on the line like Han was.

Wu Di knew about Han’s power but he wasn’t familiar with that odd and fearless combat style. Not to mention those people that don’t even know about Han’s power, the moment they notice that their power was gone and Han charging at them fiercely like a beast, of course they would get scared and be at a major disadvantage.

In fact, Han was able to go against all those raiders by himself because he relied mainly on two things. First was the element of surprise. When everyone loses their power, there is always a moment of shock that Han could take advantage of. Second, he was fiercer than anyone, as well as more fearless! The moment he gets the chance, he wouldn’t hesitate to deliver the fatal blow.

“Time to stop!” Li Yu shouted, “You two, come over here!”

Han and Wu Di finally stopped fighting and came over to Li Yu. Wu Di scratched his head and said with a little tone of embarrassment, “Sorry that I embarrassed you, Teacher, I went even with Han. I must say, Void End is really brutal. I’ve practiced ice attacks for my entire life, and when it got suddenly taken away I couldn’t adapt for a long time.”

Han responded humbly, “I just took advantage of that this time. Next time we fight, I won’t be able to go even with 5th Brother.”

Li Yu really liked Han’s attitude. Even though Han was famous now and everyone knew about the Tough Bone Han, he was still as humble as always.

Li Yu thought about it and said, “Han, this time you were able to escape death, what’s your plan for the future?”

Han smiled and said, “Of course I have to continue training hard. Time is running out, I must try my best to compete for a spot at the Milky Way Galactic Meet. Also, I want to apply to join the Assault Army.

Wu Di said in a pretty proud tone on the side, “You might not know yet, but when you were unconscious, the United Government officially approved the formation of our first ever Esper Combat Legion, and now the Assault Team has been renamed as the United Government’s Esper 1st Legion!”

Han was shocked, and he laughed, “Then that’s even better! I want to apply to join the 1st Legion.”

Li Yu confirmed, “That’s obviously no problem. This time you can wake up was all thanks for the medicine your friend from outer space sent. Did Wu Di tell you this yet?”

Han sighed with emotion, Night Walker was always really nice to Han, and the reason he was able to escape death was all thanks to him. He was like a mentor to him.

Also, Han finally remembered his drug index numbers. He hadn’t updated in a month and he couldn’t even imagine how his customers have verbally abused him already. Breaching the agreement of daily updates meant that he needed to pay his subscribers back for damages… Han finally made some GC and now it might not even be enough as compensation.

Whatever’s coming will come, now there are other people and Han couldn’t get a chance to log onto the dark net. After Li Yu and Wu Di left then Han will go and clean that mess he made on dark net.

Li Yu doesn’t know what Han was thinking, but he remembered what Qiu Taibo asked him earlier, so he tried to test the water and asked, “Although the 1st Legion is now approved, it still needs to stock up suitable equipment and medicine. Right now the United Government doesn’t have too much knowledge on the outside world, so I was thinking, maybe your friend that sent you the medicine might be able to help us out a bit.”

“Of course, I will ask him later about medicine, and for the equipment I have someone else that can help. But for both the equipment and medicine, it will probably cost a lot.”

Wu DI patted Han on his shoulder, said proudly, “Don’t look at Earth like the old days. Now that the Extinction Domain at South Pole has been captured, we now have a stable source of income. I wouldn’t call us rich yet, but of course it won’t be poor like the old days anymore.”

Han didn’t really understand how extinction domains worked, so he asked in curiosity, “So extinction domains can bring in income too?”

Li Yu smiled slightly and answered in a serious tone, “Oh you reminded me. Han, would you like to see the extinction domain that you put your life on the line to protect?

Visiting an extinction domain?!

Of course, Han even dreamt about going there!

To protect the extinction domain at South Pole, Han pretty much lost half of his life during that battle, and the Assault Army lost about 50% of their brothers. The cost was way too heavy.

Han have heard a lot of rumors about extinction domains, but he’s never seen one with his own eyes. So, he accepted the invitation right off the bat and agreed to return to the South Pole with Li Yu. But just to be safe, Li Yu wanted Han to stay in the hospital for a little longer just to monitor his conditions.

Han had no choice but to stay, and after Li Yu and Wu Di left, Han got someone to deliver his personal laptop. He took out the login program in his necklace, and entered the dark net’s public forum.

He didn’t know what to say after seeing Night Walker’s pinned post on the forum, stating that Han couldn’t update the index numbers because he got into a little accident and was hospitalized.

Night Walker was very high up in the hierarchy in the drug industry, and with him personally explaining for Han, the majority of Han’s customer all showed understanding. After all, it’s a subscription cost of only 3 GC per month, no one’s going to be angry over that little money.

Han felt very grateful, he rushed to Night Walker’s website, found him and thanked him right away.

“No need to mention such easy task. Your situation was a bit special, it was a great opportunity for me to test my newly invented drug.” Night Walker answered Han in a very relaxed manner, but little did Han know, the reason he was able to survive miraculously, costed Night Walker half of his priceless Heart of Darkness.

Han said, “Regardless, without you I would probably be dead already, so I still need to thank you, and also for the drug index. If it wasn’t for you to show your face and explain to the public, my subscribers would probably want to eat me alive.

Night Walker answered in a careless manner, “This is the dark net, you took the money and worked hard and that’s already really good. There’s no good people on dark net, I saw countless swindlers taking money but never sent the products or the other way around, it’s all too normal.”

“But now that you mentioned it, what do you plan to do with the drug index?”

Han hesitated for a bit, index report was like the light novels online, it required daily updates in order to get readers. It is still okay to take a day off occasionally but it requires prior notice to clients.

This time the break was too long, Han’s reputation was seriously damaged. Although it is still possible to continue, but he’s very busy now and he will only get busier. A job like this that required daily effort was no longer suitable.

After thinking about that, Han had no choice and said, “Although it wasn’t my intention to take such a long break, but the impact is already done. I should just sell it all at once, and refund the residual subscription fees back to my clients.

Night Walker knew about Han’s condition, of course he wouldn’t have that much time to waste on writing those numbers, after all his destiny was to become a fine warrior.

“That’s fine too, writing an Index is time-consuming and makes very little money, how do you plan on selling it?” Night Walker asked in curiosity.

“Actually, there were always a few people that wanted to buy my original data. I can find someone that I can trust, and sell all my previously collected data to him. In addition, I can advertise for him, and recommend all my subscribers to him, so that can count as like an additional value.

“Okay, after you are done negotiating I will act as a guarantor.”

“And there’s something else I want to ask you, the planet I’m from, Earth, its United Government is looking to purchase a shipment of drugs, mainly for source energy pills used for training, and also some other drugs that can temporary boost a soldier’s combat performance.”

“But my home Earth is still really poor right now and can’t take out too much money, so would I be possible for you to give me a discount?”

Night Walker started laughing on the other end of the dark net, Han really cared about Earth and he knew about it. Otherwise Han wouldn’t have risked his life to fend off those fearsome raiders.

“Fine, I don’t need that money anyways. From now on, anything you buy, I will give it to you at base price, but you still have to pay for shipping though.”

“Thank you so much!” Han didn’t expect Night Walker to be this nice about it and he was really happy, “Later I will give you the list, now I will go visit Pathless Origin and see if I can buy some cheap equipment from him. I have no choice, our United Government is really tight on finance, so I have to save for them as much as I can.”

Han said farewell to Night Walker and went to find Pathless Origin to ask where he could buy cheap but good equipment.