Chapter 228: Humanoid Weapon and Puppets

Chapter 228: Humanoid Weapon and Puppets

Milky Way Galaxy, within the starry sky beside the A1 relic, a badger-class cruiser registered under the Burton Republic was passing by.

While waiting for the ship to be ready for a transition jump, a huge machine inside this cruiser was performing a hidden scan of the A-1 relic.

And the people that were executing this secret mission were the dark apostles, the vanguards sent by the god race.

Other than the two dark apostles killed by Han, there were still 98 of them active in the Milky Way. This was a hidden, sinister force that could not be underestimated.

This giant machine was built by the dark apostles themselves, and no one knew of its function other then the dark apostles themselves.

Inside the cruiser’s command room, the five dark apostles all had an agitated look on them. Right now, they were disguised as the Burton Republic’s military officials.

“Damn those humans, they actually destroyed the seal and released the humanoid weapon.” A dark apostle gritted his teeth and said.

“We should’ve guessed it before. In all of humanity’s history, the direct cause to the formation of the Milky Way Alliance was the Dark King, which was the code name of the Humanoid Weapon. I didn’t expect that even though our masters went through so much trouble to seal the Humanoid Weapon here, the humans had actually broken the seal and foiled our masters’ plan.”

“The Humanoid Weapon is no longer here, we cannot finish our mission anymore, what should we do now?”

“Don’t worry, according to the secret record of humanity’s history, when the human race gathered their full strength and crossed the entire galaxy to try to kill Humanoid Weapon, they still couldn’t kill him. In the end, due to how the Humanoid Weapon sometimes has uncontrolled thinking accompanied by frequent symptoms of mental breakdown, ultimately it actually charged into a black hole himself.”

“Then, a few thousand years after the humanoid weapon was sucked into the Black Hole, this black hole suddenly collapsed. Although the Humanoid Weapon died, it left behind 7 crystals.”

“They are classified as the Heart of Darkness, Eye of Darkness, Genu of Darkness, Bone of Darkness, Hand of Darkness, Brain of Darkness, and Crystal of Darkness.”

“As long as we find these seven things, we can also report to our masters. After all, although the Humanoid Weapon is dead now, the super strength it possessed will never be destroyed.”

A Dark Apostle said bitterly, “We were too careless back then. When the masters left the Milky Way, they should have just brought the Humanoid Weapon with them!”

“No, the masters were not wrong.” Another dark apostle rebuked him, “Although the Humanoid Weapon is powerful, it is still uncontrollable. Besides, the reason the masters left the Milky Way was to find the real-world entrance to the dark net.”

“If the gods from the Dark Net’s Path of All Gods knew that we, the god-race, found a powerful that can go against the dark net, the result will certainly be anger, and then our masters would be in big trouble.”

“So, our masters were not wrong for sealing the Humanoid Weapon in the Milky Way. It’s the humans that are at fault for daring to unlock the seal.”

Another Dark Apostle spoke, “It’s too late to say anything now. The only thing we can do now is to gather the crystals left behind by the Humanoid Weapon as soon as possible.”

A Dark Apostle that had been silent the whole time finally spoke, “Did you notice? In the Milky Way, there’s a human named Han. He had already killed two of our agents. The power he uses is very unique. Could it be the power left behind by the Humanoid Weapon?”

“Our mission this time is to take back the Humanoid Weapon, but Masters didn’t tell us what kind of power descent the Humanoid Weapon actually belongs to.”

“Indeed. But anyways, why not list Han as one of the targets for investigation.”



“If that’s the case, then we will inform all the Dark Apostles to investigate the entire Milky Way Galaxy, and focus on recovering the energy crystals left behind by the Humanoid Weapon.”

After dozen consecutive days of high-intensity practice, Han decided to take a break.

It’s not that Han didn’t want to work hard. In fact, Han trained harder and more desperately than most other people.

It was just that, what Han learned was a forbidden technique, and the majority of forbidden techniques in the world could not be mastered by just hard work.

The strength of these forbidden martial arts was not only based on their extraordinary techniques, but also their profound meanings.

Of course, the meaning behind these forbidden martial arts were all not very righteous. They were either vicious, or rebellious, otherwise they wouldn’t be prohibited.

Han knew very well, since he was trying to master a forbidden martial art, then he must take advantage of the breaks he took in between practices to spend more time trying to understand it. The Six Paths of the Void was not only a martial art, but also a way of understanding.

So, Han returned to Earth. Under the help of the Particle Module, travelling back to Earth from the Transition Station was only a matter of time.

In fact, there was nothing on Earth that really needed Han’s attention. In the military and political systems on Earth, he had always been playing the role of a pioneer and leader, rather than an executer.

For instance, the enormous immigration plan was started by Han, but he didn’t have to personally execute the whole plan. On Earth there was still Long Chuan, Li Yu, Talin, Ke Lake, Old Mo, and the robot army, and the ones really carrying out the operations were them.

Han established two forces. The first set was the five-man group of the Earth army, and the other set was the five-man group of the robot army. The two execution teams were independent of each other, but they also stayed in close contact and helped each other out.

So far, this system was working very well. There were already three batches of immigrants taking off from Earth to the distant Twin Horse Galaxy, and the robot army that was left at the Twin Horse Galaxy would be responsible for taking in and taking care of the new immigrants.

After three years, when the 15 billion people all fully emigrated, the two sets of forces will merge into a truly supreme military command system.

After Han stayed on Earth for just two days, he left again, and according to what he said, he wanted to go to the Oblivion Realm to go meet with his teachers.

And how could Long Chuan and the others control Han, they could only watch him leave.

In the blink of an eye, Han’s battleship already left the outer orbit of Earth and went into the first transition jump. But at that moment, Han’s face became a bit serious.

“Master, are you sure someone’s following us?” Yuan Yuan asked in curiosity, “But I didn’t detect any unknown starships. Even if they are using a stealth warship, it’s impossible for them to cloak their ships during transition jumps.”

Han nodded, “I know but I have a very strong feeling about it so we must be very careful. Let’s leave this place first. If a battle erupts, it will affect innocent people on Earth.”

“But I feel that this stalker wouldn’t risk attacking me near Earth. We should lure him out. Let’s take the risk to go to a remote location.”

Yuan Yuan replied, “Yep, so we can’t go to Oblivion Realm too. The three addicts are there, and the Protector as well.”

“Yep, so we can’t go to the Oblivion Realm either. Remember that time when we passed Andromeda and a dangerous gravitational signal prompted? It was at a deserted mining planet without a name. We can go there, and if the people that are following us really have something planned, they will show up too.”

Yuan Yuan looked around vigilantly and said, “Master don’t talk anymore. What if the enemies are eavesdropping us?”

Han replied calmingly, “The ship scan result shows that there’s no eavesdropping device installed, and there’s no life signal, what are you scared of? I’m guessing that they are using a remote tracking array and directly locked onto my ship, so we don’t have to be worried about being tapped. The only thing I’m worried about is the enemy not coming to me, because I hate being secretly stalked. It makes me very uncomfortable.”

Han and his assistant Yuan Yuan freely chatted, but he didn’t know, in the ventilation pipe of his ship, there was a small thing watching Han’s every move.

The scanner of course didn’t detect it, because this little thing was not an insect nor a beast, but a wooden, thumb-size, lifeless doll.

In other words, it was a puppet.

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