Chapter 127: Path of Heaven – Sky Break Strike!(Part Two)


Before Han and the others take another step, a pack of mutant wolves charged out. They all have 6 legs, two heads, and their body is extremely robust. They stared in alert at Han, Night Walker and Pathless with their faint green eyes.

“Tell your master, we are here to visit him!”

Pathless waved, this pack of wolves seemed to understand Pathless’s words, they ran into the cave and howled a few times inside.

“Come on, these are all Wuyun’s pets, they won’t hurt us.” Night Walker pointed at the pitch black cave and said, “But to outsiders, these fusion beasts won’t be so kind. Not to mention people, in the hundred miles’ radius, not even a mouse can be found.”

Fusion beasts, also known as synthesized beasts, are produced in manners similar to dark beasts. In essence, the technology used to make synthesized beasts is really just the technology used by the prehistoric civilization to create dark beasts.

It’s just that, the prehistoric civilization were preoccupied with increasing the offensive stats of dark beasts to maximum, but the fusion beasts made by humans, aside from offensive stats the maker also have to think about whether the beasts are controllable. If the fusion beasts produced are unruly and bite their master, then that would be very bad.

Therefore, man-made fusion beasts are usually a bit weaker than dark beasts, but they are more obedient.

Han and the two teachers walked into the dark cave, a twin-headed wolf immediately umped out, used its claw to hook the electric brake, and turned on the incandescent light inside the cave.

“Night Walker quite proudly said, “Wuyun’s study on fusion beasts, it’s very difficult to find an opponent in the present era that can be compared. Not only are these fusion beasts made from his hands, even this cave was dug by the dark beasts under his command.”

“This guy, has the talent of a generational king of beasts! Although that old monster Pathless can fight, but it might not even be Wuyun’s opponent. Because no matter how strong, Old Monster (TL: Referring to Pathless) is just one person, but Wuyun has a whole fusion beast army!”

Han carefully looked at the neatly constructed stairs and walls inside the cave, having difficulty truly believing that these perfectly shaped structures were all formed by dark beasts under Wuyun’s command. It’s clear to see to what extent he can control his fusion beasts.

There are many fusion spiders lying at the top of the cave. With a black spider body, but they have the same mouth as a hound, sharp teeth. If someone accidently strayed into the cave, they would certainly be scared half to death by these spiders.

Walking, Han suddenly saw a bunch of spiders with rags on their claws, cleaning the floor little by little. Seeing Han and the other two came, the spiders all parted to the left and right, waiting for Han and the others to pass and then going back to cleaning.

In front is a gantry gate, as Han and the others approached, a large spider suddenly jumped out from the side. It is as big as five or six people lining up together side by side, its arms are like bear arms, with sharp claws on the end.

The bear-armed spider grabbed a metal chain on the side, then pulled up the gantry gate, letting Han, Pathless and Night Walker to pass from below.

After entering the hall, Han was immediately shocked by what he saw, and bright light burst out of his eyes.

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