Chapter 394: Golden Bloodline

Chapter 394: Golden Bloodline

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Han and his crew rushed out of the dimension and headed to the Tribal Alliance. But on the main channel in the dark network, an odd looking Dark Battleship was rushing away.

In the medical room, automatic laser stitching surgery was taking place. Han’s Flying Feather Bow wasn’t a piece of crap bow used to shoot small animals. It was a godly weapon, its lights were like dragons, speed was like lightning, and it had hurt the black warrior’s arm.

There was a pool of golden blood on the ground. Han would never imagine that this black warrior would have a golden bloodline. In Han’s mind, golden bloodlines were only seen in beasts. It was not scientific for intelligent lives like humans to have golden blood.

Linda was still by this black warrior’s side, she has transformed from a soul beast to the lady she was today. This was already very rare. Linda was very strict with how she acted. She controlled her every action in order to prove that soul beasts could be just as elegant as humans.

But Linda’s eyes displayed her true intentions, her eyes were filled with greed and desire while staring at the pool of golden blood.

"Don’t waste it." The black warrior pointed to the golden blood on the ground.

Linda suddenly stopped, and her throat started moving.

Immediately, she threw all her acts aside and kneeled on the ground, using her tongue to suck in all the golden blood on the ground until the ground was sparkly clean. She didn’t miss a single blood cell.

The black warrior smiled slightly and put his hand on her head, while Linda was curled up before his foot like a pet.

"You did well this time, from today, I accept you as part of the Golden Family." The black warrior said.

Linda was very moved, she seemed to have trouble holding herself together.

"It is my honor to be able to serve the royal golden family." Linda said.

"You can get up." The black warrior waved and said, "Regardless of whether we are at the right side or the reverse side of the universe, our bloodline is the most important thing. To be fair, your bloodline isn’t too bad either, so having you as part of my team doesn’t degrade our reputation."

"Oh yeah, the guy that shot me today, his name is Han?"

"Yes." Linda responded quickly, "Han isn’t that great, he is just a mere intelligent life with the red bloodline. But he has been pretty lucky. He has some very unique abilities and learned a lot of good skills. He has great weapons, and he even has a Twin-Golden-Pupil beast fighting for him. All of those things combined is what makes him standout."

The black warrior shook his head and said, "This is what you don’t understand, red bloodlines are not necessarily weak because there are a lot of differences between the red bloodlines. For example, Crimson Red Flying Dragon, Crimson Blood Earth Dragon, Crimson Blood Devil Star, they were all descendants of the red bloodline, but at the same time they are all very powerful -not any less than our golden bloodline."

"Furthermore, there has always been a tradition in the universe, the weaker the race, the more top-notch masters there are. For example the red bloodline, they are typically weak, so there will always be a couple of exceptional people from their bloodline to balance everything out. "

"And like our golden bloodline or a bloodline like the Dark Descendants, these are typically very strong, but if we start talking about the top notch warriors, we might not be stronger than people of the red bloodline. Of course, this might also be because of the fact that they have a lot of people in their race, and their ability to reproduce is stellar. As a result, there are so many of them that a couple of them are bound to be exceptional."

"In the future when you are with me, you can’t think of everything based on bloodlines, you must respect every enemy of ours. Regardless of his background, we can’t take them lightly."

"As a branch of the golden bloodline, the reason why we were able to survive in this dark world for many eons is not because we are stronger than others, but rather we give enough respect to all our enemies."

His short speech placed Linda in awe. She thought to herself that she finally found an intelligent master, so she immediately nodded and said, "Ok, I will remember for next time."

"Great, bring him in." The black warrior ordered.

Soon, in another room of the Darkness Battleship, Linda and the dark man saw Lion Flying Eagle kneeling on the ground. Two hooded guards were holding him in place, while Lion Flying Eagle tilted his head and looked very tired.

"You can go." The dark man waved the guards away.

The two guards left, and there were only the three of them left in the room.

Linda brought over a cup of tea for the dark man, who sipped while saying, "You are pretty good at hiding in an ancient tribal zone, living with a bunch of tribal residents, and even had a couple of sons."

Lion Flying Eagle didn’t respond, he hung his head even lower and continued to shake.

The black warrior continued, "I know where you come from, I read it in the chronicles of the Dark Race, your bloodline is extremely special because of the abilities you carry."

"Too bad, like the Liquid Nether of the blue bloodline, your genes both have a huge flaw, and that is your powers could be deprived."

"So, in your existence for the past eons, your most important mission wasn’t actually to fight, but to provide your masters with your unique genes and energy."

"I remember from the chronicles that there was a very interesting event. Your brain could be made into pills, and during battles, your Dark Race master can swallow this pill to have the temporary ability of controlling corpses."

"An Undead Clan master like you can probably be made into 19-21 pills, if I remembered correctly."

Lion Flying Eagle started sweating out of fear.

Being made into pills, this method of dying was cruel to the extreme.

Generations upon generations, people from the Undead Race were used to make pills. Because Lion Flying Eagle understood his destiny, he decided to hide his name and go live in the tribal zone hoping to escape his past - hoping that nobody would ever find out about his family and past.

