Chapter 452: Destination - The Ninth Floor of Grand Golden Tower

Chapter 452: Destination - The Ninth Floor of Grand Golden Tower

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In the practice room, Han was soaked with sweat.

Pathless was the power of lawlessness, the power to defy and destroy all rules!

Han’s skills were getting better through practice. He could gather more and more inner fury and rage which let him set off rounds of fierce attacks. The practice room was constantly shaking like a volcano was erupting vigorously.

Black Egg was watching all of this with his calm eyes. His proud nature made him despise all the other lives except his own. Even Han when was practicing and using Pathless, Black Egg still felt that Han’s power was really poor compared with his own. Han was not worthy to be his master.

Anyway, it was only a three-year contract. After three years, Black Egg would certainly leave. Imagine when birds fly in the broad, limitless sky, fish swim in the wide and deep ocean, how free and comfortable he would be.

Of course, Black Egg felt that he would occasionally come back to visit Han. Although Han was not qualified to be his master, he was one of the few humans that Black Egg appreciated.

Being weak was not Han’s fault, and he was willing to try his best effort every time and was good to Black Egg. So, if Han encountered some problems, Black Egg did not rule out the possibility of helping Han if he had time.

What\'s the difference between a top life and a normal life?

That was the pursuit of the top lives. They must fight for higher and farther goals for their entire life.

And pursuit also meant that you needed to learn to give up sometimes.

Taking Black Egg as an example, it was very comfortable staying around Han. But how could this help him reach the highest point he wanted to stand on?

So although it was not the time to break up with Han yet, Black Egg had already made up his mind to leave Han in the future. And of course, he would come back to visit Han occasionally.

Han finished a round of practice. Breathing heavily, he sat on the floor, picked up a bottle of soda with electrolytes and supplements and drank like a cow.

"Something is still missing. My Pathless is not violent enough. What is wrong?" Holding his chin with his hands, Han began thinking. This was his strength, he loved to use his brain and his expectations for his improvements was large.

Ah ~

Black Egg sighed hopelessly, flapped his fat wings and flew to Han. He motioned Han to get up and fight with him.

Since acquiring the energy from the two monsters on the eighth floor of the Grand Golden Tower, Black Egg had changed a lot. The scales had grown out on his back, his stature was slightly thinner, but his spirit was far stronger than before.

In Han’s eyes, of course, Black Egg was still that little fat guy, as cute as before.

"Do you want to help me understand Pathless?" Han asked Black Egg curiously.

Black egg shook his head disdainfully and continued to gesture.

"Oh, I see, you want me to practice with you. To practice synergizing with your attack, do not drag your legs behind." Han finally understood Black Egg and said with a bitter smile.

(Yes, yes.)

Black Egg nodded repeatedly, with pride and satisfaction in his eyes.

Han was very helpless. He never heard of an owner that needed to cooperate with his pet. Silver Fox’s fighting power was not lower than Black Egg’s at all. He would never have this kind of idea, he continued to work for Han obediently without any complaints.

Fine, cooperate with him. There was not so much more he could do. Because Han could not beat Black Egg.

In the past Han was not the opponent of Black Egg. He was always beaten black and blue all over by this little fat guy. Now after Black Egg underwent a rebirth-like level up, it was even more impossible for Han to beat him. Most possibly, there was nobody in the base that could be Black Egg’s match anymore. He did have the qualification to be proud.

In the blink of an eye, one man and one beast started practicing together. Black Egg mainly attacked, and Han cooperated to assist and support him.

If Han did not do well enough, Black Egg would glare at him and gesture at him to do it again.

After all, Han had a high IQ and was very smart. He understood Black Egg’s tactics very quickly. He wanted Han to attract the attention of the opponent with the Flying Feather bow, and he would be in charge of the real close hand-to-hand combat.

It was better for Han to not be too close to the fighting area, in case he was accidentally injured by Black Egg. Presumably, he would use the Soul Kill skill to destroy the spirit of opponents. Their bodies would become Black Egg’s meals to replenish his energy.

When Han and Black Egg did their final preparation, Yuchi Dao had been observing outside with other people. Finding out the final tactics they made, Dao couldn\'t help shaking his head with worries.

"What. Don’t you believe in the strength of Black Egg?" Qiu Lin asked curiously. Because of his granddaughter Jian Jia, he was also very concerned about Han.

Dao shook his head, "I believe Black Egg’s strength is very strong, I just do not trust his intelligence. Although he could win fights against Han, he does not have Han’s wisdom. That wisdom allows Han to improvise."

"And that is a valuable characteristic that Han has. He can be tough when he needs to be tough. When he needs to adapt, Han would show his cunning side."

"And Black Egg, he had once refused to leave his egg because of a fight with Han, and refused to come out no matter how. Clearly, he is still childish. He is neither as wise nor as mature as Han."

"Besides, Black Egg never had any setback in this life, so he is defiant and arrogant. Han grew up in an adverse environment, he has the tenacity that other people don’t have."

