Chapter 393: Undead Flying Eagle

Chapter 393: Undead Flying Eagle

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Lion Flying Eagle had the ability to revive dead people? This fact shocked Han and his crew.

"No way! My poison cannot be this weak!" Night Walker yelled angrily.

Han held him back with one hand and said in a muffled voice, "Don’t be impulsive! Look at the face of these people, they are still blue without any signs of life. This means that what Lion Flying Eagle revived is just a bunch of dead people. He just allowed them to move again."

After hearing what Han had said, Night Walker started to carefully observe his surroundings and the people. Those bodies that stood up again still looked like corpses with stone cold, blue faces. Almost as if they were a group of zombies.


Lion Flying Eagle was laughing in the sky, "You have very detailed observation skills, but unfortunately, this isn’t something you can prevent or stop."

"To be honest with you, my last name Lion is actually written as Undead (TL: In chinese, Lion and Undead has same pronunciation but different writing)!"

"I’ve lived in seclusion for many years already because this ability of mine isn’t exactly something to be proud of. I am scared of others saying sh*t about me and I wanted to make it so my disappointing sons can be looked up upon by others in the future."

"But today, it is you that forced me to do this! This is a vendetta! I must take revenge!"


Suddenly, Lion Flying Eagle’s body swelled up, his golden mane started floating, and his body released light that got brighter and brighter.

His whole body acted like it out of control. His joints were making loud explosive sounds, it was obvious that he wanted to use his powers to its full potential, and as the powers started to take an effect, the corpses that were walking all raised their heads. Their eyes had turned blood red and black nails started growing on their hands.

"Why is he so f*cking arrogant! It is his misfortune to run into you! Use your Void End and absorb all his powers!" Night Walker said.

"But wait." Han said, "The power of Lion Flying Eagle is very much like a legend I’ve heard."

"Legend?" Night Walker was very confused.

"Yes, Lu Yao had left me a lot of memories from a while back, one of them was about corpses being possessed by evil spirits. According to legends, some of the warriors with a super high level darkness body can contract with the devil after reaching their maximum power potential, it is a very rare phenomenon."

Dark King Lu Yao definitely did leave a lot of information for Han, and this information was sealed in Han’s brain. Usually, the information wasn’t very useful to Han since firstly, he didn’t have a full body of Darkness. Secondly, Han didn’t live in the Dark System world that Lu Yao came from, so it was very rare to come in contact with the weird things that Lu Yao described.

But now, Lion Flying Eagle’s unique abilities triggered Han’s memories. He remembered that Possession by Evil Spirits was actually a very powerful ability in the Darkness System. In the memory that Lu Yao had left behind, there seemed to be a way to extract some very unique energy from devils through some sort of special evolution.

Fighting was simple, killing Lion Flying Eagle shouldn’t even be hard, it was just that Han was hesitating whether he should try to use the skills Lu Yao had left behind. If he succeeds, he can acquire a new kind of extreme devilish energy that might come in handy later on.

While Han was hesitating, the atmosphere immediately changed!

Suddenly, Lion Flying Eagle’s body exploded!

His human skin broke off into a million pieces, his mane floated in the air and at the same time, he had exposed another being that was hidden inside his human skin.

There was a person with completely black skin, with mysterious blood red eyes and was bald with a row of horns on his head. He had teeth that were like steel nails, his fingernails were at least half a meter long, like the sickle of Death.

This was the original body of Lion Flying Eagle! Hidden under the skin of a normal human being!

Lion Flying Eagle’s body was glowing with black light. Even his sons were stunned by this turn of events, they never thought that their father would look like this.

If this was their father, who was the one that watched them grow up in the past few years?

All in all, Lion Flying Eagle seemed to have become an incarnation of the Devil. On a certain degree, this would explain how he could revive the dead and possess such evil powers.

Thinking about it now, Lion Flying Eagle was actually Undead Flying Eagle, and this name was not only odd but also carried a trace of morbidity.

"I have to capture him alive!" Han thought to himself.

Lion Flying Eagle basically just played his trump card, and this triggered Han’s curiosity. He started to wonder what kind of things Lu Yao had left behind for him? Was it about memories of darkness? Maybe how Lion Flying Eagle looked like right now was what Lu Yao wanted to be?

Just as Han was determined to absorb the super power of Lion Flying Eagle, suddenly, a ray of light broke the sky in half.

Within this ray of light, a huge coffin suddenly appeared. A black coffin with a lot of embedded skulls flew towards Lion Flying Eagle almost as if it wanted to capture him.


Lion Flying Eagle let out a terrifying cry, his two eyes were round and stared at the black coffin and his lips had already turned purple.

It almost seemed like he recognized this coffin, and was very fearful of it.

Lion Flying Eagle looked like he was pinned still by a rare energy. He didn’t fight back but stayed in place shaking while the coffin took him in and locked him up.