Unfortunately, even though he lived a very low-key life in the village, and he delegated his sons to take care of everything since they were all mixed blood and had a way lower chance of being recognized, Lion Flying Eagle was still found and captured.

Even though Lion Flying Eagle had been so careful, he was still captured by this mysterious black warrior with the golden bloodline. Maybe he was still destined to be made into pills.

The tragic fate of the Undead Race was not a result of their ability, but rather their lack of strength. They don’t have enough power to change the fact that they will become other people’s prey.

Seeing Lion Flying Eagle’s state, the black warrior started laughing, "Don’t worry, I didn’t intend on making you into pills, that would be such a waste of your talents. What I will do to you is very gentle, you won’t die."

Lion Flying Eagle lifted his head and looked at the black warrior with curiosity. If a person from the Undead Race didn’t get made into a pill, how do others obtain the ability to control the dead?

"Come with me." The black warrior gestured with his hand.

So Lion Flying Eagle and Linda followed him together to a dark room at the bottom of the battleship. It was very dark and quiet except for the row of green gems, sparkling green light in the dark.

"Try to open your mouth and breath in, this would be good for your body." The black warrior said.

Lion Flying Eagle didn’t dare resist, so he followed the order. He opened his mouth and tried to compress air into his lungs.



A mysterious object that was soft and sour shot from the darkness into Lion Flying Eagle’s mouth, it was like the tongue of a monster.

The weird object passed through his esophagus and straight into his stomach.

And then, this soft thing let out numerous small tentacles that penetrated through his organs, veins, bones, and his brain, until he was fully connected through these small tentacles.

"Dumb*ss." The black warrior murmured and lightly waved his hand.


The light in the room turned on, Linda finally saw what was in the room and uncontrollably let out a scream.

She saw that in the room sat a few black toads, and the thing that flew into Lion Flying Eagle’s throat was one of their tongues!

And those green gems, they weren’t real gems, they were the eyes of the toads.

Lion Flying Eagle’s eyes gradually lost its gold color and turned green, a very dark green, if the lights were turned off again, they would be two green gems in the dark too.

As for the other three, they weren’t exactly human, they were kind of like Lion Flying Eagle, warriors with the black bloodline. Nobody knew where the mysterious black warrior found them and when he began using weird ways to absorb their energy.

The room was very quiet, the four warriors with black bloodline and the four dark toads integrated into one.

"See, I didn’t lie to you, I am not going to kill you, but you are going to wish that you are dead." The black warrior said in a cold voice. Even Linda felt a pang of fear, she didn’t know whether there would be a day when he would do the same thing to her.

"What is this?" Linda asked carefully.

"You don’t need to know what this is, you just need to know this is a very important step in my plan." The black warrior said.

"Sorry I talk to too much. It is just that if you want to absorb energy, the tribal zone has a nine generation liquid nether, and they call it the blue bloodline organism of fate. It is very rare to continue to the ninth generation as liquid nether, its value is probably not below Lion Flying Eagle. If you want, I can help you bring that liquid nether back too." Yue Linda stuttered.

"Not necessary." The black warrior said, "I don’t need the energy of the blue bloodline. Bloodlines should stay as pure as possible. If I wasn’t so lucky and had unique abilities, I wouldn’t even take in the black bloodline and would just keep my pure golden bloodline."

"As to Han who hurt me, you don’t have to worry too much either. He has walked too far on the path of evil and can’t turn around anymore - I knew it from the first moment I saw him. As someone of the red bloodline, he has absorbed a great amount of darkness energy, has adopted a Twin-Golden-Pupil beast, and will give up everything to save a blue-blooded liquid nether?"

"This young man is so odd, he doesn’t understand the importance of his bloodline. Every bloodline evolved from a different spore, the way he has been mixing has put him on the road to self-destruction."

"Whatever, making me bleed a little isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it has reminded me to pay attention to each of my enemies. In the next while, the Tribal Zone will be a mess, you don’t have to go back there anymore either."

"The situation right now is very interesting, the big corporations of the red bloodline are fighting, and at the same time they are intruding on the borders of the black bloodline. There is a possibility that there will be another huge war between the two bloodlines. And if that is the case, then our golden bloodline will win without needing to do anything."

"But before then, we still have a lot of important tasks to complete that would require your abilities."

Linda paused and said in excitement, "As long as I can take revenge for that arrow in the past, I am willing to help you in whatever ways you need!"

The black warrior nodded, "I know that your enemy, the Dragon Gate Flying Feather Pirates, is a very interesting group of people in the Dark Net. Too bad though, Flying Feather is dead now, there is only Dragon Gate left who has to take care of everything."

"No need to rush, if there is a fitting opportunity, I will gift you Dragon Gate’s head."

"Mhm, the only reason I have lived so long is because I want to see the death of Dragon Gate and Flying Feather!" Yue Linda ground her teeth and said.

"Very good, the power of hatred is the world’s strongest power. Let’s go, we still need to get the fifth type of Darkness Power as soon as possible. The atmosphere in the Dark Net is becoming more and more intense." The black warrior let out a long sigh and said.