Chapter 251: Beast Speaker Hall

Chapter 251: Beast Speaker Hall

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“14.5 million points! Deal!”

“Congratulations to Beast Speaker Hall’s Overlord Ma for successfully taking genetic beast #1!”

The auctioneer hammer sounded, Han’s genetic beast #1 was actually auctioned for 14.5 million points, which far exceeded Han’s own expectation.

“14.5 million points?! Oh my god! This is way too incredible, I must notify him right away.” Du Yunli who was hiding behind the curtains of this auction couldn’t suppress her excitement, and used her wrist communication device to contact Han.

The wrist communication device belonged to the same category of instruments as the particle module. It was an essential piece of equipment for the deep level dark net, equipped with physical assessment and communication functions.

Han himself had made a small design change, and connected the wrist communication device and his automatic medicine dispenser into one, with the controller hidden under the medicine box.

When Han received Du Yunli’s phone call, he was in the middle of eating fried chicken and drinking beer with Lance and Hua Manxue. Hearing it was Du Yunli’s voice, Han suddenly hesitated. He didn’t think someone would call him this late.

“Oh, the auction was a success?”

“So many points, it seems to be pretty good.”

“Alright, I trust you. #2 and #3 will for sure be auctioned for a good price.”

“No problem, next auction I will be present myself. Notify me by then.”


Han turned off communication, and he just saw Hua Xueman’s eyes hooked onto him.

Lance asked, “Han, the voice seems to belong to a girl.”

Han nodded, “You are right.”

Lance then started joking with Han, “Oh man! Just arriving at the Terminal Station, and you are already hooked up with someone?”

Han slightly frowned, “Why do you talk like a pervert? What do you mean hook up? Du Yunli’s the auction house’s staff, her and I only have business dealings.”


Hua Xueman was a little jealous, “Business dealings shouldn’t take place this late right? No need to explain anymore, just tell us how much your genetic beast was sold for.”

Han absentmindedly said, “14.5 million points.”


Right after he said it, the fried chicken in Lance’s hand dropped inside his beer glass, and he was splashed by the beer.

“14.5 million?!” Lance took a deep breath and said, “What the f*ck did you make? How can it be sold for that much? I’ve fought my way until now, did everything I could even the things I hated doing the most, and I only have a few hundred thousand points saved up. One of your genetic beasts was traded for 14.5 million points? Holy f*ck! Comparison does lead to disappointment!”

Hua Manxue was also very surprised, and she looked at Han with her mouth wide open.

Han tapped the desk with his finger and said in a low voice, “To be honest I’m also as confused as you guys are. Logically speaking, my skills were learned from the dark net, it shouldn’t be too valuable.”

“No, you guys continue, I have to go see someone.”

Without further explanation, Han bid farewell to Lance and Hua Manxue, taking the subway to the landing zone on the city outskirt, activated his particle module, and went to 9527’s place.

This fat-like-a-ball 9527 glanced at the back image of Han on the screen, smiled, then walked out of the control room mumbling to himself, “Looks like Han already noticed, but that’s fine. If I can’t even deal with him, then all these years I lived are all wasted.”

As he mumbled, 9527 walked out from the mezzanine level.

Yuan Yuan and Silver Fox naturally got really excited and intimate when they saw the fat old man, and Han asked in curiosity, “Old man, I have some question to ask you.”

“Ask away.”

“Just what is the background of Boundless Ten-thousand Beasts? Why is that I caused some chaos at the Star Lord Terminal Station with the genetic fusion beast I made with Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts?”

Who knew, 9527’s first sentence already shoved Han’s question back into his throat. He just asked, “You learned Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts? How many points did you exchange it for?”


Han was suddenly speechless, Boundless Ten Thousand Beasts was part of 9527’s collection, Han didn’t have the opportunity to learn it through purchasing with points, but was rather under the situation of acquiescence from both side. 9527 allowed Han to secretly look at this secret scroll on genetic beasts.

Speaking from this point, Han indeed hadn’t learned Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts before, and he must not admit that he had learned before.

