Chapter 350: Speculation about Black Egg

Chapter 350: Speculation about Black Egg

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"She said, you better not infuriate Black egg, because you can’t afford the consequences." Luo Ying hesitated for a moment and whispered to Han.

Han was puzzled, and asked, "Why did she say that? Does this little thing have any secrets I don’t know?"

Little thing?!


Black Egg started glaring at Han once he heard his words.


As expected, Han and Black Egg started fighting again. In the eyes of the others, Han and Black Egg were natural rivals, it’s hard to find a day that they haven’t fought. It had become a way of life.

Black Egg’s speed was fast, his body was small and he could fly. To deal with this little guy, Han had studied a lot of odd techniques. He feinted an attack with his arms, then locked Black Egg’s head with his legs. Han then pretended to be struck down by Black Egg, but performed a leg sweep when he fell to surprise attack Black Egg.

To be honest, Han had never spent this much effort when dealing with humans.

With time, Han not only grew to like the fights with Black Egg. He even started viewing the fights as a hobby. Fighting Black Egg was very challenging and required Han’s reflexes to be extremely fast.

After a while, Han got up with a black eye. He had lost again. But after this fight, Han felt reinvigorated.

Fighting with Black Egg was different than fighting the enemy. Against Black Egg, Han could easily engross himself into the fight and not care about the consequences, whereas against an enemy, Han could not afford to make a single mistake as it could lead to his death. Han had a completely different mentality during the two fights.

"Oh well, you got me. You actually got my eye! Next time I will think of a stronger attack to defeat you!" Han waved his fist and threatened Black Egg.

Black Egg had won and was in a good mood. He lied on Luo Ying’s neck with a look of pride.

Everyone could not help but shake their heads. Han and Black Egg fight every day, but the strange thing was that neither held a grudge. In fact, their relationship seemed to get better with each fight.

"Let’s return and bring this Thousand-Arms Asura to 9527. Maybe he knows what it is." Han said to the others.

Space station of 9527

Luo Ying stayed in her room and sat on the sofa. She held her head between her hands and was talking to the Protector Banshee.

"Are you sure there’s no mistake? Black Egg and Han have such a good relationship. Why would he hurt Han? You saw today too, Han and Black Egg had a fight but it didn’t affect their relationship at all." Luo Ying said.

The Protective Banshee with disheveled hair shook her head and looked worried, "If my worries become reality, Han will be in great danger."

Luo Ying frowned, "You are speaking of the descendent of dragon? Is that possible? I know that the dragon race is the legendary King of the beasts, and took advantage of the Space Law of the Dark Net and dominated the entire universe. They were the rulers of the ancient universe, but the dragon race has gone extinct for a long time."

"They did not go extinct, but rather disappeared." The protective Banshee corrected Luo Ying and said heavily, "I saw Black Egg’s eyes and ferocious smile when he swallowed the Sky Eye which contained massive amount of energy with my own eyes."

"I suspect that Black Egg is not a Soul Beast, but rather a descendent of the Dragons. He has yet to gain the power to challenge the world, so he is temporarily by Han’s side. But, once he finishes his transformation, based on the tales of the Dragon’s evil nature, he would not only be a deadly threat to Han, but an enormous threat to the entire universe."

"I don’t believe you." Luo Ying said stubbornly, "All the Soul Beasts are afraid of Black Egg because they are of the same species."

"That’s not necessarily true. If Black Egg were a descendent of the Dragons, the Soul Beasts would also fear him."

Luo Ying continued to speak, "But Black Egg can use the Soul Kill ability, which is a unique attack of the Soul Beasts."

"Don’t forget, the legendary Dragons race could use Dragon’s Breath. Perhaps Black Egg’s ultimate attack is not Soul Kill, it’s only that we could not tell the difference between the Dragon’s Breath and the Soul Kill."

Luo Ying continued and said, "Even if Black Egg was a descendent of the Dragons, Han might not come into conflict with Black Egg. They may become good friends. Han has a lot of friends and he treats them well."

