Chapter 392: Back from the Dead!

Chapter 392: Back from the Dead!

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The Wolf Fang had been dispatched. Blood began to pour onto the grounds of the Gryphon tribe.

The number of warriors in the tribe was vast. They had fifty armies and more than five hundred thousand highly skilled warriors. Furthermore, this was only a third of the total manpower of the Gryphon tribe. Once things became difficult, the armies from the other territories could quickly act as reinforcements.

Even though Han’s group was very strong, they only had 300 men. After executing heads for many hours, even an iron wrist would be tired.

Thus, Han’s choice was very simple. They would directly fight the young lions. They were the commanders and the icons of the tribe. If they were able to quickly finish off the young lions, it would cripple the morale of the ordinary warriors of the tribe.

Thus, the Wolf Fang started to speed up and, like a sharp knife, they pierced through the army of the Gryphon tribe towards the young lions. If the warriors of the Gryphon tribe resisted, they would step over their dead bodies and continue to move forward!



Just as Han and the others declared war against the Gryphon tribe, a few people in cloaks appeared underneath a big tree in a dark corner of the battle.

It was a special cloak. The fabric was not made of the usual wool or camel fur, but an ultra-thin vine. There were leaves on the cloak which seemed alive. If the cloak was buried in the ground, it would not take long before vines would erupt and grow.

The use of plant fibers and vines to make cloaks was a rare sight. The cloaks allowed the user to hide within the forest. From afar, even the most skilled scout would believe that the wearer was only a bush.

The small group of people were hidden by the cloak and silently observed the battle.

Among them, there was a woman who looked noble and elegant. It was Linda – a female Soul Beast who had achieved human form.

A dark-skinned fellow stood next to her. His skin was dark like coal, his eyes were golden like a leopard and there was a scar shaped like a cross on his forehead. He was the leader of the group.

"The Gryphon tribe has already lost." The man as dark as coal said.

The other people were dazed. Linda said, "It can’t be. The battle has only just begun. There are fifty hundred thousand warriors from the Gryphon tribe. No matter how strong Han and the others are, it would take them a while."

"The battle had only just begun but it will soon be over. Look at that man. He is releasing poison. I believe this is a type of controlled power. Once all the warriors of the Gryphon tribe are contaminated by the poison, he only needs to lift a finger and the fifty hundred thousand men would perish."

Linda shook her head and said, "The Gryphon tribe is one of the strongest forces here. Even if the ordinary warriors died, they still have many warlords."

"I was referring to the warlords. Obviously, this man’s poison would strip the powers of even the warlords." The dark man said coldly.

Strip the powers of a warlord? Linda frowned.

In fact, there was a poison master among Han’s group. It was one of Han’s teachers – Night Walker.

The reason Night Walker could run rampant in the Milky Way was because of his poison. His strange poison could also be called the Ruined Warlord. That’s why there was the "Ruins" in his actual name.


Among Han’s group, a few persons secretly left the battlefield. Lance and Ke Lake led a few warriors with special exploration powers. They would penetrate into the territory of the Gryphon tribe to see if the lions were lying.

Even though Linda already believed that Han would win, she did not expect Han to win so easily. They were surrounded but could still afford to dispatch men to investigate? That proved that they were not fighting with their full strength.

Perhaps they were waiting for Night Walker’s poison to be fully released. Then they would give the enemy a fast and direct ending.

The battle was interesting. The warriors of the Gryphon tribe were like the sea – they surrounded the less than three hundred men of Han’s group. Han and the others were like a raft that floated on the ocean. Rafts which refused to sink no matter what. The raft would appear at different places and wherever it appeared, there would be a small mountain of bodies.

An important metric on the battlefield was the ability to withstand pressure.

This ability referred to how long an army could resist when they were faced with the enemy’s attack.

Obviously, Han and the Wolf Fang group had an insane ability to withstand pressure. They were like a bunch of cockroaches that refused to die! Contrastingly, they would even bite back at the enemy’s body.

The dark man in command suddenly laughed and said in a low voice, "Good. Very good. I didn’t expect the Wolf Fang to have such good combat skills. Our plan is already half successful. Be prepared. Once he arrives, I can at most give you all five seconds."

Linda was stunned and asked the dark men confusedly, "What do you mean? Aren’t we investigating the powers of Han’s group?"


The dark man laughed, his voice was eerie and caused Linda to get goosebumps.

The dark man said with a low voice, "You really believe I would come to an agreement with Lion Six? He is not qualified!"

"But I have promised Lion Six. That’s the reason he promised to work for us." Linda frowned and said.

"You made that promise. I did not promise him anything." The dark man said coldly. "The object that we truly want is here today. And today we have the opportunity to obtain it!"

"Send my orders! Everyone get ready! That man is almost here!"


On the battle field, the massacre continued.

The young lions were terrified when they realized that although it seemed like their huge army had surrounded Han, until now no one from Han’s group had died. On the other hand, many warriors from their tribe had fallen.

The Wolf Fang group was currently slicing the body of the Gryphon tribe with a knife and bleeding them to death!

That was the cruelest way to die.


The Wolf Fang group who had the upper hand stopped their attacks. The warriors of the Gryphon tribe stepped on the bodies of their companions and gasped for breath while looking at this bunch of crazy fellows. They did not understand what was wrong today. They could not advance. The more they attacked, the more people from their tribe died.

"They’re scared! They’re scared!" Lion First raised his right arm and yelled, "Let’s finish them in one go!"

At this moment, a domineering voice erupted from the Wolf Fang group. The voice was slightly hoarse and had a chilly undertone. It was Night walker!

"Poison technique! The Green Masked Beast!"

Night walker assumed a dashing pose and snapped his fingers, and there was a smile on his face.


