Chapter 351: The Last Half of a World Destroying Dragon Knight

Chapter 351: The Last Half of a World Destroying Dragon Knight

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"You are?" The old man asked suspiciously.

The young man had a pair of sword-like brows and was very handsome. He smiled and said, "My name is Xiao Yue, I am here to take you to our base camp."

"Base camp? What is that?" The old man asked out of confusion.

"It is a place for everybody to settle." Xiao Yue said in deep voice.

The old man saw Xiao Yue use his hand and drew a line in midair. Then, a bright door immediately appeared. Before the old man realized what was happening, the big yellow dog jumped into it.

The old man was very curious, so he followed Xiao Yue into the door. After a second of blinding light, the old man realized he had arrived on the beach. On the sand, there were a lot of old people like him, Aryan people, Chinese people, Caucasians, Indians, Mesopotamian, Arabians, Eastern African, as if everyone who didn’t want to leave Earth was here.

The beach was full of lounge chairs, many balls of light were hanging on the trees, floating in the ocean. Ever since the sun had disappeared, the entire Earth became very cold, but it was surprisingly warm here. The old man suddenly felt like his arthritis was going away.

By the time the old man looked around, Xiao Yue already disappeared into the thin air, the yellow dog found new friends, and now it was chasing after a slow turtle. Maybe as a result of the fact that this place was filled with light, a lot of animals from the ocean gathered near here.

Since people were here from all over the world, they were all speaking in the Universal Language. Reality has shown that an old language like this could be used all over the universe.

The old man from the northern Shaanxi plateau made a lot of new friends quickly using his slow Universal Language. He was not young after all and spent a lot of years mastering this complex yet concise language, but it was okay. As the language environment changes, he would very quickly adapt to the life style here.

"How did you guys get here?"

"There was this one person, he took me here."

"Was his name Xiao Yue?"

"No, I remember he said he was named Sky Fire, a very handsome guy with a very peachy face, and definitely more muscular than me when I was his age."

"I don’t see anybody farming, what do you guys eat?"

"Vegetables, fruits, beef, fish, sea urchins, whatever you want to eat!"

"Where did all the food come from?"

"Not sure, but there is always food in those houses by the beach. The white house over there is for storing dairy products, the red one is for meat, the green one has fresh vegetables, and that extra big bar, it is full of furniture. If you need any, you can just go and get some. But of course, we have to cook our own food, oh yeah, you are Chinese, you are probably good at cooking right?"

The old man from Xia Bei province started laughing, "I can make Oil Splashed Noodles!", he said proudly.

"That sounds amazing, you should cook it tonight, I will help you!"

"Sure, do we have spices? Oil Splashed Noodles won’t taste good if it isn’t spicy."

"Don’t worry my friend, I literally have not seen so many types of peppers in my life. There is a great variety of food here, you will be pleasantly surprised."

The old man from Xia Bei province and the North American white old man went to the barn together to prepare for tonight’s dinner. By the looks of it, they were already starting to settle into the lifestyle here. To these lonely people, maybe this was the best place for them to spend their retirement years.

Along the shorelines, about 15km down, there was a mountain.

At the moment, there were two people standing on the cliff. One of them was Xiao Yue who picked up the old man from Xia Bei. He was full of energy, loved to smile, but beside him, it was a guy with an expression that was cold as stone. He had a mustache and stood without moving.

"Did you pick up all of them?" The stiff man asked.

"Yes, two million three hundred seventy-four thousand and one hundred fifty-eight people." Xiao Yue said with a smile, "This is a really nice place, they shouldn’t have any problems retiring here."

The other man shook his head. He glanced at his complicated Flying Star gyroscope stop watch, and said in a deep voice: "Everything is temporary. We are 41 days and 9 hours away from the next attack. I hope they are still able to stay happy then."

Xiao Yue kept a smile on his face and said: "Why so pessimistic? We have escaped from the most dangerous place, we can definitely escape the next one too."

The other man clearly was not in a good mood. He sighed and said: "Well, even if we escape the next time, what about the time after that? We have already exposed our hideout, it doesn’t matter where we run to, the all-powerful Star-Chaser technology would be able to find us within 49 days, so we have to keep on switching places."

"You know what is the worst thing?"

Xiao Yue shook his head with a smile on his face.

The stiff guy said, "The worst part is, once we start running, we can never turn back. 100 years, 1000 years, 10000 years, until the day we die, we have to keep on running."

Xiao Yue really liked smiling. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Don’t be so pessimistic, compared to Pluto, we are still alive, that is in of itself very lucky. If we continue to be this depressed, how can we face Pluto who sacrificed himself for us, and our 450 million comrades."

"We are not here safely today because of luck, it is because Pluto exchanged Makemake, Ceres, himself, and our 450 million comrades for it. We should treasure every single day that we are alive."

"Look at these humans, they don’t have an infinite life like us. Even though they might even die tomorrow, they are still very happy today."

The stiff man was stunned for a while, and murmured, "Maybe you are right, but regardless, our situation is suboptimal. Without the protection of the World Destroying Dragon Knight, we can only run."

Xiao Yue faintly smiled and lightly said, "You are wrong, we have one more Dragon Knight."

The stiff guy frowned and said, "You mean him? But he only has half of the genes of a Dragon Knight. He can count as half of a Dragon Knight at most, and he is so young, too young."

Xiao Yue looked up to the sky. Within the Dark Net, there were no stars in the sky, it seemed very lonely.

"Don’t forget the oath made by the World Destroying Dragon Knights. We will protect our freedom with our lives, and fight until the very last half of our lives!"

"It has been so many years but I often think back to the Dragon Knights’ oath. Half a life, why didn’t they promise to fight until they die? It is obvious, it would make more sense to either fight or lose one whole Dragon Knight."

"This is very interesting, after so many cruel fights, until today, the universe only has half of a Dragon Knight left. Could it be that from the very beginning, the Dragon Knights saw the future? And that our freedom will be saved by the last half Dragon Knight?"

The stiff guy did not speak, he thought for a while and shook his head.

"Xiao Yue, you are so optimistic."

"I’ve always been optimistic." Xiao Yue said without a second thought.

"According to your optimistic thoughts, what do you think we should do in the future?" The stiff guy asked .

Xiao Yue smiled, "Run, run non-stop, until the last half Dragon Knight grows up."

"How many eras will that take?" The stiff guy asked.

"Probably not that long." Xiao Yue said excitedly: "Have you ever seen a genius who could reach the warlord level after only 4 years?"


"Have you heard of anyone like that?"


"Then why would you think he would need many eras to reach the realm capable of slaying gods and murdering demons?"

"Uh…" The stiff guy had no good answer, so he stopped talking.

Xiao Yue laughed out loud, "We are very unlucky, there is only half of a World Destroying Dragon Knight left who can protect us. But we are also very lucky. Because he is not a pure Dragon Knight, the obstacles and events he faced are very… devilish and unique."

The stiff guy was confused, "Even though what he had achieved seemed very impressive, but both you and I know that there is only one way, the right way to become supreme."

Xiao Yue shook his head, "Sage Wood, you are actually wrong. We only have half a Dragon Knight left, so if he walked the exact same road as the other Dragon Knights, the "right" road, there could be a chance that he would be supreme. But don’t forget, those Dragon Knights who became supreme through the "right" way are now all dead. What we have left is this last half Dragon Knight, you think it could change everything by walking down the same path?"

"No, definitely not, he can only walk a road that no one has ever walked before, and use unconventional ways that we cannot imagine to reverse this chaotic world."