Chapter 297: Trapped on Bridge

Chapter 297: Trapped on Bridge

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Three days later, in Star Lord City.

In the middle of the city, a gigantic Star gate stood straight up, millions of warriors that were selected to enter the Mystic Valley were all gathered here. Soon, they were going to cross through the Mystic Valley. Those who succeeded in crossing through the Valley could then achieve the title of Star Lord, which was the biggest dream of everyone who lived in the Star Lord City.

Those who had the right to participate in the Mystic Valley crossing were all elites out of the warriors, masters of all style of martial arts.

There was no rule for the crossing, as long as you can make it through, you succeed.

If one failed to cross through the Valley, they will lose the right to enter the Mystic Valley within 5 years. Therefore, all the awaiting warriors were very stressed. After all, it was not easy to gain a chance to enter the Mystic Valley, and it was even harder to cross through successfully.

“After entering the Mystic Valley, you all need to follow my order. Head to the east or west as long as I tell you to do so, understand?” Jian Jia talked as if she was the leader of Han’s group.

There were approximately more than a hundred people including Han that teamed up.

Most members of the crowd were humans from the Milky Way. Lance, Hei Xiaoli, Ke Lake Ye Weiwei, and ten more people led by the Three Addicts from Oblivion Realm. Moreover, there was also the Milky Way outside force represented by Boya. They all knew each other and Han at the judgement trial, and have been to the border battlefield together.

The main reason for gathering these people from different places is certainly because of Han. However, the one who is in charge of the team was not him, but Jian Jia.

Han didn’t say anything on this. Everyone could tell, Jian Jia was born with extraordinary power. She may know some secrets of the Mystic Valley. If they were to fight a bloody battle without knowing anything, why not just let Jian Jia help them. Han felt happy with taking this short cut.

When Jian Jia was giving her well-prepared speech, Han took the time and looked around.

He saw Zhu Yanan. This guy had once tried to kill him, so he was undoubtedly the enemy of Han.

The crew of young people with Zhu Yanan were very strange. They all seemed to have come from aristocratic families, talking and laughing merrily as if having no fear to the Mystic Valley.

They also seemed to recognize Jian Jia, pointing at him and whispering here and there as if staying with people like Han was quite embarrassing.

Han was trying to estimate the power of Zhu Yanan’s group. He found that these young people with aristocratic looks actually had formidable strength. Many of them have intensely fluctuating source energy, which obviously belonged to the level of warlords.

In addition to this, they owned excellent equipment and uncommon imposing manner. Han was sure that this group of aristocratic young people were fully educated, equipped with rich resource and were instructed by famous teachers.

Han also saw Heyuan from the Three-eyed Race. He was definitely on the same team with those warriors coming from the same race.

It was the first time for Han to see such concentrated numbers of three-eyed race. What confused him was that only Heyuan opened his third eye among these hundreds of There-eyed Race warriors.

The Mystic Valley Crossing gathered all elites. Han, therefore, inferred that Heyuan was possibly the only one who officially opened his third eye among other three-eyed races in the Star Lord City, but those that would make it to the Star Lord City should all be the most elite people from the Three-Eyed Race

If the inference continues, the result would then be horrifying. The number of those who really activated the third eye among three-eyed races which had claimed themselves to be the god race, maybe was far less than what Han expected.

At this time, Jian Jia has finished her little speech. She came beside Han, followed the sight of Han and said carelessly, “Are you worrying about the guy with three eyes? Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Han found it funny, but he didn’t say anything and just planned something in silence.


With the opening of the Star Gate, the Mystic Valley Crossing event that took 7 days officially began. Millions of people started to cross through the Star Gate and entered the Mystic Valley.

“Don’t rush, let them go in first.” Jian Jia said while holding her arms.

The group waited. The group of aristocratic people with Zhu Yanan seemed not rushed either. They waited until almost everyone entered and started to move. However, Jian Jia still told Han and the others to wait.

“Okay, we can go now. Don’t think that you get an advantage if you get into the Star Gate first, Mystic Valley is very complicated. You will soon feel lucky to have me.” Jian Jia said with pride.

