Chapter 250: Auction Center

Chapter 250: Auction Center

“I can promise you, your #1 genetic beast will sell for a big price at our auction center!”

“Is it so?” Han just muttered to himself, not showing as much excitement as Du Yunli.

Du Yunli said, “Believe me, after all #1 is a 5 star level genetic beast, and its compatibility is close to perfect. Such a combination is really too rare.”

Du Yunli repeatedly stressed the importance of compatibility. As a professional beast tamer and genetic expert, Han of course understand what compatibility is.

Just take Earth Claw for example. The powerful Earth Claw usually lived only one day and then died, due is its poor compatibility caused by a mismatch between the body and its giant claws.

In simple terms, the better the compatibility of a genetic beast, the stronger its combat power, the longer it lives, and the higher its intelligence.

Compatibility was a comprehensive index influenced by quality, life expectancy, flexibility, wisdom, and nerve response. A genetic beast with higher compatibility will fully surpass an opponent of lower compatibility.

Since compatibility is so important, compatibility improvement naturally became one of the research topics of all beast tamers. Since Han was using his genetic fusion technique, the compatibility index of his fusion beasts wasn’t just high, but unprecedentedly high, and that’s why Du Yunli was excited like a small sparrow, twittering and nagging non-stop.

After #1 was registered, it was taken away by the people of the auction center, and Han then took out #2 and #3.

#1 was the first fusion beast Han attempted to create with the genetic fusion technique. When making #2 and #3, Han’s skills were more mature, so whether it was level or compatibility, they were all higher than #1. Especially #3, the comprehensive combat strength exceeded million, reaching the beginner 6-star level, and its compatibility index also broke through 96%!

And now Du Yunli became completely speechless, Han’s strength undoubtedly proved that he was truly a beast taming master!

“He’s still that young, his future is definitely immeasurable!” Du Yunli thought.

After dropping off the three fusion beasts, Han left. He didn’t want to spend too much time here because Hei Xiaolin told Han many interesting things about Terminal Station, such as high reward missions, all sorts of contracts, and exhibitions of all kinds of treasures.

In short, when the best people in the universe gathered at one place, the Terminal Station became more lively. With the help of the dark net’s advanced technology, Han was able to see many things he couldn’t witness in his reality, and this was a great attraction for Han.

Just take blue blood Boya for example, Han already knew that their home was over 100 million light years away. This distance, even the fastest star ship had to travel over 500 years, so if it was the real world, the two would completely have no chance of meeting each other.

But in this magical dark net, the moment one of them obtained the star lord title, they could freely use the particle module and meet up in just five minutes. From this, one could see just how magical of a transformation the dark net could bring to the universe. Saying that the dark net was the number one miracle of the universe was not an overstatement.

“Yunli, Manager Katyn wants to see you.”

“Oh, I will go right away.”

Han just left the auction center and Du Yunli was called by the manager Katyn into his office.

Katyn and Du Yunli weren’t the same. He was an official member of the dark net, had the star lord title, and was once a powerful soldier.

But soldiers could also get injured. Katyn had backed down from the All Gods Corporation’s front line, working at a management position in the Terminal Station. Here, there were many retired soldiers like Katyn and other skilled professionals.

“This brat, he actually left just like that?” Katyn looked at the video of Du Yunli greeting Han and mumbled.

Du Yunli replied, “Ya, I also thought it was incredible! Such powerful genetic beasts, it was like he didn’t care and left after dropping them off. He even urged me to register faster, as if he has something more important to do after.”

“Something more important?” Katyn pouted and said, “After Han left, he took a turn and went to the museum.”

Du Yunli’s eyes opened up wide. She couldn’t believe it! Going to the museum was even more important than arranging genetic beasts for auction? One must know, such high level genetic beast with close to perfect compatibility will for sure cause a great sensation in the Terminal Station!

Katyn turned off the screen. He thought for a bit, then said to Du Yunli, “Since Han was greeted by you, communication with him in the future will be left to you. I plan on adding genetic beast #1 into tonight’s Elite Auction, under the temporary auction.”