The Protective Banshee let out a sigh and resignedly looked at Luo Ying, "Little Ying, you are too naïve. Even though I am unable to determine if Black Egg descended from the Dragons, could you not see the pride that Black Egg seemed to be born with?"

"Han could be considered half a master of Black Egg, but so what? Don’t they still fight everyday?"

"And you must know, even though Han is easy going, he is filled with stubbornness. In the short amount of time that we have known him, we have seen him refusing to back down from death match more than once. This shows that he is a stubborn man. If one day conflict truly broke out between the prideful Black Egg and that Stubborn Han, it would be a fight to the death."

Luo Ying was speechless. Han was truly quite special. He was young and funny, but very stubborn. In contrast, Black Egg was high and mighty. If they both got angry, the fight would be ugly.

"Black Egg is really powerful. Right now, Han is unstoppable with Black Egg as a trump card. But the problem is, how long will this trump card last?"

The reverse of the universe, commonly known as Dark Net.

Here, time and space met. There were countless huge tunnels without an end, moving past all obstacles towards an unknown destination.

Earth, the majestic blue planet was filled with charms.

The present Earth was not without residents. On the contrary, millions of elderly men and women refused to leave this planet where generations of ancestors lived on.

China, the Northern Shan Bei Mountains.

At the edge of the yellow land, an elderly man dressed as a farmer was sitting on the ridge of the farmland in a daze. He watched the distant strange sky, and thought about what to do in the future.

Elderly people were often stubborn. The younger people all knew that since the development of synthetic food, there was no need for farming. Even vegetables could be grown in a base with automatic photosynthesis.

But this old man could not forget the barren land of the village. He felt that synthetic grains were not as fragrant as the grains he grew with his own hands.

But now the entire world has changed. He had moved with Earth to a foreign place. The sun still existed but no longer gave off light. The Earth was always in the dark, and the distant night sky no longer shined with stars. Only a few planets like Venus and Jupiter still accompanied Earth. They stayed silent in this dark world, and seemed lonely.

The elderly people who lived on earth were also lonely. Some had already regretted their decisions to not follow their children and grandchildren to Twin-Horse Galaxy. The elderly people were unwilling to leave Earth, but the young people did not want to leave either.

Back then, the reason that most of the people on Earth followed the Army and emigrated, was that they really couldn’t reject them. Everyone knew that the years have been the hardest on the warriors in the Army. There were only so many warriors with super powers on Earth. They fought the battles, and bled their blood. The majority of the ordinary people had lived relatively safe and happy lives because of them.

A man cannot forget his roots. When the Army came to the village and pleaded for them to leave, the soldiers had tears in the eyes and were slapping their own faces. They claimed that they were incompetent, and had no way to protect everyone, so they could only retreat everyone to safety.

Faced with such a scene, who would have the heart to say no? Anyhow, the lives of the 150 billion people on earth were saved by the Army.

The old man sat outside for a few hours. After smoking nearly half a pack of cigarettes, he resignedly stood up and walked towards his home. Humans needed to eat, but it was quite boring eating alone so the old man usually just took a few bites of steamed buns, bacon and pickles. When he was thirsty, he would drink a cup of water from the automatic machine which collected water molecules.

Everyone in the village had left. Only the old man and a dog called Old Yellow remained. In the past, Old Yellow loved to bask in the sun. But now, the Sun no longer shined and Old Yellow became more depressed. It would lie in the yard all day without moving, and refuse to eat. It probably did not have a few days to live.

When he pushed open the door to the courtyard, the old man froze for a moment. The Old Yellow dog that always lie on the ground suddenly looked a few years younger. It was lying next to the side of a young man and wagging its tail. The young man wore very strange clothes. It was similar to the armor that the army wore, but the Earth army all had soft armor and this young man wore an over the top hard armor. If placed in the past, the armor would be the standard uniform in soap operas.

The young man was squatting on the ground, patting Old yellow. When he saw that the old man had come home, he smiled and stood up.