9527 laughed and said, “You are a very smart young man, you know what to do and say, and what not to. Now I’m a bit tired, going to go take a nap, you take care of yourself.”

Claiming to be tired right after meeting, this was obviously an excuse.

After 9527 left, Han went to that secret chamber of 9527 that stored his precious collection. The secret chamber was indeed not locked and Boundless Ten Thousand Beasts was also not tightly sealed by the energy shield.

Han thought for a bit, then sat down and started reading this secret scroll carefully. Although Han had read this book many times now, he didn’t mind reading a bit more.

After a few hours, Han closed Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts, and he started checking out those energy shields that have yet to be activated. There were even more secret scrolls, maybe all of them were the same as the Boundless Ten-Thousand Beasts, very rare existences in the world.

“This secret, I can’t tell anyone even if I die.” Han mumbled to himself.

Hearing that through the monitoring system, 9527 slightly smiled, and closed his eyes in satisfaction.

“I guess you are not as dumb as I thought.” 9527 muttered.

Second Layer Dark Net, Star Lord level Terminal Station, also known as Star Lord City

This was the path that everyone must take if they wish to continue down the Path of All Gods, but unfortunately, it was not easy to pass through, and more people became trapped here in this Star Lord City.

There were rumors that people with ultimate skills had a higher chance of acquiring the Star Lord title, so numerous large and small research institutions and groups were born in this city.

The reason why there were so many groups was because people believed that the power of an individual is, after all, limited. If a large group of people gathered, and everyone studied and researched together, then it’s easier for someone to reach the ultimate level.

Beast Speaker Hall was born in such a hope. With a long history, it has become one of the big four beast tamer groups in the Star Lord City that was researching genetic beasts.

Today, the Beast Speaker Hall was extraordinarily lively. Hundreds of trainers were gathered together. One old and one young beast tamer met up at the yard of Beast Speaker Hall, and the two began chatting right away.

“Yo, you came too?”

“Of course, how can I not come? I heard that our Overlord was very lucky and obtained a genetic beast with a compatibility index of over 95%, so I wanted to come and study.”

“Okay okay, you don’t need to mask your intentions. What study, you are waiting for our Overlord to decode that mysterious beast tamer’s secret technique aren’t you? We are all the same.”

“Ha ha, you saw through me. Our Overlord is really lucky this time. On that last auction, Soul Beast Hall, Pegasus Institute, and Genetic Beast Research Institute all didn’t show up, so there wasn’t any match for our Overload to compete prices with. Our Overload only used 14.5 million points to get this genetic beast.”

“That’s right, since the dawn of history, people with the same professions are all competing. If those people were there, they would at least drive the price through the roof. Among the four beast tamer clans, we are the weakest, so going head-on would only put us at a disadvantage.”

One old and one young, the two chatted in excitement. After crossing the yard, there was an independent two floor building in the corner. At this moment, outside of the building was already full of people gathering. They were all beast tamers, all of them were abnormally excited, and there were also people dedicated to passing on updates from the lab.

To any beast tamers, it’s a difficult task to decode someone’s genetic technology, and it will require multiple experts to collaborate.

Besides, decoding someone’s skill wasn’t ethical, and it could results in feuds and plots of revenge.

If one beast tamer decoded someone’s technology, he will be chased to be murdered, but if it’s a crowd, over hundreds and thousands of beast tamers decoding someone’s technique together, doesn’t matter how hungry that person was, he couldn’t really kill all those thousands of beast tamers right?

This was called the law that didn’t punish things done by the mass public. The so-called four big beast tamer clans, they were just operating under the name of learning together, but doing unethical things in the dark.

“All preparations are done! His Highness Overlord prepares to do it himself, and decode this genetic beast’s genetic formula!” Someone responsible for informing the public shouted from the second floor.

“Overlord is magnificent!”

“If we can decode the secrets behind this genetic beast #1, then we can significantly improve the compatibility properties of the genetic beasts we make! Then we will be one step closer to getting the Star Lord title!”

“Ya, this time we really got lucky.”

The beast tamers excitedly talked, and suddenly, they heard a sound coming out from the secret lab on the second floor.