The huge coffin fell to the ground in front of Han, stirring up the dust on the ground.

When the dust has cleared, Han noticed the coffin disappeared, and instead of the coffin there was a group of people covered in black cloaks. They didn’t show their real faces but they were radiating an air of coldness.


A black warrior held a small coffin in his hand, almost as if it was the shrunken version of the previous coffin. He smiled slightly and put the coffin on the necklace he was wearing on his neck.

"Thanks a lot, if it wasn’t you guys who attracted his attention, we wouldn’t have caught him so easily." The black warrior smiled and said.

Han looked at the sons of Lion Flying Eagle. They had all died for some reason, bleeding black blood from their mouth. And the bodies that were revived by Lion Flying Eagle, they fell one by one too. They were actually dead this time.

From afar, they heard loud wails of sadness. That was the people of the Gryphon tribe, they were watching the war from the back but for some reason, they started falling down one by one too. Their mouths bleeding black blood like the sons of Lion Flying Eagle

The black being started laughing again, he said, "As a token of appreciation, I have helped you guys clear out this tribe. As well, aren’t you guys looking for Liquid Nether? You guys better hurry, from what I know, only that little guy was brought to the Gryphon tribe, the other two big ones were sent to the Tribal Alliance."

"The blood of organisms of fate, the liquid nether, are what they called blue gold. It is very beneficial to beings, so I think the Tribal Union wouldn’t let you guys have them back for free. If you guys want them back, there is probably another battle ahead of you guys."

Han still didn’t react, the black being tilted his head and said, "What? You aren’t willing to let this go? If you go save liquid nether after we fight, do you think you can really beat the whole Tribal Alliance?"

Han still didn’t talk. He was thinking, this had been all very weird. Lion Flying Eagle had the ability to revive dead people, corresponding to the legend that Lu Yao has left behind. By the time Han wanted to take down Lion Flying Eagle, a group of hooded individuals took him before Han.

Who were they?

And who was Lion Flying Eagle?

"Don’t fall for their trap!" Night Walker pulled Han back and whispered in his ear: "These people use poison as well, and their poison skills are on par, if not better than mine."

Han understood what Night Walker was trying to say. The black blood from the corner of these dead people’s mouth were the best proof. If he wasn’t afraid of their poison attacks, Han would have went up to fight them immediately.

At this time, the black being laughed coldly again in his voice that would give people goosebumps.

"You should probably listen to him, he is the expert on poisons after all, my poison isn’t better than his, we are probably on par with each other. The only reason I was able to kill those lions was because you had already poisoned them before."

"But, there are a lot of differences between different poisons, if you still want to stop me, then we will both lose. I would advise you to go save your two liquid Nether friends and stop wasting your time with me. Be careful, they might have been devoured by the people if you guys go late. You should understand the greed of intellectual beings better than me."

Evidently, this black warrior was smart, he had already calculated that they cannot fight, because they would both fight with poison and their own poisons were not the solutions to the others.

So he stole the Lion Flying Eagle from right under Han’s eyes.


Without a warning, a bow appeared in Han’s hands, Flying Feather Bow!

He pulled on the bow to release arrows!

A white light flashed and aimed towards the black warrior who was still laughing.

He almost forgot, Han was not only the commander of the Wolf Fang group but he also specialized in attacking from range.


Flying Feather Bow seemed to have hit something, but Han wasn’t sure because yellow smoke started rising from the ground at where they were standing, surrounding themselves.

"Don’t go near them! Do not approach them! They know how to use poison!" Night Walker yelled loudly, attempting to pull back everyone who was currently going through emotional turmoil.

"Han? Ok, I will remember your name, you are the first one who dared to sneak an attack me in all these years." The voice of the black being drifted from afar. They have already escaped within the heavy smoke.

Han turned around and picked up Xiao Bao. Everyone followed Han because they knew that the war wasn’t over. They still needed to rush to the Tribal Union to save Xiao Bao’s parents.

Sima Hunfeng took this opportunity to come close to Han and said, "You were too impulsive back there. The best strategy was to let them go, nobody would win from a fight like that."

The reason why Sima Hunfeng said this quietly to Han was to ensure that it wouldn’t hurt Han’s ego. The ego was perhaps the most important thing to a commander of war.

Han didn’t respond, he wiped the wound on Xiao Bao’s back lightly. The tube was inserted very deep into his body and took a lot of his blood. The little guy was very weak right now, he kept on twitching with a scared expression in Han’s arms

Han moved his lips: "I just didn’t like his domineering attitude, acting like he knows everything and can control people’s lives. Who does he think he is? People control their own lives!"

Sima Hunfeng was slightly shocked to learn that this is what was bothering Han. The longer they spend together, the more he saw the rebellious side of Han.

"Let’s go, we will go directly to the Tribal Alliance!" Han jumped on the Battleship while yelling, "Let’s go kill the people who entertain themselves by controlling others’ freedom!"