Chapter 453: Three-Eye White Ghost Evolved!

Chapter 453: Three-Eye White Ghost Evolved!

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Han felt a bit lonely when he once again arrived at the Golden Tower, he was only accompanied by Yuan Yuan and Black Egg. Since the ninth floor of the Golden Tower adopted the Biological Repulsion Technique, creatures without the key wouldn’t be able to get in this mystical top floor even if they were hidden in dimension rings.

"Three-Eyed White Ghost, what kind of monster would it be?" Han whispered to himself.

Black Egg was already impatient and urged Han to go to the ninth floor. How hard was it to know what it looked like? It only needed a check upstairs.

Black Egg was always confident about himself. He didn’t believe there would be any living things he couldn’t handle. No matter how tough the Three-Eyed White Ghost was, he was just one of the things in Black Egg’s way that he would eventually need to eliminate one day.

Han showed out his arm. There was a mark on his arm, which was the Genetic Key after he got to the ninth floor.

When the stamp was marked on Han’s arm, his DNA would then be documented in the Tower. Han had to come take the challenge within a year or otherwise, his DNA would be completely revised and he would lose his consciousness forever, or die by the stamp\'s power. There was no way to change this embedded genic modification.

There was also a stamp on Black Egg’s little chubby claws. But to him, it was not a danger but an honor. Black Egg already had two keys, he gave one to Han since he got along with him and wanted Han to go to the ninth floor with him so that they could share the spoils of war later.

Han didn’t know whether he should be grateful to Black Egg, since everything seemed overly easy that it started to get a bit strange.

9527 didn’t stop taking risks and Wai Late Dao didn\'t say anything. Pluto had a long discussion with Han about the west zone of the Dark Net. They both believed it would be a good idea to enter it as soon as possible.

People in the base all believed Han and Black Egg would win, nobody was doubting about whether these two "bug" level warriors could fight against the Three-Eyed White Ghost.

However, this was what made Han worried the most.

Han spent his life in troubles and difficulties. He was not used to this situation while everyone was so optimistic once in a while like this.

Black Egg already lost his patience. He only wanted to kill the Three-Eyed White Ghost and leave here immediately.

According to what Black Egg had observed, staying in the East wasn’t going to do much to improve himself. This place lacked the energy he required for growth. That’s why he couldn’t wait to head to the West even if it was scarier based on rumors.

Han frowned his brows and put his finger on the middle of the stamp. The stamp started to glow and detect Han’s DNA rapidly. Black Egg beside him also put his little claws on the stamp with a sneer on his face.

"Master, please throw me to the corner once you get to the ninth floor, grandpa 9527 asked me to observe on the side and decode the control system in the Golden tower as soon as possible, so that we could build a communication system or even a hyperspace connection between the tower and the base." Yuan Yuan was talking to Han on his shoulder.

Han nodded his head. He expected 9527 would definitely have his own preparations. Sending Yuan Yuan who had intelligence but no life into the tower was like installing a virus into a computer. If everything went well, they could even control the entire tower.

No wonder 9527 wasn’t even worried at all. He did his research.

Han thought maybe he just worried about it too much. With the help of 9527 and Black Egg, there seemed like there was nothing to worry about.


Hyperspace teleport began.

Two streams of golden light shot from the top of the Golden Tower and took away Han and Black Egg in a second.

When the golden light disappeared, Han lied down in a guarded position as always and threw Yuan Yuan to the corner like a ball according to what he requested. They did it so secretively so the legendary Three-Eyed White Ghost shouldn’t notice.

A few seconds later, Yuan Yuan’s voice sent to Han through the high-frequency communicator he embedded inside his ears.

"Master, I’ve landed safely. I’m going to decode the system with the wireless communication right now. Please take care of yourself, don’t worry about me."

Han nodded his head and kept his eyes on the environment around him. Meanwhile, Black Egg was yelling impatiently as he wanted to call out the Three-Eyed White Ghost and kill him.

Han wasn’t wild and arrogant like Black Egg, he found it weird as he observing the surrounding. The ninth floor of the Golden Tower was different than the eighth floor, it imitated someone’s home instead of a natural environment.

Han was located at the ninth floor of the square. On the outside of the huge square, there were many stone posts carved with characters as well as various strange stone furniture, chairs, tables, cupboards and shelves.

Three-Eyed White Ghost was supposed to be a Golden Bloodline Beast, why would he need so many pieces of furniture? And those chairs even looked shiny as if they were often sat on by someone.

"You finally came." A child voice suddenly came from a distance.

A child jumped to the front side of Han and Black Egg. This child seemed to be around seven or eight years old with black, disheveled hair and was dressed in rags and as dirty as a street kid.

Han was shocked. Was this really the Three-Eyed White Ghost?

Wasn’t it supposed to be a gigantic monster? Why is it a kid?

Black Egg, however, didn’t care much about it. He roared at the child arrogantly.

This child looked indeed weak. His energy couldn’t even reach Han’s level. If he fought with Black Egg who had unbelievable power, he would be killed easily.