Finally, Han’s group also entered the Star Gate. When they got out of the door, they saw the view of the universe.

Mystic Valley, as for how it’s originally called, was actually a star loop. It surrounded a planet in a circular trail. Therefore, crossing through the Mystic Valley was actually traveling around the planet for a full circle. Whether it was to the left or right, it doesn’t matter.

“Stop here, I need to check the map.” Jian Jia stopped the group again.

At the same time, most of other groups have already begun the journey. They all chose to cross from the right, which was full of red sands and hills.

Jian Jia brought out a complicated machine. Han walked ahead and saw a trail scheme of the Mystic Valley on the screen, it was much clearer than the one Han got from the competition. Nobody had a clue where Jian Jia got this from.


Without knowing what tricks Jian Jia has done, and a white arrow showed up on the map, like a sort of navigation system.

Jian Jia became so happy, waved to everybody and said, “Everyone follow me now, don’t get lost.”

Then, Jian Jia ran to the front excitedly with her navigation tool. Everyone followed her closely.

Han lightly frowned, waved his hand to Lance and asked him to come to his side, and then released Silver Fox.

“Don’t let Jian Jia find out, you go to the front as a scout, keep ten kilometers from the group,” Han said to Lance.

“Got it.”

Lance nodded his head, sneaked away quietly and disappeared in the group.

Han also said to Silver Fox, “You little buddy, your mission now is to ensure the contact between Lance and the group. This place is geographically complicated, I need you to be the scout of Lance who is also a scout.”


Silver Fox tapped its chest, promised to complete the mission and disappeared into Valley as well.

Han also called Hei Xiaolin and Boya

“You two hold the group, make sure nobody is missing,” Han told both of them.

“No worries!”

“We can handle this!”

After this, Han released his genetic fusion beast army to keep protecting the group’s left and right.

Quietly, a mobile iron bucket array has been formed, set as a defense-purpose base. In any direction, it covered up to three layers of buffers. Additionally, they also have Ke Lake, a strong mobile unit.

Jian Jia was certainly not clear about these tactical aspects of the arrangements. She was simply leading everyone based on the navigation tool.

It was unexpected that under the leading of Jian Jia in the past twenty-four hours, everything seemed to be calm and peaceful, not even a single enemy was yet encountered.

There were several times that Han had seen the floating dust and fierce fighting sounds from the distance, but Jian Jia’s navigation system led everyone to bypass the battlefield wisely.

It could be indeed boring to pass through the Mystic Valley like this, but Han thought more simply. He had so many friends and groupmates here. To ensure they were not injured was more important than finding an exciting way to pass through the Valley. Therefore, he was pleased to see Jian Jia leading everyone to follow the smartest route.

Instantly, it turned into the next day. Jian Jia was leading the whole team and had passed over a third of the route. Following this speed, it will take only four to five instead of seven days to pass through Mystic Valley. The efficiency of the navigation system was highly astonishing.

The team now had encountered a black swamp that was braving bubbles. Jian Jia kept leading everyone and finally found a bridge. The bridge was pretty ragged and looked like it’s about to collapse.

“You all follow my steps. This bridge has a trap, you will fall if you don’t pay attention. There is toxic gas and snakes in the black swamp down there.” Jian Jia instructed everyone by the edge of the bridge.

Jian Jia, led everyone by jumping onto the bridge. The surface of the bridge was constructed by some huge square slates. Ones must step on the right slates in order to cross the bridge. The moment someone stepped on a wrong slate, the whole bridge would collapse.

These people were all elites, jumping forward for them was not challenging at all. More than a hundred of people jumping together seemed like a team of grasshopper.

Suddenly, after reaching about fifty kilometers on the bridge, Jian Jia stopped unexpectedly. Everyone had no choice but to wait on the bridge.

Han saw Jian Jia’s little face turning pale. He was shocked and asked, “Jian Jia, what’s wrong?”

Jian Jia seemed like she wanted to cry but had no tears. Holding the complicated machine, she said, “The navigation…the navigation system suddenly lost signal, I don’t know what is the next step now.”