Du Yunli hesitated and said, “Elite Auction is the top tier auction that runs only once a month, is it a bit too much of a rush to add the item under such short notice? I’m afraid that we won’t have enough to time to attract those that might be interested in #1.”

Katyn waved his hand and said, “It’s alright, if they don’t show up in time, they definitely will next time. After the reputation of this Genetic Beast #1 goes out, then we will announce the even stronger #2 and #3, and then there will be a good show.”

Du Yunli thought for a second and said, “Manager’s plan is very nice, I will inform Han right away, telling him that his genetic beast #1 will be auctioned tonight.”

Katyn said meaningfully, “Go, in addition to routine work, try to learn more about Han as well. I really want to know how his genetic beasts have such good compatibility rating. Such technology, I’ve never seen it when I was working at the All Gods Corporation. This will need some investigation.”


When Han was checking out the various strange exhibitions at the museum, he suddenly sneezed. Could it be someone’s talking about him?

If Han knew Katyn’s evaluation of his genetic beasts, he would probably become more skeptical.

The reasons why he didn’t care about these fusion beasts very much were simple. First it was because he didn’t like genetic beasts that weren’t loyal. Secondly it was because he thought that the technology he learned was already prevalent in this magical dark net, so he probably wouldn’t stir up any storms.

After all, Han’s Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts came from 9527, and 9527 worked for the dark net.

In other words, what Han learned was already owned by the dark net, so those star lord level beast tamers, or even higher level ones probably all mastered it already.

It’s just that Han didn’t know, the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts that 9527 let Han learned, was a top tier genetic beast technology that not even the dark net owned. The genetic fusion beast was already being taken out for auction, and this was like casting a huge blockbuster in the beast tamer community. No one can expected the consequence.

“Yes, I’m Han.”

“Tonight? That quick?”

“Oh, I won’t be going to the scene, I made plans with a friend for dinner.”


Han turned off the video call with Du Yunli, then put the auction business to the side. In his opinion, this wasn’t something worth a fuss.

In the blink of an eye, night came. Han saw Lance who came to the Terminal Station one step ahead of him. He also brought a pretty girl, the Xiaoman girl that was responsible for examining Han with San Sheng.

“Han, I knew you could do it! We finally meet again.” Xiaoman very generously reached out her hand to shake hands with Han.

The three gathered together and ordered fried chicken and beer, they ate and chatted. During this time, Xiaoman’s eyes were always focused on Han, but Han was just interested in all kinds of news and rumors about the Terminal Station and inquired nonstop.

“How many of us made it to the terminal?” Han asked Xiaoman.

Xiaoman shrugged his shoulders and said, “There were already quite a few people made it. What’s even more annoying is that we are elites that were raised by San Sheng since little, but up until now, the amount people that made it wasn’t even higher than you guys. Now I’m even a little embarrassed about before for examining you guys…”

Han said as if it was not a big deal, “In the past we didn’t really know anything about the second layer of the dark net, and as for the situation now, it’s normal. Our batch of people are not only elites of the Milky Way, there are also many outlaws among us. We are more varied in our methods, and also more vicious. In comparison to you little flowers that grew up in a green house, we are at an advantage.”

Xiaoman said, “Han, you will go to the mission center sooner or later, so I must remind you, at the Terminal Station, there are some missions that absolutely shouldn’t be accepted.

“Why not?” Han puzzled.

At the same night when Han, Lance, and Xiaoman were happily chatting, Han completely forgot about the fact that his genetic beast #1 was being auctioned at the same time.

And it was also at this night that a fierce auction was taking place in full swing.

“10 million points! I go 10 million points!”

When this voice shouted out, the audiences were all shocked. A temporarily added item to the auction catalog with an one million points starting point, has actually grew tenfold in value within just a few minutes, reaching a staggering 10 million points!”

“10.5 million!”

“11 million! Genetic beast #1, I’m taking it!”