The child lifted up his messy hair and showed a childish yet somewhat sinister face. His third eye was still only a small gap. According to Han’s research on the third eye, this child might not have had the ability to open his third eye yet because of his weak energy. Since in addition to power, opening the third eye also required a tremendous amount of energy.

From the child’s eyes, he showed a cunning and vicious look like an adult on his little face and tiny shoulders and legs. The twist of innocence and viciousness startled Han and made him feel really uncomfortable.

"I’m the Three-Eyed White Ghost. Aren’t you coming to challenge me? What are you waiting for?" The child said in a childish voice while bending his mouth upward and sneering.


This drove Black Egg instantly mad. As an arrogant top tier existence, he couldn’t stand a sneer from anyone, even including Han. He would fight with Han if Han laughed at him. For other people, he would even kill them!

Black Egg rushed forward regardless, Han suddenly jumped out and held him tight.

"Don’t rush! Something’s not right!"

Han certainly cared about Black Egg. Although Black Egg wasn’t as loyal as Silver Fox or Blue Star, Han would help anyone who has helped him, regardless of whether they were human. This was Han characteristic.

The unusual situation and this legendary Three-Eyed White Ghost incarnating as a child made Han feel like something went wrong.

But compared to Han, the IQ of Black Egg was definitely a problem.

Black Egg was more like a child compared to the child-like Three-Eyed White Ghost.

If he was not a child, who would vent to Han frequently and fight with others the moment he was despised regardless of the consequences?


The arrogant and stubborn Black Egg was very unhappy that Han has stopped him. He roared at Han and shoved him over one side with his speedy wings.

Black Egg rushed up toward the child without caring about anything else.


Black Egg’s signature attack!

With his crazy speed and power, Black Egg sent the child flying with his chubby claws.


Han heard the scratch’s sound from the child’s face. Black Egg’s sharp claws immediately scratched open the Three-Eyed White Ghost‘s face.

The child flew out a kilometer away before he fell onto the ground. His body was very light and he was unusually skillful when he was dropped to the ground, which completely didn’t match with his age. Apparently, he was the real Three-Eyed White Ghost. If he hasn’t experienced a countless amount of battles, he wouldn’t know how to control his body that well after a strong attack.


Three-Eyed White Ghost fell down on the ground. He touched his face with his tiny fingers, it was split-open and bleeding with golden blood.


The child put his finger covered with golden blood into his mouth and sucked it as if it was a nipple.

His pointed at Black Egg and tried to provoke him with his another finger.


Black Egg started his second mad attack!

He rushed forward without caring much and gave his opponent a series of fatal attacks with his speed, strength, and sharp claws. Han could only saw black lights dancing like a storm from his distance. The child was trapped inside the storm and being hit and slapped rigorously by Black Egg.

"Is my judgment wrong? The Three-Eyed White Ghost didn’t actually have any battle strength?" Han was confused.

All the sudden, something out of Han’s expectation happened. Black Egg used the Soul-Kill without any warning.


Black light covered the whole ground in a moment, as if a wave was surging forward.

What made Han more surprised was the child!

He didn’t dodge, but instead, he opened his arms happily with a sneer on his face!

Why Black Egg suddenly used Soul-Kill?

Why was the Three-Eyed White Ghost not afraid of it?!

Han immediately got his answer. He saw the wave formed by Soul-Kill started to narrow inward and all went into the Three-Eyed White Ghost‘s body.

In a few second, the Soul-Kill was completely absorbed! It was completely absorbed into his body!

On the other hand, Black Egg was already panting for breath.

This was the most terrifying part.

Han just realized that the Three-Eyed White Ghost has already reached the final evolution and had the ability to absorb energy!

Wai Late Dao said before that Three-Eyed White Ghost used to be a huge trouble in the Golden Family. He killed a lot of enemies as well as his own clansman.

But even though that happened, the Golden family still couldn’t bear to kill him. They locked him on the ninth floor in the Golden Tower and hoped that he could awaken his consciousness one day, or hope that there would be another stronger existence in the family so that they could kill Three-Eyed White Ghost without regrets.

Now, the worst situation seemed to have happened.

A stronger existence didn’t appear, instead, Three-Eyed White Ghost that was abandoned by the Golden Family for all hope eventually evolved and now had the ability to absorb the other’s energy!

One must know, Black Egg belonged to the energy system, yet Three-Eyed White Ghost absorbed energy, which was a total killer for Black Egg.


The Three-Eyed White Ghost finally burst into laughter that shook the earth.

Black Egg didn’t kill him but sent him the most important and top quality energy!

The Three-Eyed White Ghost was about to show explosive strength after he received such priceless energy!

There was no way to win this game!

The more energy Han and Black Egg had, the more it’ll be deprived by Three-Eyed White Ghost!

Then, the Three-Eyed White Ghost would become stronger and stronger while Han and Black Egg were losing their energy!

Han and Black Egg were in trouble now!