Chapter 169: Prehistoric Research Institute

Chapter 169: Prehistoric Research Institute

The A-43 relic expedition tragedy had almost depleted all of Han’s resources, and there were only 5 of the most powerful Godly Armored Beasts left. There are also 12 six-armed star apes left, less than 50 Thunderbolt explosive bugs, and bloodthirsty sky vines were completely exhausted.

Nevertheless, when dealing with mediocre level Witch Clan soldiers, 5 Godly Armored Beasts, 12 six-arm star apes plus Demon Claw were enough!


Han’s fusion beast army rushed straight into the enemy and encountered the Witch clan counterattack. They ejected a white powder onto the terrifying fusion beasts and produced a sound that could incapacitate any regular soldiers.

But the fusion beasts weren’t afraid of poison nor sound. They were originally products of dead star beasts being reactivated, it was not excessive to call them undead fusion beasts.


A Witch clan soldier that was shooting white poison at a Godly Armored Beast had his head cut off right away. It seemed that the fusion beasts could also get stronger. They managed to survive the nasty hell of the A-43 relic. Now that they were faced with these Witch clan soldiers, the fusion beast army was harvesting the lives of enemies like slicing melons and cutting vegetables.

The sinister Demon Claw hid under the ground, dug below an enemy with incredible speed then emerged, leaving a few bloody holes in the enemy with its sharp claws and then hid back into the soil and moved onto the next target.

The battle went unusually smoothly. The reason being that the Witch clan enjoyed an infamous reputation. It was not because the clan was known for strong fighters with powerful capabilities but because of the abundance of tricks, especially sinister skills like poison and illusions which struck fear in the hearts of their enemies.

But once they encountered fusion beasts which weren’t afraid of these tricks, the Witch Clan’s vulnerability was immediately exposed. When fighting with weapons and martial arts, they were completely no match for these powerful fusion beasts.

The sounds of fighting gradually disappeared. A few Witch clan soldiers that fled were also killed by the Demon Claw and the six-arm star apes in the darkness. The six-arm star apes and Demon Claw, although they weren’t as tough as the Godly Armored Beasts, they were really good at mobile offense.

In the forest environment, the six-arm star apes could hang themselves among the tree branches and move like the wind, jumping directly onto the enemy, whereas the Godly Armored Beasts were rolling over the Witch clan soldiers like tanks.

Finally, the last Witch clan survivor was lifted up into the air by a Godly Armored Beast. If it made any slight movements, the Godly Armored Beast would tear him apart into pieces.


Han walked straight towards him and ripped off the alien skin mask off of that head, exposing a green old face.

The Witch Clan were experts in poison, but they would be compromised by the poison themselves, that’s why they all had ugly green faces, both men and women.

“Why are you guys here?” Han asked in a deep voice.

The Witch clan soldier’s eye turned and there was a slight hesitation in answering the question, and Han already gently waved his arm.


The Godly Armored Beast immediately pulled off the left arm of the Witch Clan soldier and threw it to the side. Han just calmly took out a bottle of anesthesia and some hemostasis powder and sprinkled them onto the wound.

The painful scream sounded like a pig getting butchered, and Han showed no mercy, “Now I’m going to ask you question, you have to immediately answer without thinking. Otherwise, I will rip off your other arm.”

The Witch clan soldier was scared stiff. He immediately nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

“Who are you?”

“We are the Witch clan King Mandala’s men!”

“We heard that the Headhunter clan possessed many magical goods from the Prehistoric Civilization, so King Mandala led us here to snatch them!”

“Have you seen Ye Guhong?”

“We didn’t know Ye Guhong was here too! He and King Fran were determined to fight back until death, and it took us a lot of effort to control them!”

“And then?”

“Then King Mandala took them to the relic, leaving us here, disguised as Headhunters!”

“Where’s the relic?”

“There’s a secret passage leading to the ruins beside that cabin.”

“How long have they gone for? How many people?”

“23 in total!”

Sure enough, this Witch clan soldier did not dare to lie anymore. Han asked a question and he would answer a question.


After the captive pointed to Han where the secret passage to the extinction domain is, Han immediately waved his knife, sliced the throat of the prisoner and said in a deep voice, “Very well, that’s all my questions.”

Ye Jincheng had an anxious look. He was very concerned for Ye Guhong’s safety and wanted to go down the secret passage right away. Han thought for a second and said, “Of course we have to go in, but we also need to signal other people.”

“How do we signal? All wireless communications cannot be used here.” Ye Jincheng said.

“Very easy, use this.” Han said as he pulled out an explosive bug Thunderbolt.

With a large bang at the top of the mountain and the ensuing wildfire, Han and Ye Jincheng already dug into the secret passage near the little cabin.

The passage was very narrow and could only accommodate one person at a time. The Headhunter clan’s leader Fran probably used this secret passage for all these years, secretly visiting the relic. The so-called going hermit mode in the forest, was perhaps just a deception Fran gave to his clan members.

The Witch clan leader Mandala who could simultaneously keep both Ye Guhong and Fran under control, must be a complicated character. As one of the three Witch clan kings, Mandala, Fantasy Neptune, Sha Emperor, they were all totem-class characters in the Witch clan.

Amongst them, Mandala was famous for his poison techniques, Fantasy Neptune specialized in magic, and Sha emperor was a master at puppet techniques.

Drugs, magic, puppet techniques, these were three of the wonder techniques of the Witch clan, and these three kings were the top experts in their respective fields.

While Han advanced along the narrow underground passage, he thought about possible encounters. Against an enemy who was a master of poison, careful thinking was needed.

After all, Han had already experienced how terrifying poisons could be from Night Walker. Even warlord level espers that claim to be immortal, Night Walker could still permanently disable them using poison and make them suffer more than just dying right away.

Now that he thought about it, since Mandala was the Witch clan’s poison king, his mastery in poison was probably not below Night Walker.