Chapter 168: The Headhunter Race with Ripped Off Facial Skin (Part One)

Chapter 168: The Headhunter Race with Ripped Off Facial Skin (Part One)

The star map was one of the important tools for space travel, and following the marks on the star map, the ship could avoid terrible electromagnetic storms and bypass hidden black holes.

Han noticed, the star map used by the Ancient Maple Leaf family was quite different from the Alliance version. It could find the shortest route between points, thus speeding up the travelling progress. It hadn’t been even one day since Han embarked on the transport ship, and they had already entered the Headhunter Star System’s periphery. If the route was calculated in accordance with the Alliance’s version of the star map, then the voyage would take at least two days.

The Ye Family that had been operating long term outside of the Milky Way clearly understood this wild space better than anyone. Han asked Ye Jincheng for the Ye family’s version of the star map, and Ye Jincheng had casually given this precious data to Han because in his eyes, how could Han be considered an outsider.

It was also because of the long-term operation in the extragalactic turf that the Ye family was very familiar with the rules in business, so they were able to quickly established contact with the aliens of the Headhunter Star System with the salesmen identity. Then, they were led by a small convoy and berthed at an airport specifically for greeting visitors.

Due to the extragalactic turf being extremely far away from the Milky Way and also how the Milky Way galaxy rejected alien races, people living here could not directly trade with the Milky Way. However, they still really liked all sorts of luxury goods, delicious ingredients, arts and crafts, and so this travelling business was born.

All travel businessmen would bear enormous risk, travel all the way here to bring aliens their favorite merchandise in exchange for valuable local high-grade minerals, and they were welcomed by the aliens living in the extragalactic turfs outside of the Milky Way.

In fact, the Ancient Maple Leaf was running the largest travelling business in the extragalactic turfs, and the enormous family wealth was accumulated by trafficking goods for generations.

As the growing prosperity of the family, the Ancient Maple Leaf had their own armies and fleets, and under the protection of a powerful force, the Ye Family began extending their reach deeper into the universe. It was reported that some ultra long-range business fleets under the Ancient Maple Leaf would set sail for years of voyage at a time, and some maybe even for a dozen years.

After the cargo ship docked, Han and Ye Jincheng got off the ship, and Ye Jincheng whispered in Han’s ears, “The alien race living here call themselves the Headhunter clan. Their ancestors would chop off their enemies’ heads and hang them in the living room as a merit. That’s where the name came from.”

“In the turbid star field, the Headhunter Clan is the strongest alien race equipped with the most advanced technology, so we must be very careful at all times when interacting with them.”

“My men will deal with them first by trading them, and us two will take the opportunity to sneak in and go investigate near the Headhunter clan leader Fran’s house.”

Han nodded and didn’t say anything.

Very soon, a few Land Speeders rushed to the transport ship, and a group of aliens in battle suits jumped off. They had black skin and huge nostrils, and with a greater lung capacity, the headhunter’s breathing sounds and voices were also a lot louder.

The Land Speeder directly came from the remnants of the prehistoric civilization, and so were the battle suits. The Land Speeders currently produced inside the Milky Way Galaxy could only be counted as the replicated version of the prehistoric civilization’s invention. To some extent, the Headhunter clan’s equipment was more advanced than humans because what they used were all original versions.

Although the Headhunter clan were aliens, they were very smart. They not only learned how to use the advanced machinery left behind by the prehistoric civilization, but even learned how to repair them. It’s just that the accessories and parts still needed to be purchased from the Milky Way Galaxy.

The laser cannon equipped on the Land Speeder was identical to the one Han had in his Lunar Mark. An original shoulder-firing laser weapon could be easily exchanged for billions of star coins. But here, it’s installed onto transportation tools like the Land Speeder.

When dealing with aliens, bribery was a very effective pass. These alien soldiers accepted the gifts sent by Ye Jincheng. With some glittering and exquisite decorations and a few boxes of high degree alcohol, they immediately gave them trading permits.

They hung some chains made of animals bones onto Han and the others’ necks, and after seeing this, there wouldn’t be any soldiers examining these businessmen. Thus, Han and the group would be able to freely trade goods on this planet.

“Do you guys belong to the Ye Family?” A tall alien fighter seemed to have suddenly remembered something, and he asked.

“No, we are a free travelling business group from the 35th star sector of the Milky Way.”

“Oh, as long as you guys aren’t related to the Ye Family.” The soldiers very easily believed Ye Jincheng’s words.

“If I may ask, doesn’t the Ye Family do business here as well? They are the largest commercial legion in the turbid star field.” Ye Jincheng cautiously asked.

The tall soldier waved, and said very angrily, “The Ye Clan is not good! They pressure us with warships! If we don’t trade with them, they will start a war! We don’t like them.”

Ye Jincheng nodded and didn’t say anything else.

The Headhunter clan’s soldiers were pretty nice, they immediately left behind four cargo-type Land Speeders and told them that once the goods are loaded, they can just go to somewhere crowded to trade. As for them, they just took the bribes and laughed their way back to town. They couldn’t care less about how Han was going to trade and what they were going to trade.

“That’s it?” Han asked with a little disbelief, “No need to pay taxes and they also don’t care what we are trading?”

Ye Jingchen said, “This alien race is all like this. They took the valuable things and must have went for drinks and woman. If you really trade with them, you will find out how ridiculous these guys are. Trading with them, not to mention how you make money from them, they will also make the women in the village sleep with you. In comparison to trading in the Milky Way Galaxy, I prefer trading in this wild sky, there’s more profit and freedom.”

“What’s with the battleships that the Headhunter clan talked about?” Han asked again.