"These two characters will react differently if they were to lose. If Black Egg loses in a fight, he would melt down completely. But if Han loses, I bet that he would eat and sleep as usual the next day. He will not feel any psychological burden."

Qiu Lin was startled, "I did not realize that you were analyzing their fighting at that level. It’s true that Black Egg is far from Han regarding wisdom and spiritual strength. Do you think Black Egg might have the possibility of losing this time?"

"I don’t really think so." Dao shrugged his shoulders and said," I believe Black Egg can defeat Three-Eyed White Ghost. After all, his strength is stronger than we imagined. The stronger his opponent is, the better Black Egg fights. I have seen this."

"Besides, even 9527 did not say anything; I feel he must have made some preparation to make Yuan Yuan follow Han. 9527 had always been so cautious, he wouldn’t be so bold to allow Han and Black Egg face Three-Eyed White Ghost without any precautions."

In a blink of an eye, one month had passed.

During this period of time, the Cursed Land had been extremely uneasy. Jacquet had become crazy, he stationed troops in the area, unsettling the tribes.

Because Wolf Fang had already been the titular leader of the Cursed Land, 9527 had to spend a lot of time placing space-jumping doors among the tribes. So, when the All Gods Corporation found them, the tribes could move to a safe place as quickly as possible.

Even after these preparations, there were still three tribes that were found and destroyed by the All Gods Corporation.

Jacquet was so vicious that he commanded the slaughter of all the tribes, men and women, and even the unborn babies. And then they hung their bodies.

Tribal residents were relatively backward and savage; it often happened that defeated tribes were slaughtered. They appeared to be relatively indifferent in the face of death and fate. It was Han and his group that had been angered.

If 9527 and other people didn’t repeatedly stress to take the larger situation into account, the group would have already gone out for blood.

In this extremely worrisome situation, Han and Black Egg were officially ready to embark on the ninth floor of the Grand Golden Tower and fight against the legendary Three-Eyed White Ghost.

There were more than 500 people in Wolf Fang’s organization. Everyone knew they couldn’t stay in the Eastern Dark Net anymore; they had to leave. They needed to restructure their strength in the west until they had enough strength, then they would come back to fight with the All Gods Corporation and Jacquet again.

So, with everyone’s hope, Han felt a lot of pressure.

No one ever thought Han might lose because they had Black Egg. This guy was simply invincible when he fought seriously. Even the strongest people in the base put together could not be his opponent.

Han was also there, in addition to Black Egg. His ranking was at the forefront of the warriors in the base. Although he wasn’t at the level of super warlords, he did have the pure destructive power of super warlords.

"Take it easy and go. If you fail, we would destroy the Grand Golden Tower to get you out!" Boya laughed.

More people said that Han and Black Egg, such a strong combination, would definitely have no problem. They would be able to return in victory and honor.

Han was talking with this crowd when he suddenly saw Ye Weiwei in the corner.

Weiwei was wearing a black leather dress which showed her graceful body shape. She stood aside from the group and sneaked looks at Han constantly. Only Luo Ying stayed her company.

Han walked out of the group and came to Weiwei with a smile.

"You guys talk and I\'ll find something to eat." Luo Ying left with a mischievous smile and she also took away Silver fox. As for Blue Star, nobody worried about him, he was just an idiot.

Weiwei whispered with a slightly red face, "Make sure that you stay safe."

Han stared at her for more than 10 seconds. This girl must have something on her mind. Since her power couldn’t be restrained and brought many threats to the base, Weiwei become depressed.

She was afraid of contacting others. She always hid away quietly unless Han was present.

Weiwei felt guilty because she had hurt others. Han had not seen her wear dresses for a long time. Even the smile on her face was much less than before.

"Don’t worry, wait until I come back," Han said with a smile.

"En!" Weiwei nodded with a complicated look.

Han, of course, had a special feeling to Weiwei, but there were too many people at the moment, it was not a good time for him to say anything. He could only walk away with a smile and entered the 6th floor of the dark net space ship with Black Egg.

"Sister Weiwei," Luo Ying asked with confusion, "Why don\'t you tell Han that your grandpa asked you to look for him?"

Weiwei shook her head, looked at Han’s back and said, "Forget about it. He has too much to worry about, I don’t want to give him trouble. I don\'t want to give anyone trouble."

"You!" Ying talked like an adult with pouted lips, "How can you say that is trouble between the two of you? If you don\'t hurry up, I can see Han being taken away by Jian Jia."

Weiwei said with a faint smile, "But I always hurt others, I cannot even control myself. I am afraid that one day I might hurt Han. Perhaps this is my fate."

"Well, Han doesn’t believe in fate." Ying said loudly. In fact, she also fully adored Han in her heart. Only because she was too young, Han had been treating her as a child. But he forgot that children would grow up one day.

Swish ~

The dark net space ship officially departed with Han, Black Egg and Yuan Yuan on board.

Destination, The Ninth floor of the Grand Golden Tower!