Suddenly, Lion First felt like his throat was blocked by something. He could not let out any sounds. His heart was pumping wildly and his vision began to blur.

He fell to the ground with a thud and his eyes began to bulge. More and more warriors of the Gryphon tribe began to fall to the ground. Their faces were ashen and the blood vessels on their temples were filled with a black liquid. The veins began to bulge like spider webs covering their bodies.

Green Masked Beast, Night Walker’s strongest technique. Warlord level enemies would lose all combat strength, and for those below warlord level, they would either die or become permanently disabled.

Lion First was at the intermediate warlord level, so his situation was the best among his peers. His eyes could still focus and his consciousness was still there. As for his brothers, white foam was already coming out from their mouths as their bodies shivered. Their face also turned into a metal green color, just like a bunch of green faced beasts having seizures.


In the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of warriors fell in succession!

This was Night Walker’s skill!

"Sorry, there are quite a few people so it took slightly longer." Night Walker said while smiling.

A strong poison technique not only killed the enemy but also had this massive scale. The fact that Night walker could poison more than fifty hundred thousand soldiers in such a short time was a testament to the strength of his Green Masked Beast poison technique.

What was even more astonishing was that the poison killed the enemy but did not hurt Han or the others.

"I already said that you should let me use Sky King Vine. If I let out a thousand of those, I can tear this dimension apart!" Feng Taiji twitched his mouth and said.

He was not boasting. Feng Taiji was also a force to be reckoned with when faced with a large mass of enemies. Of course, Wu Yun’s genetic beast army could also take out thousands of enemies if they were let out.

This was the true strength behind Han’s group. Even though they were a small group, but the group consisted of strong warriors of all backgrounds. No matter if it was a solo fight or a large mass of enemies, they had nothing to fear. That was the scary part- they were a very well-rounded team.

"There’s no time. Let’s kill these young lions and then find the Tribal Alliance to get even." Han said with a heavy voice.

At the end of his words, some people had started to move towards the young lions with their weapons in hand. The young lions were petrified and could not even speak. Their eyes were wide with fear.

At this moment, a loud boom sounded in the distance.

When Han raised his head, he saw Ke Lake flying in the air and was in close combat with the man. He was using his flying ability to detain the man and prevent him from closing onto Lance who were trying to rush back.

"We found Xiao Bao!" Lance shouted.

The situation was very dangerous. Ke Lake had used all his might but could not stop the person from closing onto him. It was an old man with messy blonde hair. He could fly like Ke Lake but his speed was slower. Ke Lake relied on a winding path to slow down his speed.


Everyone was stunned. They all knew the strength of Ke Lake. This man was a strong warrior who could force Ke Lake to ambush him instead of fighting head on.

In an instant, the old blonde man purposely feinted a weakness. Ke Lake tried to ambush him but before he could act, he saw the raging eyes of the old man and realized he had fallen for his trap. How could a strong warrior so easily reveal his weakness?

Ke Lake speedily retreated in the air but the hand of the Blonde man was closing onto his throat.


At this critical moment, a flash of white light suddenly appeared!

It was an arrow shot from Han’s Flying Feather!

A white flash of light passed through Ke Lake and the old blonde man like a dragon. It forced the old man to abandon his attack. This allowed Ke Lake to avoid the crisis. He retreated from the fight, grabbed Lance and brought him next to Han. Soon after, the old blonde man also arrived.

"Father…" Lion First waved his hand towards the air and sobbed with despair.

It was the old lion, Lion Flying Eagle!

From the tribes’ history, Lion Flying Eagle should already be very old. He was the first generation leader of the tribe.

In reality, this famous old man did not have an ounce of fat on his body, and showed no signs of putting on weight. Each muscle was defined and tight, his chin was very sharp and his gaze was as dazzling as sapphires.


Lion Flying Eagle looked at the fallen warriors of the tribe and his poisoned son and heavily sighed.

"I thought you brats could finally assume authority. It’s a pity I was wrong. You are still young." Lion Flying Eagle said with a heavy voice. "Where’s Lion Six?"

Lion First could not speak words and could only signal with his hands.

"It’s good that he’s not dead." He looked at Han and the others and asked heavily, "Why were you so merciless?"

At this time, Lance had taken Xiao Bao out from his Dimension Ring.

When everyone saw Xiao Bao, a surging rage overtook the group.

The small fellow had injuries all over his body and a silver blood collection tube inserted into his body. The other side of the tube was connected to a chemically insulated container.

These damn Gryphons, they dared to collect blood from Xiao Bao!


Xiao Bao looked at Han and lied into his arms. He accidentally touched the blood collection tube on his body and grimaced.

"What happened?" Han raised his head and looked at the old lion with ice cold eyes. "You think that we are merciless? This can’t even be considered merciless! Guys, let’s kill every last one of them! None of them will leave alive!"


"Every last one!"

"Every last one!"

The group shouted in succession. Xiao Bao’s encounters turned them into raging barbarians. Blood was needed to cool down the rage of warriors.

"I should be the one who to say these words!" The old lion shouted.

He shot a glance at his disappointing sons and said with some agony, "In the end, I still need to wipe your ass after you pull some shit."

A few of the young lions drooped their heads, and dared not looked at their fuming father.

But Han could not understand. Why was Lion Flying Eagle so wild and confident? Could he not see what kind of people Han’s group were?


Suddenly, Lion Flying Eagle started shivering, his skin gradually turned black and a black light shone from within its body.

The light shone as if hell was gazing down.


The first body stood up. The body of the Gryphon tribe warrior had been poisoned by the Night Walker. His face was still ashen and black blood dripped from his eyes.

The second body shakily stood up, and more bodies stood up in succession!

Lion Flying Eagle!

This old fag could bring back the dead!